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Complicity in slavery Elected the fifth president of the United States in 1816 this fiercest of partisans sought to bridge divisions and sow unity calming turbulent political seas and inheriting Washington's mantle of placing country above party Over his two terms Monroe transformed the nation strengthening American power both at home and abroad  Critically acclaimed author Tim McGrath has consulted an extensive array of primary sources many rarely seen since Monroe's own time to conjure up this fascinating portrait of an essential American statesman and preside. This bio was a bit of a slower read than the first four presidential bios I’ve read I think that may be because I knew so little about Monroe whereas I was familiar with many of the life events of the first four presidentsMonroe was blessed with lifelong friendships with both James Madison and Thomas Jefferson mentors and heroes who provided guidance insight friendship and even financial security at times He was also blessed with a long and happy marriage However I feel that Monroe freuently had a dark cloud over his head He certainly seemed to have than his fair share of bad luck be it professionally financially and medicallyIt appears he was consistently surrounded by conniving manipulative men colleagues who wanted to take all the glory and credit enemies who wanted to take him down and dear friends who simply wanted him to do their bidding One wonders how much he would have accomplished in a political environment that was not so divided and cutthroat and if he had his own “Monroe’s” to do his biddingI think the author did a good job of portraying a balanced view of our fifth president I am glad to know about the man and his accomplishments He fought in the revolutionary war served as a congressman Virginia senator US Minister to France US Minister to United Kingdom Virginia Governor Secretary of State Secretary of War and President Over 40 years dedicated to serving this country It’s uite the resume and I feel should know how he helped shape the US government

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James MonroeThe extraordinary life of James Monroe soldier senator diplomat and the last Founding Father to hold the presidency a man who helped transform thirteen colonies into a vibrant and mighty republic Monroe lived a life defined by revolutions From the battlefields of the War for Independence to his ambassadorship in Paris in the days of the guillotine to his own role in the creation of Congress's partisan divide he was a man who embodied the restless spirit of the age He was never one to back down from a fight whether it be with Alexander Hamilton with whom he nearly. I read James Monroe A Life as a buddy read with Gretchen from Betwixt the Books and the two of us had a Zoom discussion about this book for our channel I like to collect newly released presidential biographies so after acuiring this book and hearing about Gretchen's desire to read a James Monroe biography as she is making her way through her American Presidents reading challenge we mutually thought this would be the perfect time to read this biography with one another and it made for a great discussion James Monroe was the 5th President of the United States having served from 1817 1825 His resume leading up to the presidency was by all means impressive serving under George Washington during the Revolutionary War serving as a minister in Europe senator governor Secretary of State and Secretary of War he once held both cabinet positions simultaneously before being elected president His presidency rang in the Era of Good Feelings and he was most notably known for a doctrine that was named for him asserting that Europe stay out of affairs involving the acuisition of American landTim McGrath the author of this book has previously authored books involving military history and specifically naval history McGrath's passion for military history is clearly reflected within this biography for he is very specific about details regarding Revolutionary War battles in which Monroe fought and he also has a battle map for when Monroe led a brigade during the War of 1812 At the same time there are details that could have been touched upon a bit better Some of this could be due to the part that information cannot be found on the subject for even William A DeGregorio has found issue with gathering certain details in Monroe's life such as his childhood which McGrath did a relatively decent job doing but we do not reach Monroe's presidency until at least 60% into the book We also get a lot of details surrounding supporting figures that lived during Monroe's lifetime While it is okay to give them some attention enough to give readers an idea as to who they are and what role they played in Monroe's life it felt like it would be appropriate to title this book The Life and Times of James Monroe instead of James Monroe A Life As far as the amount of information is concerned only enough that is needed to inform us as much as possible about the subject is necessary As far as I know writers no longer get paid by the wordWith that being said there is a lot to enjoy about this biography It covers a lot of ground that gives us a greater and objective understanding about James Monroe and his life I also learned about his relationships with those that played a role in his life positive negative or both and his place as the last Founding Father I got somewhat of a better understanding of things Monroe accomplished as president but I wish there was a bit concentration on particular details within his presidency

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James Monroe characters á 107 ↠ The extraordinary life of James Monroe soldier senator diplomat and the last Founding Father to hold the presidency a man who helped transform thirteen colonies into a vibrant and mighty republic Monroe lived a life defined by revolutions From the battlefields of the War for Independence to his ambassadorship in Paris Engaged in a duel prevented ironically by Aaron Burr or George Washington his hero turned political opponent   This magnificent new biography vividly recreates the epic sweep of Monroe’s life his near death wounding at Trenton and a brutal winter at Valley Forge; his pivotal negotiations with France over the Louisiana Purchase; his deep complex friendships with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison; his valiant leadership when the British ransacked the nation’s capital and burned down the Executive Mansion; and Monroe’s lifelong struggle to reckon with his own. I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher Penguin Random House through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own I have read numerous Presidential biographies I enjoyed McGrath’s writing style tremendously He kept my interest throughout most of the book and covered Monroe’s personal and public life very well The book provides good insight into how a young docile teenager becomes engaged in the patriotic cause with Monroe’s service in the Continental Army He served as an aide for General Washington and worked extensively abroad representing the country Monroe served his country in many capacities including Ambassador Congressman and Secretary in Presidential Cabinet His friendships with Jefferson and Madison are extraordinary and endured many challenges He encountered numerous presidential challenges including Native Americans slavery and as a slaveholder and issues with other countries “Jefferson Madison and Monroe would call slavery evil all their lives but the idea of emancipation was too bold politically to propose” While president Monroe “visited than 120 cities town and settlements many of which would not see another president for decades” He was in tune with the American people Monroe was a good reliable discreet and compassionate man “ a new American government was not American without safeguarding the rights of its citizens Politicians rarely thought this way but Monroe did” Monroe “could exhibit a stateman’s conciliatory nature while maintaining his political viewpoint” He didn’t give up “The last year of the eighteenth century saw Monroe awash with troubles financial political and spiritual” As with most of our early presidents Monroe suffered financial hardship from serving his country While overseas he incurred expenses which were not reimbursed until late in his life “Monroe lacked money but not friends” The epilogue provides a summary of his descendants Monroe was the last “founding father” to be President At the end of the day Monroe is a man I would have liked to know I sure wish today’s politicians would take a lesson from Monroe