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An Impossible AttractionFamous Duke of Clarewood old dreams and old passions are awakened as never before Yet she cannot accept his shocking propositionHe is the wealthiest most powerful peer in the realm and having witnessed the cold horror of marriage as a child he has vowed never to wed But. Seriously I couldn’t put this book down I was hooked from the very first word Alexandra gives up the love of her life to fulfill a vow she made to her mother While I don’t believe her mother ever intended for her to put her life on hold that’s exactly what she does to take care of her two younger sisters and increasingly drunk and belligerant father Unable to afford the basic things that the ladies of her class takes for granted Alexandra considers marrying a much older Suire in order to provide financially for her family But when the Suire invites her family to a ball she meets and falls head over heels for Stephen Mowbray the Duke of ClarewoodAlexandra is duty bound She is a woman of her word and takes her responsibilities seriously But she is also unfailingly kind and is unwilling to accept handouts or charity Even when faced with viscious and untrue gossip Alexandra holds her head up high and refuses to let anyone see her sweat The girl is made of some strong stuff and has a will of steelStephen Mowbray is your typical tall dark and handsome duke though his story is a little unusual He is the bastard son of Sir Rex de Warrene but was raised by Tom Mowbray the Duke of Clarewood as his own But the Duke always resented the fact that he could never have a child of his own and treated Stephen with contempt Mirroring his Father Stephen is cold calculating and always gets what he wants without making promises in return Forunately Stephen isn’t all hard His close cousins and half brothers and sisters showed him kindness and love throughout his life and his birth father always lets him know that he is proud of him Stephen does great things for the poor and downtrodden and always treats his family wellThe romance between these two was spellbinding Of course riddled with problems and misunderstandings There were a few times that Stephen really pissed me off I didn’t like that he felt so entitled without any thought of the conseuences for others And Alexandra exasperated me when she wouldn’t take the time to explain herself She’d just accept his fury and run off without even trying to make him understand her But even so the story was captivating and I just had to know what was going to happenJoyce did a great job with this book I loved meeting the de Warrene clan and the love between Stephen and Alexandra could not be denied Depsite the gossip the lies and the obstacles these two finally managed to get it right My only complaint is that Joyce really used the word dismayed A LOT OMG everybody was dismayed all the time Other than that great book and I will be getting the other de Warrene titles

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Read & download ↠ An Impossible Attraction 107 ´ With her mother's passing Alexandra Bolton gave up on love to take care of her family Now with the Bolton name in disgrace due to her father's profligate ways marrying an elderly suire might be the only way to save her family from absolute ruin But when she meets the infamous Duke of Alexandra Bolton inflames him as no woman has ever done and she also serves him his first rejection Now Clarewood who always gets what he wants will choose which rules to play by But when passion finally brings them together a terrible secret threatens to tear them apa. I really enjoyed this story It was not the typical historical romance but the two characters grabbed my interest as soon as started reading Stephen Mowbray the Duke of Clarewood is not the typical hero but is the illegitimate son of Sir Rex de Warenne so anyone who has read any of the previous de Warenne Dynasty series or specifically A Lady at Last is probably programmed to like him because of the family connection Stephen Mowbray was raised by the Duke of Clarewood who was cold and heartless in fact even on his death bed he could not admit or even say that he was proud of his son he only had Stephen promise to take care of Clarewoodduchy His exact words were “Clarewood is everythingClarewood is your duty” Stephen having never still felt like he truly was a de Warenne still sought out the approval of his father the Duke even fifteen years after his death He made his life about the duchy and for years had coldly seeking out a wife but could not find any interest in a debutante However one night at the birthday party of his half sister our heroine Alexandra Bolton falls into his arms and piues his interest as she clearly not recently graduate of the schoolroom However his interest in Alex was far from honorable and needless to say their journey to happily ever after was extremely bumpy Yet these two characters who had allowed promises they made to their dying parents to color their decisions and make their lives less than happy do find happiness with each other in the end

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With her mother's passing Alexandra Bolton gave up on love to take care of her family Now with the Bolton name in disgrace due to her father's profligate ways marrying an elderly suire might be the only way to save her family from absolute ruin But when she meets the in. The Hero is an ass The heroine is a doormat She should have chosen Owen