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Arrest-Proof Yourself Free download â eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ This essential “how not to” guide explains how to act and what to say in the presence of police to minimize the chances of being arrested and to avoid add on charges which can often lead to permanent disualification from jobs financing and educatiTed to basic tricks cops use to get people to incriminate themselves Sprinkled with absurdity and humor this urgent eye opening book is a guide to criminal justice for all America. This book might have been intended as a no nonsense guide to avoiding accidental entry into the Criminal Justice panopticon and its attending financial burdens but serves as an enlightening view into the inner workings of the Cop Mind

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Often lead to permanent disualification from jobs financing and education Citizens can learn how to avoid arrest both on the street and when pulled over in a vehicle and are aler. Ever been arrested Even if you're not guilty or the case was dismissed this book argues that an arrest is seen as a conviction and therefore a life of low wage workThis may seem like catastrophizing but the author argues that if you've ever been arrested people will think Certainly heshe MUST have been doing SOMETHING wrong Some places will terminate read lay off ANY employee with an arrest record or unpaid tickets I saw first hand how my university's dining hall used internal reorganization to lay off anyone with a criminal background even though these employees were non violent offenders Though some of the things in this book may be common sense many other things are not It's full of good tips especially the car creds and phrases you can use when interacting with police officers It's also a relatively uick read

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Arrest Proof YourselfThis essential “how not to” guide explains how to act and what to say in the presence of police to minimize the chances of being arrested and to avoid add on charges which can. This is best suited for 13 30 year olds who are kind of dense but it's great for everyone to skim Many of us were stupid youngsters but we used to be able to outlive or move away from our mistakes We can't any Once arrested you're in The System the Electronic Plantations Yes he means slavery for life It's not right or fair but he's dealing with reality the fact is one dumb ass mistake as a kid yes even a juvenile can haunt a person for life all over the country even outside of it so this book is all about how NOT to get arrested1 If cops can't see you they can't arrest you2 Keep your drink drugs at home3 Give cops your name and basic info then shut the heck up He describes what you should do in many situations in detail NEVER cop an attitude Be polite calm Take any lumps don't argue Sign the ticket If possible ask for a notice to appear NTA rather than being arrested NTA's aren't visible in the system if you're innocentHe's long winded repetitive but still entertaining The book was well narrated but this is probably best in text where you can skim He covers a lot of excellent points such as Stand Defend admissible evidence how to act in the presence of police He seems to know his stuff His dad was a sheriff Carson was a cop FBI agent is now a defense attorney He tells the bald truth without a lot of PC crap but he's not rude about it makes his case each time he thinks he might offend This book is about reality not what should be in a perfect world There's even a section on being an SJW It probably won't work unless you have big bucks Freedom isn't free In fact it's often ruinously expensiveAs he sees it The System is not here for our life liberty but so the bureaucracy can perpetuate itself Oh it is necessary does protect the bulk of society but it's a kludge that has its own agenda such as the war on drugs by arresting folks one doobie at a time Does that help Of course not but it does fund a lot of jobs His main point is an arrest NEVER goes away Even if you manage to get it expunged in one place you can't get it out of every place especially the Feds' NCIC database Judges see prior arrests take them into account even if you were innocent The presumption of innocence is gone That's neither right nor fair but that's the reality He stresses that we need better privacy laws but that's not what this book is aboutHis basic premise is that cops are predators He says the cops go after types look for cues such as 4 young men in a vehicle attitude loud or furtive behavior such but skin color doesn't matter The poor suffer because they're visible have thinner walls The police go after low hanging fruit because they are rewarded by a point system for arrests with a misdemeanor being 1 point lower felonies 2 points etc They get promoted by racking up points so using tricks to add extra points charges for you is typical behavior The System likes this since those arrested then generate money to feed it His advice is don't be seen by cops if you must don't look arrestable That means keeping vehicles legal dressing appropriately for the surroundings If you're in a suit in the hood probably buying drugs or pussy or wearing gang colors in an upscale neighborhood probably casing a place you'll arouse their curiosity the hunt is on Sure they can be wrong but usually they aren'tThe public outrage against profiling is PC bullshit Everyone does it will keep doing it because we evolved to see patterns it usually works All the outrage has done is drive it off paper Sometimes this works against cops He gives an example of Orthodox Jews carrying drugs right past everyone but generally it does lead to picking up petty criminals gaining them points feeding the system Most arrests are made by cops on the streets The big busts are relatively few far betweenMany career criminals are raised in The System They have few life skills tend to live for the day without any conception of responsibility He says they haven't kept up with social evolution points out that watches are a relatively new innovation See can't see were all that really mattered until industrialization when factories rail roads made minutes count Days didn't matter as much as seasons these people still live like that He suggests that most would benefit from classes in daily living skills a watch a calendar than probation or jail time They often screw up administrivia fail to show up file proper paperwork pay fees on time etc often spend time in jail for that than the original charge This book is especially for these peopleHe occasionally makes points about problems endemic to the system One example Women are the dominant force in most social nets such as school child services They often see young boys as dangerously nonconforming don't understand their dangerous stupid bewildering behavior but it's often just boys being boys This behavior has to be brought into the social norm but No Tolerance policies drugging kids wholesale isn't the answerOver over he makes the point that an arrest is almost as damning as a conviction it's worth repeating This info is available to anyone who wants to spend a little time a few bucks looking Most big companies routinely do a background check won't hire you if an arrest shows on your record They may fire you no matter how long you've worked there or how good you are if it happens just an arrest not a conviction If you don't believe this Carson gives a fictional example Why There are plenty of excellent real examplesOne of my local news stations posts arrests on Facebook all the time In our small redneck area everyone knows everyone else If you're arrested for speeding downtown on a 4 wheeler drunk while flying the Confederate flag shooting into the air most of the comments are jokes somewhat positive but lynch mobs want to go after anyone with any sort of child porn or rape charge in the headline Few read past the headline People often won't do business with the accused they're often ostracized even after being found innocent Child porn charges can easily be bogus since they're usually computer related people get hacked That link is very scary readingThere are sections on kids cars self defense The last includes dealing with friends acuaintances Search your car often if you have sketchy friends or even kids He even tells you what weapons to use to defend your person home Not going to dangerous areas running are the best defense for the former He concludes by reiterating mantras even has checklists that you can carry in your wallet or give to your kid I'd use them for go over this book with my kids if they weren't already adults