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Read & download » Butcher Baker Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ The true account of Alaska's serial killer Robert Hansen the baker who hunted the streets of Anchorage and Seward in the 70s and 80s butchering up to 30 young women This book details the extraordinary work and dedicationThe true account of Alaska's serial killer Robert Hansen the baker who hunted the streets of An. Butcher Baker by Walter Gilmour and Leland E HaleI saw this movie a couple of years ago called Frozen Ground It is based on the true story of Alaska's most prolific serial killer Robert Hansen It is also chronicles how one Alaskan state trooper named Glenn Flothe who is now retired relentlessly pursued Robert Hansen The two authors of this book wrote it in such a way that it is mostly dialogue The dialogue is taken from court transcripts and police transcripts and the authors interviews Robert Hansen is described by one victim who escaped as having facial acne and horned rimmed glasses He preyed on young topless dancers and prostitutes He would offer a girl 200 300 to go out to lunch or dinner with him The lucky one's thought that was too good to be true or an outrageous amount of money wouldn't go with him The victims would often be taken at gunpoint to his house where he would handcuff them or He would take them in his small aircraft and fly them to remote areas in the unforgiving wildernessRobert Hansen had started his double life of crime as early as 1971 When he started preying on these young girls he was able to get away with it because of the vast landscape He had a wife and two children that had no idea what he did until after his arrest By the time he was finally arrested their were between fourteen and twenty seven suspected killings He was sentenced to 471 years plus life in prison He was a barber while he was in prison He was 75 years old when he died of natural causes on August 21 2014 at the Anchorage Regional hospital Glenn Flothe said of the date of Hansen's death On this day we should only remember his many victims and their families and my heart goes out to all of them As far as Hansen is concerned this world is a better without him I have to agree with him and If it wasn't for the hard work and dedication of Glenn Flothe and the Alaskan State police Hansen wouldn't have been convictedIn 2013 the University of Alaska Justice Center said that Alaska is the number one in the United States for sexual assaults It has been said that the behavioral profile of present day serial killers and mass murderers too often match Robert Hansen Those behaviors have to be identified early and steps need to be taken to reform bad behavior The authors of this book say See something say something To help speed up the processing of evidence Alaska has built a 56 million dollar crime lab This was a very well written book that was tastefully written I don't like anything with gratuitous violence or sadistic It was interesting and was read in one sitting It was inspiring to read about State Trooper Glenn Flothe and the other Alaskan State Troopers triumphant uest of good v evilThank you to Net Galley Walter Gilmour and Leland E Hale and the publisher for my digital copy for a fair and honest review

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Raordinary work and dedication of a handful of Alaska State Troopers who brought him to justice. This book is about Bob Hanson the worst serial killer in Alaska history Now I don't usually read true crime but this book was sent to me by a friend in Alaska who knew I was interested in this particular serial killer after watching the movie Frozen Ground I really enjoyed this book and if you like true crime then you will too Especially if you are like me and have a fascination with Alaska and it's rugged beauty and harshness I will say that this book is full of details and characters which at times can get confusing but it is definitely thorough and keeps you engaged I highly recommend this to fans of true crime

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Butcher BakerChorage and Seward in the 70s and 80s butchering up to 30 young women This book details the ext. 35An easy read about Robert Hansen the notorious hunter who set women free in the wilds of Alaska only to hunt them down and murder them I'm surprised this account didn't mention the story The Most Dangerous Game since Hansen brought that scary tale to lifeI appreciated that the typical boring legalese was kept to a minimum probably at least partially due to the fact Hansen plea bargained and didn't have a trial Most of my previous knowledge of this case came from the FBI side which made it seem almost easy to get a confession from Hansen This book made it clear just how much gruelling police work went into it and it was refreshing to see a cop who truly cared about the prostitutes and exotic dancers Hansen targeted Flothe treated them with kindness and respect both the ones who lived and the one who didn't make it It's usually dull when a true crime writer focuses too much on the cops but in this case Gilmour made Flothe into a protagonist of sorts and did a great job keeping it interestingSeeing a little of Hansen's wife's perspective was interesting too The families of serial killers are victims as well but we rarely hear anything about them