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Bestiary Read & download î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Three generations of Taiwanese American women are haunted by the myths of their homeland in this spellbinding visceral debut about one family's ueer desires violent impulses and buried secretsOne evening Mother tells Daughter a story about a tiger spirit who lived in a womanShe will have to bring her family’s secrets to light in order to change their destinyWith a poetic voice of crackling electricity K Ming Chang is an explosive young writer who combines the wit and fabulism of Helen Oyeyemi with the subversive storytelling of Maxine Hong Kingston Tracing one family’s history from Taiwan to America from Arkansas to California Bestiary is a novel of migration ueer lineages and girlho. This debut novel was a delight to read The language is relentlessly metaphorical there are some really nice things going on at the sentence levelHere's a representative sentenceAma's hands were canyoned with calluses carved out by some river she'd reined in her handsI liked this language and I liked the story The pacing felt a little off to me There is a sameness in tone throughout with little dialog or variation in the sentence beats I always felt as if I were exactly the same distances from events and that distance was arms length All that said though I enjoyed the slightly unhinged uality of the first person storytelling very much and I'll definitely be looking for Chang's next book

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Three generations of Taiwanese American women are haunted by the myths of their homeland in this spellbinding visceral debut about one family's ueer desires violent impulses and buried secretsOne evening Mother tells Daughter a story about a tiger spirit who lived in a woman’s body She was called Hu Gu Po and she hungered to eat children especially their toes Soon afterwards Daughter awakes with a tiger tail And mys. In the animal encyclopedia Ben and I memorized every hierarchy had a name Every violence a vocabulary Somewhere there was a name for our exchange in a language that was kept from us Author K Ming Chang might be known best for her poetry and that poetic sensibility shines through on every page of her first novel Bestiary Filled with myth and allusion in sentences crackling with lyric inventiveness Chang explores three generations of Taiwanese Americans using the imagery of muck and filth to expose the unacknowledged beauty in otherness trust me it works Employing a variety of styles and shifting POVs there's nothing straightforward in Bestiary but I was captivated by these characters and their lives; dazzled by the language Just a stellar debut Note I read an ARC through NetGalley and passages uoted may not be in their final forms In wartime land is measured by the bones it can bury A house is worth only the bomb that banishes it Gold can be spent in any country any year any afterlife The sun shits it out every morning Even Ma misreads the slogans on the back of American coins IN GOLD WE TRUST That's why she thinks we're compatible with this country She still believes we can buy its trustWith scenes set in Taiwan Arkansas and California Bestiary describes the evolution of a family that first came to the United States or less as refugees if I knew the history of Taiwan better I'd better understand the forces that led them to flee their homeland but even the third generation “Daughter” and her brother who were born in the States seem no closer to being fully accepted by their fellow Americans than their parents and grandparents There are scenes of racism even within the family as both the mother and the grandmother regret having married men from “the mainland”; with the grandmother it's even unclear just how consensual her relationship was with this PTSD afflicted former Chinese soldier domestic violence and crushing poverty On the positive side there are also the treasured passing down of Taiwanese myth and legends moments of loving family connection and when Daughter's friendship with fellow Asian student Ben a girl blossoms into romance the connection is deep and redemptive And throughout we read the myths and witness fabulous events that temper gritty realism with magical realism and I was strongly reminded of both Akwaeke Emezi's Freshwater and fellow Taiwanese writer Miny Yi Wu's The Man with the Compound Eyes I'm not going to change the sheets for you not even if you wet yourself Why do you think you're sweating so much Because you're sick It's the sea in you That stretch of sheet where you've pissed the mattress a shoreline The heart's a fish If you open your mouth it'll swim out of you touch air die When I say shut your mouth I mean survive The meat of this immigrant story was very interesting to me but it's Chang's poetic sense that most dazzled I could have excerpted something from just about every page so the many following examples I've chosen should be seen as restraint lol Some imagery that hooked me • Only my mother could call to me like that a sound worn fist smooth a sound I could saddle and ride relieved for a second of my own weight while she carried me in her mouth• She rinsed the dishes so bright we had to suint while eating; she sang to a knife as if auditioning to be its blade• She told me she was blowing boys in the woods And for years I imagined she was blowing them up shearing open their bellies and burying dynamite inside necklaces of boymeat dangling from the trees Chang describes the sun or the moon or the sky at the opening of most scenes and it fascinated me to see how often she metaphorically tied the heavenly realm to the baseness of human corporeality • The night bruised its kneecap moon• Ma leaves the house early Sunup the sky bleeding where it's given birth• It was early in the night and the sky was bad breathed freckled with stars like white bacteria on a tongue• Above us the moon was marinating in its own silver sweat• The morning we leave the sun sags in the sky like a scrotum• It's summer and the sky is vomiting It rains in chunks Characters become infected by nature a girl can grow a tiger tale be impregnated by rivers swallow a sandstorm and the natural world develops human characteristics holes dug in the yard become mouths eating offerings and regurgitating letters from afar and while poverty racism and domestic chaos all threaten to alienate Daughter and Ben from those around them when these teenage girls find each other it makes for a very sweet love story The only time the holes were coherent was when Ben and I touched When we kissed in front of them they cinched their lips and listened opening only to say yes yes While night erected itself around us like a tent we sat cross legged on the soil and its tapestry of worms Ben laced her legs around my waist Her mouth so close I could see the serrations of her teeth sawing every sound in half so that I heard it twice my name my name I leaned forward flicked her upper lip with my bottom one We met inside our mouths I found the seam under her tongue and undid it With my hands around her I felt her spine through her shirt a ladder to thirst All around us the holes were full of bright sound jingling like a handful of nickelsThe love scenes don't get much graphic than that and I both appreciated that the poetic language elevated these scenes above base mechanics and also that their relationship is unuestioningly accepted by those around them; there are same sex encounters in the historical myths and stories too and it's all just presented as a natural part of life The nonstop flow of bodily fluids throughout Bestiary might be offputting to a reader but again it's all used in the service of lyricism and I simply found it all fascinating Chang's is a uniue and talented voice and as she made me care deeply about her characters while educating me on their difficult outsider lives – in strange and engaging language – I'd have to call this novel a success; maybe not for every reader but it certainly worked for me

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BestiaryTerious events follow Holes in the backyard spit up letters penned by her grandmother; a visiting aunt arrives with snakes in her belly; a brother tests the possibility of flight All the while Daughter is falling for Ben a neighborhood girl with strange powers of her own As the two young lovers translate the grandmother’s letters Daughter begins to understand that each woman in her family embodies a myth–and that. prosaic poetic epistolary bestiary is a feat in genre blending that employs every one of the senses—and then some it is gorgeously grotesue and deeply experimental you are not likely to encounter another narrative voice this inventive this frenzied with such a strong command—and disregard—for the english language k ming chang is a force to be reckoned with and a poet who never pulls her punches in fact bestiary might be best described as a pummeling—wild brash rendered in brutal bruise like color her debut novel interrogates not just generational trauma but also generational myth the mediums it inhabits oral written the natural world as it is infringed upon by human inventions like war and the ways it is both muddied and thrown into sharp relief by migration by desire by destruction in many ways bestiary is a novel of transition and of succession as mothers and daughters flit between birth and death as they trace their lineage and try to make sense of their own bodies of the anguish they've inherited from each other they are wrenched apart then thrown together again they are forced to reconcile violence with love and love with violence in a world ruled by men these women are crowned most beautiful most beastly most brazen but before all of that they are human after fantastically animalk ming understands better than most that the pain passed down through family can be just as disturbing as it is liberating that to grow up we must grow into and out of our ancestors' worst memories than that though we must make space for our own here fabulism feeds into stories of gay love of triumph and tragedy of blooming desire bestiary is a remastering of reality wherein humans and nature are never not in conversation with one another they are coupled like ueer lovers over this gay love is never made to feel unwelcome or isolated instead it is the norm and its opposite ill fittingif you're looking for a strange startling novel that subverts the anglo american literary tradition that is as crude as it is stunning and that threads storymemorymyth together like the braids of an unbreakable bridge this is a must read and a new favoritehats off to k ming whose language lives at the edge of enigmatic and who manages to be both tender and cruel restrained and unruly absurd and exceptionally painstakingly wise