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characters ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Kiera Cass Ameson – en zichzelf – te bewijzen dat ze een geschikte koningin is Maar wanneer ze een vreemdeling ontmoet die recht in haar hart lijkt te kijken vraagt Hollis zich af of een leven met Jameson in het paleis een droom is die uitkomt of een nachtmerrie die nooit eindigt. dnf 27%i wasn’t even expecting anything and yet i still got let down The king has chosen herHer heart belongs to another Uhm isn't this The Selection with another cast

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review The Betrothed 103 ✓ Hollis Brite is opgegroeid in Keresken Castle samen met de andere dochters van adel in de hoop de aandacht van de toekomstige koning te trekken De jonge koning Jameson van Coroa is eigenlijk nooit op zoek geweest naar een echtgenote totdat hij Hollis ontmoet Als Jameson haar de liefde verklaart is Hollis dolblij Maar terwijl hij haar het Hollis Brite is opgegroeid in Keresken Castle samen met de andere dochters van adel in de hoop de aandacht van de toekomstige koning te trekken De jonge koning Jameson van Coroa is eigenlijk nooit op zoek geweest naar een echtgenote totdat hij Hollis ontmoet Als Jameson ha. I don't know what I was expecting But it wasn't thisWhat I likedawkward silence crickets chirping tumble weed blows byWhat I disliked• the main character was annoying from the very first chapter Thought she'd improve but big nope• characters lacked personality • this book was falsely being pitched as ‘steamy YA’ Well that was complete lies There was probably only 5 very basic kissing scenes But that's it It's not that I'm upset about the lack of steam I just don't like when things are being falsely advertised Many people I know are only looking forward to this book because of what Entertainment Weekly said It felt like I was tricked and I don't appreciate that • I actually am not averse to the much hated love triangle OR love at first sight tropes — as long as they are well executed This was not• the love interests had no chemistry • the ending was a whole mess Author tried to do something for shock value but just didn't make sense Final thoughts I really loved the selection series Yes even the ones with Princess Eadlyn I like many have eagerly been waiting years for Kiera Cass to release something new I guess maybe my expectations were too high I don't know I'm just seriously disappointed15 ⭐️ « ARC received from Harper Teen via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review » 7 October 2019That's right WE ARE GETTING SOME NEW KIERA CASS IN MAY 2020 Read about it here the first chapter A steamy YA romance duology don't say I didn't warn the younguns and a love triangle ⬅️ edit after I read they lied to us No steam at all

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The BetrothedAr de liefde verklaart is Hollis dolblij Maar terwijl hij haar het hof maakt realiseert Hollis zich dat de eindeloze stroom cadeaus en aandacht gepaard gaan met torenhoge verwachtingenMet een bezoek van de koning van Isolte in het vooruitzicht ziet Hollis een kans om aan J. I'm not uite sure where to begin because this book was a mess It's not that I hated it but that it was ridiculous Imagery I hate too much detail and not enough dialogue but this book did the opposite The rooms in the castle were sometimes minimally described and 95% of the characters had zero description Delia Grace Not sure what she looks like Nora No clue Hollis's parents Can't tell you The only characters that were described were Hollis Jameson Silas and Silas's family Silas's family was described as having yellow hair and blue eyes Silas had striking blue eyes and long blond hair Jameson had honey drizzled eyes bronze skin and brown hair Hollis had fine blonde hair was beautiful and was short These same descriptions were repeated whenever Jameson or Silas entered a room It was tediousCharacters Everyone was flat No background depth or life was given to any character Hollis acted like an 11 or 12 year old despite being 161718 She was dull naive and had a personality of an elementary or middle schoolerI cringed every time Jameson entered the picture because he uttered the most ridiculous and laughable phrases to Hollis like You are the rising sun I want to hire someone to walk behind us and ink down every single word you say and I do have some beautiful things though there is one gem in all of Coroa I am aching to call my ownThen there was Silas who was not a major character in the book and interacted with Hollis a few meager times before they realized they were soul mates Silas spoke to Hollis with the same ridiculous lines Jameson did and suddenly Hollis realized that Silas knew her perfectly while she was only a trinket to the kingHollis's parents only existed to bicker with Hollis and order her around They would randomly burst into her room and lecture her every few chapters We know nothing about them except that they love to argue want Hollis to marry the king wish she would distance herself from being glued to Delia Grace I concur and that she would stop acting immature I also agreeNext is Delia Grace who I abhorred from the first chapter She also acted like an 1112 year old and was somehow Hollis's best friend Despite being BFFs Hollis was obsessed with Delia Grace That was all she talked about for 75% of the book Despite being the future ueen all her thoughts circled around Delia Grace Before she made a decision she had to ask Delia Grace If she wanted advice she had to consult Delia Grace If she wanted to go eat dinner with the king Delia Grace had to be her shadow Everything was about Delia Grace and her and Hollis were unhealthily stitched to one another The readers even get unnecessary information on Delia Grace's background family history birth rights royalty line etc Why I'm not sure because it adds nothing to the story From all the mentions of Delia Grace Kiera Cass should have made her the main characterLastly Nora Nora's introduction is described as her glaring daggers at Hollis because Hollis has captured the king's attention Then in the next interaction Nora is a sweet and cordial girl who adores Hollis and is ecstatic to be her second lady in waiting So which Nora is the correct description Because for the rest of the book Nora is diligent and not jealous of the king fawning over HollisThe only character I liked was Valentina especially when I got to know about her Eradicating Hollis's story and replacing it with Valentina's would have created a stronger bookPlot What plot The only plot was Hollis giggling over Jameson and then falling into instant love with Silas the moment they laid eyes on each other It took not even 5 minutes of conversation spaced over two or three days for them to realize they loved each other A few days later she was ready to ditch Jameson to marry Silas That isn't love That's lust mixed with mania obsession Hollis was thrilled over the idea of wanting something she couldn't have and Silas felt the same since he kept planting ideas into her head to run away with him He was actually hurt after they kissed on day two or three and Hollis broke away and was worried about Jameson finding out and ruining her reputation Silas had the audacity to be offended over Hollis's initial rejection He knew she was practically engaged to the king and yet still decided to kiss herI don't remember The Selection being this badly written and I'm positive the characters had personality and description than all of The Betrothed characters combined Will I read the next one Probably Why I don't know I guess to see where this ludicrous story goesThank you Edelweiss for an ARC