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Read & Download The Annihilation of Caste 104 ´ “What the Communist Manifesto is to the capitalist world Annihilation of Caste is to India” —Anand Teltumbde author of The Persistence of CasteBR Ambedkar’s Annihilation of Caste is one of the most important yet neglected works of political writing from India Written in 1936 it is an audaciOf Hindu scriptures scriptures that sanction a rigidly hierarchical and iniuitous social system The world’s best known Hindu Mahatma Gandhi responded publicly to the provocation The hatchet was never burie. My uarel with Hindus and Hinduism is not over the imperfections of their social conduct It is much fundamental It is over their idealsReading this Critical Edition of The Annihilation of Caste is like watching back to back one sided boxing matches The other bloke is helplessly holding his hands up to his face as vicious body blows rain upon him As the audience you periodically wince but you also enjoy the systematic dismantling of the Other in this case Gandhi and HinduismIn her excellent book length introduction Arundhati Roy takes on the Mahatma and exposes both his disappointingly racist views on South Africa's blacks during his two decades in the country and his damaging doublespeak on caste Ordinary politicians oscillate from political expediency to political expediency A Mahatma grows from truth to truth OuchIn the main course Ambedkar systematically takes on Hinduism its sacred books and the positively pernicious caste system in an absolutely brilliant argument that deserves to be uoted whole I will keep myself to one paragraph It is a pity that caste even today has its defenders The defences are many It is defended on the ground that the caste system is but another name for division of labour; and if division of labour is a necessary feature of every civilised society then it is argued that there is nothing wrong in the caste system Now the first thing that is to be urged against this view is that the caste system is not merely a division of labour It is also a division of labourers Civilised society undoubtedly needs division of labour But in no civilised society is division of labour accompanied by this unnatural division of labourers into watertight compartments The caste system is not merely a division of labourers—which is uite different from division of labour—it is a hierarchy in which the divisions of labourers are graded one above the otherThe notes by S Anand are meticulous as is his brief account of the Communal Award of 1932 which awarded a separate electorate for Dalits and also gave them a vote in the general electorate and the Mahatma's ridiculous fast unto death form of blackmail which forced Ambedkar to accede to the Poona Pact reserved seats not separate electorates5 stars Should be made compulsory reading in schools It won't be

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“What the Communist Manifesto is to the capitalist world Annihilation of Caste is to India” Anand Teltumbde author of The Persistence of CasteBR Ambedkar’s Annihilation of Caste is one of the most impo. I began reading this book with scepticism thinking that this is a work of an idologue but I was so mistaken to hold such a view I have concluded that this is the most scholarly work I have ever readIt was very much intellectually stimulating for meThis book is for those who want to want to know how to put forth an opinion how an ideal speech should be written how to be objective but still stand firm against oppression injustice The most important reason is that it is an eye opener for every so called 'proud Hindu'The book is a great scholarly work It was intended to be a speech but due to certain circumstances he could not deliver the speech The exchanges of letters printed in the beginning of the book tell why such hurdles were raised so that speech remains undelivered Nevertheless he managed to publish the speech in the form of a booklet As the book belongs to a writer from repressed community it goes without mentioning that It is one of the world's Most Under Rated BooksNo doubt Hindu Fundamentalist organisations have used the book for finding the loopholes in their religion which has shaky foundation But rather than embracing message of the book of building the house anew they are busy plugging the loopholesIn this work Dr Ambedkar uotes everything from Plato to Veda Purana from Indus to Roman civilizations Most of the time I find that any work of non fiction that I read has a very tiny message to to away can be summarized very easily That is not the case with annihilation of castes Every sentence is a uotable uote Highly recommended The most important book I have read till date

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The Annihilation of CasteRtant yet neglected works of political writing from India Written in 1936 it is an audacious denunciation of Hinduism and its caste system Ambedkar – a figure like WEB Du Bois – offers a scholarly critiue. I read Gandhi as a high school student and liked him but it was not until I read Ambedkar that I felt like I had really found something good Ambedkar is clear uncompromising unadulterated He was also incredibly prolific This speech which became a book was too clear and too uncompromising to even be delivered I read it than 15 years ago and remember so many uotes caste is a monster you cannot have political reform you cannot have economic reform unless you slay that monster It is from 1936 but it is relevant today and still sounds fresh What's it is relevant for than just caste in India Indeed it helped me understand racism in the Americas as well This is an amazing book by an amazing author who is rightly revered by millions of people in India