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A Haven for Her Heart Redemptions Light #1 Read & Download ¼ 104 ☆ Homeless after being released from a women's reformatory in 1939Toronto Olivia Rosetti is taken in by an angel of mercy Ruth Bennington The two discover they share a painful past and together decide to open a maternity home for troubled womenDespite Homeless after being released from a women's reformatory in 1939Toronto Olivia Rosetti is taken in by an angel of mercy Ruth Bennington The two discover they share a painful past and together decide to open a maternity home for troubled womenDespite the success of the home Olivia is haunted by her inhum. God wouldn't want you to remain a prisoner of your own shame Olivia Be brave enough to claim the life and happiness He has in store for you Set in 1939 when attitudes towards women labeled as unsavory incorrigible due to situations caused by no fault of their own Susan Anne Mason takes us on a journey of healing forgiveness and seeing ourselves through the eyes of the Father who redeems us makes us whole again I knew in history that women's reformatories like where Olivia was sent existed but I had no idea the atrocity living conditions these women had to endure The author doesn't sugar coat some of these horrors Olivia faced in the book but she also didn't go too far in explaining them either She balanced it so that the reader could use some of their own imagination in “seeing” these things happening It's awful to think that women endured such pain humiliation in real life so many years ago By the end of the book what I loved is how Olivia was able to open her heart and allow the Lord to heal her find her worth purpose and new love in Him Ruth was a tremendous help to her along the way and also found new purpose in her own life You are a child of God just like everyone else in this world We all make mistakes and we are all worthy of redemption Ruth Darius was a great compliment to her I think He also has had his share of pain when he lost his beloved wife is finding his way while raising his daughter Sofia He faces many challenges in this story and sticks to his integrity as a Godly man And little Sofia is the highlight in my opinion She's a delightful girl full of spunk sparkle and everything nice She also plays a huge role in helping Olivia heal I loved how she brought laughter in her life again I enjoyed how God used these two as a healing balm reminded Olivia of His truths With Darius she'd found not only the security and the respectability she craved bu a rue haven for her heart She had no doubt he would cherish it always and do everything in his power to keep it safe I loved everything about this book Susan Anne Mason never fails to write heartfelt stories of love faith and journeys of healing for her characters She also challenged me with this book as a reader to see beyond myself to God who deems me worthy in spite of my past because HE has called me worthy My favorite part is when an author can speak Biblical truths into my own life and give me those to ponder long after the last page is turned I highly recommend this to historical Christian fiction readers who want to be challenged to reach beyond their own lives to help others and to realize their worth is in God and not mankind He loves us beyond what we think we deserve and He calls us His own I received a complimentary copy via Bethany House publishers on the authors’ behalf I was not obligated to leave a favorable review all opionions expressed here are my own

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Ane treatment at the reformatory and the way her newborn son was taken from her She feels undeserving of love until she meets businessman Darius Reed Although his attention makes her heart soar he can never learn of her pastGreek widower Darius Reed is determined to protect his daughter from the prejudi. A Haven for Her Heart by Susan Anne Mason is a phenomenal story I was immediately hooked into the storyline and hated when I had to put this book down I can honestly say that I’ve never read a book like this before This novel illustrates Mason’s signature storytelling and smooth flowing prose but she throws her readers for a severe emotional loop through the history she chose to center her novel around Her topic is one I’ve never read before and it completely wrecked me My heart broke a 100 times for Olivia — all I wanted was to hug her and punch all the meanies who hurt her When you read this book and you really must have a BIG box of tissue nearby But I don’t want you to read this review and think this book is just a big downer It is absolutely not It’s complicated it’s frustrating it’s super amazing it’s romantic it’s inspirational and it’s incredibly encouraging Truly A Haven for Her Heart is a remarkable must read novelLife is complex Sometimes it’s amazing and full and good There’s friendships and romances and babies and food and love But sometimes life is awful and evil and unbearable There’s pain and hate and suffering and death In our lives we will come upon times that knock us off our feet and steal our very breath Sometimes these moments happen because of bad choices or actions we have made and sometimes because of the bad choices or actions of others Olivia Rosetti goes through a two year nightmare because of a choice she made and a reaction her father had When Olivia’s nightmare ends she is a completely broken and scared young woman who is sure her life will never be good again She feels shame and guilt and anger and a little bit of hate As a Christian she knows she needs to forgive but forgiveness does not come easy Olivia has to work hard at it and often than not gets stuck in her struggles There is a moment in the story where Olivia’s brother Sal compassionately tells her “God wouldn’t want you to remain a prisoner of your shame Olivia You are His beloved child forgiven and redeemed Be brave enough to claim the happiness He has in store for you” I LOVE this notion Forgiving others can be hard but forgiving ourselves is often the hardest When our nightmare moments in life happen because of things we chose or did the shame we feel for being so stupid or ignorant or just plain human can seem like a mountain too difficult to overcome Sal is correct there is a level of bravery inherent in forgiveness Forgiveness means accepting the past and trusting God with the future It’s knowing that something bad happened to me but having compassion to accept what could be and choosing to move forward Olivia has a lot in her past she must overcome and forgive but with God’s help and the love and support of her good friend her brother and her romantic interest Olivia comes to realize that true happiness comes when we break the shackles of shame and guilt forgive ourselves and grab hold to the goodness God has waiting for us allA Haven for Her Heart is a highly engaging story that rips at the reader’s heartstrings Reading this book is an escape into a painful difficult beautiful and loving journey that should not be missed If you are a fan of excellent Historical Romance and you’re not afraid to feel all the feels then I highly recommend A Haven for Her Heart by Susan Anne MasonI received a copy of this novel in eBook form from the publisher Bethany House Publishers via NetGalley in order to review In no way has this influenced my review The opinions expressed in this review are my own

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A Haven for Her Heart Redemptions Light #1Ce that killed her mother He'll ensure her future by marrying a woman from a respected Toronto family But when Darius meets Olivia he's immediately drawn to her beauty and compassion Can love prove stronger than prejudice and past mistakes Or will Olivia's secrets destroy any chance at a future together. Olivia's fiance has gone to war and she's pregnant from one night of passion before he was deployed Her father has her arrested her baby is taken away from her and after she's released from the reformatory she finds herself ill with no place to go and in need of a friend Ruth Bennett finds Olivia sitting in the back of the church and takes her home After Olivia is given time to recover from her illness she seeks to help others who are in a similar situation Ruth has been seeking a purpose for her life and with Olivia's idea of a maternity home Ruth feels she's found her niche Darius Reed works for a developer who wants the Bennett house to build a skyscraper and rent out office spaces Darius has been set with the task of convincing Ruth to sell When he is unsuccessful his boss is not above fighting dirty During Darius' visits to the home he becomes attracted to Olivia in spite of himself He is almost affianced to the daughter of a client and knows he should not really spend so much time in her company Susan Anne Mason has written a heart warming heart wrenching and completely stirring novel that is engaging and compelling from the opening lines to the very end This is a five star book with two thumbs up and total redemption Bethany House and NetGalleycom provided the copy I read for this review All opinions expressed are my own