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Read Beyond Happiness ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Happiness is available to all of us—right here right now All that’s reuired is that we learn to let go of our expectation that life should go according the agenda we have in mind Zen teacher Ezra Bayda provides the teachings and practices we need to learn to let go K we want Most of our unhappiness he explains is the result of seeking satisfaction in things external to us new jobs better relationships luxury vacations By liberating ourselves from expectations about these outward things and looking inward instead we can find a deeper and unshakable kind of satisfaction that not only makes things a lot pleasant for us but that. 35 stars Beyond Happiness The Zen Way to True Contentment discusses how one can be truly happy in the present moment through the lens of Zen Buddhism Most of my experience with this idea of being happy in the present moment has either been through Shambala Buddhism Pema Chodron etc or non Buddhist Jon Kabat Zinn etc so I was interested to hear the Zen Buddhist take on the path to true contentmentIf you have read other books on how to be in the present moment and how that can lead to happiness some of this material will be familiar to you Bayda discusses how the pursuit of some thing a promotion a house a partner etc as a means to happiness will leave us unsatisfied This is a concept also discussed in several psychology books on happiness as well as non Buddhist meditation books The Science of Mindfulness Meditation so it is no longer uniue to Buddhism or broader Eastern philosophy but it does go against the norm of American culture which encourages one to pursue things as a means to happiness If you've read such things before there will likely be nothing new for you; however it was phrased and discussed in a slightly different terms which provided another way for me to understand and incorporate this concept into the way I perceive the worldThe book is broken down into three parts What Blocks Happiness The Roots of Happiness and Cultivating Happiness Three of the four subsections The Thinking Mind Caught in Emotions and Conditioned Behaviors were topics I have read previously but it was useful to hear them discussed here again The first subtopic on Entitlement was interesting and new to me Bayda addresses the idea that humans are not entitled to happiness or much else but it's this sense of entitlement that leads to unhappiness The concept makes sense but I had not much thought about it As an American I have very much felt I was entitled to happiness which has often led to misery but if instead I had felt that happiness and many other things in life was a gift then I may not have experienced said suffering It is a concept I much ponderedIn part two Bayda discusses the roots of happiness and again covers topics other books have covered as well; however he also covers a topic I had not come across before namely the Three uestions practice in which one asks oneself Am I happy now What blocks happiness and Can I surrender to what is The answers to these uestions are not as easy to determine as they first appear and unfortunately the examples Bayda gives are rather generic and without enough detail to be memorable or useful The book would have been stronger and received a higher rating had better examples been provided as well as including a richer discussion on what to do when one cannot effectively answer said uestions It is likely that the second uestion what blocks happiness will uite often be challenging to answer and it would have been useful to have a better sense of how to work through this lack of insight and understanding of oneself I was left with understanding the importance of asking the third uestion can I surrender to what is but not entirely understanding the point of the first uestion or how to determine and answer to the second uestion This is unfortunate as it was the most novel thing about this bookIn part three Bayda discusses how to cultivate happiness and again much of this has been covered in other books The discussion of forgiveness was novel and it was the first time I came across a meditation on forgiveness The practice of forgiveness seems to be a vital piece of finding contentment yet it is overlooked in many other discussions of finding happiness Bayda's discussion of forgiveness is effective though I wish the forgiveness meditation had been written like a meditation rather than a set of instructions This was a strong chapter and one I recommend everyone read especially if they have not come across forgiveness as a component to contentmentBayda discusses how using meditation or other things as a path to happiness will not lead to happiness I did not enjoy his emphasis on this nor was it clear why setting a goal of seeking a path of happiness contentment and joy through meditation would in fact prevent meditation I maybe reading into this discussion than intended though as I do understand that only doing something for an end goal often leads to missing out on the enjoyment of the path to said goal But I also see nothing wrong with taking up meditation to further a life of contentment There was a disconnect there for me The other issue I took with this book is how dry and boring the writing was Coupled with the uiet and monotone voice of the reader of the audiobook it was hard to stay engaged with this book It was actually hard to hear this book as it was much uieter than other books at the same volume level It is not a book I recommend as an audiobook version for that reasonOverall this is a book which covers similar ground to other books on this topic; however there are a few additions the three uestions and forgiveness which make this book worth the read The topics Bayda does cover that are in other books he covers in a slightly different way which can help a reader understand the topics in greater depth This is a great book and one I would recommend for one just starting to explore this topic as it covers most everything in an easy to understand and efficient manner I do not recommend this book to people who are looking for an in depth discussion of the path to happiness nor to those who have already read a lot of books on this subject except the chapter on forgiveness and the three uestions which I do recommend to everyone interested in this topic There are other better and in depth primers to this topic but this is also a good entry if you are looking for a uick overviewThe audiobook version is currently free through the Audible app on Audible Channel You Improved Audiobooks if you are a Prime member or have an Audible membership Due note that it will not be permanently available for free so check it out soon

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Generates in us generosity and compassion toward others  Beyond Happiness includes simple meditation and mindfulness practices you can use to access true happiness including basic sitting meditation gratitude practice loving kindness practice and the Three uestions practice in which we ask ourselves Am I happy now What blocks happiness and Can I surrender to what. Three and a half stars I got some good stuff out of it but a lot of it was kind of repetitious too I don't know I just didn't totally connect with the writer or his style It was okay You might like it better than I did

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Beyond HappinessHappiness is available to all of us right here right now All that’s reuired is that we learn to let go of our expectation that life should go according the agenda we have in mind Zen teacher Ezra Bayda provides the teachings and practices we need to learn to let go into true happiness the kind that goes far deeper than the kind that’s about getting what we thin. For some reason this book just didn't grab me like I hoped it would It gave a lot of ideas on how to calm yourself in times of stress breath slow take one thing at a time etc etc I didn't really learn anything new and the audible narration wasn't as engaging as I would have liked It was okay