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FREE DOWNLOAD Ù Bookless in Baghdad Reflections on Writing and Writers ¶ 'A fluid and powerful writer one of the best in a generation of Indian authors' New York Times Book Review Shashi Tharoor the acclaimed author of six books all published by Arcade is once again at his provocative best Supremely personal yeLibraries on the street helps some put bread on the table Tharoor reminisces about growing up with books in India and discusses the importance of the Mahabharata in Indian life and history There is also a poignant homage to Chilean poet Pablo Neruda whose home was raided by the oppressive military regime while he lay on his deathbed and who famously said 'There is only one thing of danger for you here my poetry' Pondering world affairs Tharoor declares that 'the defining features of. This book is a selection of the newspaper columns Shashi Tharoor has written over the years Mr Tharoor is a very well read man and at times one wonders if the point of this book is just to ensure that everyone is very well aware of that fact He shares with us his eclectic taste in literature his love for Wodehouse why he thinks Rushdie is a hero his sympathy towards Pushkin for his few Indian readers why he finds R K Narayan's English bland how he identifies with Neruda as a writer involved in politics and so on Some of all this is enjoyable but uite a lot is a tad boring especially when he starts sprinkling anecdotes from his St Stephen schooling and UN dutyOverall the book left me in the authors words 'both amused and bemused' For colonialism gave us a literature that did not spring from our own environment and whose characters concerns and situations bore no relation to our own lives This didn't bother us in the slightest A Bombay child read Blyton the same way a Calcutta kindergartner sang Jingle Bells without having seen snow or sleigh If the stories were alien we weren't alienated; they were to be read and enjoyed not mined for relevance


'A fluid and powerful writer one of the best in a generation of Indian authors' New York Times Book Review Shashi Tharoor the acclaimed author of six books all published by Arcade is once again at his provocative best Supremely personal yet always probing and analytical this brilliant collection is part memoir part essay and literary criticism In the title piece we learn what Irais go through in their beleaguered land merely to get hold of a book and how selling books from their own. To Dr Shashi Tharoor 97 Lodhi Estate New Delhi 03 Tel 24644035 Fax 24654158 Subject A letter asking for apologyRespected SirLike a scale firmly settled on a pipe refusing to budge the image that I have conjured up of your alleged persona from the various newspaper co eds and news channels preceded your merit To tell you the truth regardless of your impressive stint at the UN I had had never held you in a high opinion The controversy surrounding IPL one mustn't bring out the skeleton from the closet but alas was unfortunately the only thing that I could relate to you It of course was my own failing not being able to hear the other side of the story but then you weren't as vociferous in your arguments as your critics were Politicians have time and again taken a dig at you and have attempted to tar your image with snide remarks And I have been gullible That's why I ask for your apology I have for long fancied myself as an independent spirit to me my opinions seemed impregnable from the seepage of all possible color but I discovered yet again that there exist a possibility of correction I recently on impulse picked up a copy of 'Bookless in Baghdad' from the library Just a single little statement was the clincher One year I kept a list of the volumes I'd finished comics didn't count hoping to reach 365 before the calendar did I made it before Christmas To tell you the truth I haven't imagined you to be much of a writer What I actually believed was that you might have written some longish scholarly prose on GDP or uality of life as you were from UN and that's why following Vismay's rule of thumb boring a book is rave reviews it receives But I was delighted to discover that I wasn't entirely true in my judgement This present book was indeed an eclectic collection or what I would call 'a uanta of creatively and cogently argued confabulations with a mute reader' Though I do not agree with your opinion on RK Narayan I have indeed received the same joy as you most certainly have on reading PG Wodehouse Your spirited defense of Salman Rushdie your description of the various literary fests which I have vicariously visited through this book and all the other motley bunch of writers mentioned here I indeed have had a good time along with your book And why shouldn't I have fun After all it concerned all things literarySo as a parting note I would like to tell you sir that though I wouldn't most certainly drool over your every adjective but if I do catch phrases like 'That consensus is around the simple principle that in a democracy you don't really need to agree except on the ground rules of how will you disagree' 'if America is a melting pot then to me India is a thali' or 'and imagined them hallowed by repetition rather than hollowed by regurgitation' you would be able to read my admiration in the smile that I would give I once again apologizeYours SincerelyVismay Harani

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Bookless in Baghdad Reflections on Writing and WritersToday's world are the relentless forces of globalization the same forces used by the terrorists in their macabre dance of death and destruction' Tharoor's astute views on Salman Rushdie India's love for P G Wodehouse Kipling Pushkin le Carr V S Naipaul and Winston Churchill make for fascinating reading His insightful takes on Hollywood and Bollywood will intrigue even the most demanding cinephile Together these 39 pieces reveal the inner workings of one of today's most eclectic write. I loved this book In fact I love books on books The last one I read was the one by orhan pamuk The English in this book is top notch Also it's very inspiring to read that shashi tharoor has read so many books and so 365 books in one year I have read only his novel 'riot ' apat from this book But I'm a big fan of the guy and may end up reading of his books This is a good book to get some inspiration to read even books The only downside the title is totally misleading It gives an impression of being a book on the middle east