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Summary Catriona ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Librarian's Note The ISBN 0671536753 for this book was also used by The Law Is a Lady by Nora RobertsKate Sutherland always felt out of place in brash and modern Southern California But when she comes to her ancestral home in the Shetland Islands to seek a mystical guide who may shed light oAt must decide whether she dares to love him and to trust him with lives that are precious to her than her ownMeanwhile Kate whose dreams rapidly take on a reality of their own is caught between a present day attraction to a charming Scottish historian and risking everything in Catriona's dangerous world of passion and bloodshe. My Rating 3755 starsCatriona started a bit rocky for me I had a bit of a rough time staying focused and getting used to the jumps between Catriona Wells and Kate Sutherland I didn't mind the different perspectives or even the different time periodsthere were just moments where I felt things were moving too uickly But when I finally found my comfy little niche I was captivated by the story and plot I loved the historical parts of the story This is my first time delving into Scottish history so it was a real treat As soon as I was done I wanted to know about James IV's story and about Scotland Jeanette Baker brought a lot of the characters to life and I really became interested in themThe modern story involving Kate was of a backdrop for me I liked seeing how Kate's life was unfolding after she found out she was adopted and traveled to Scotland for answers I got a bit lost when she met Maura thoughThe paranormal aspect of the story was also a bit iffy for me I definitely felt the magic at times but other times I was left a little perplexed But don't let these observations deter you from checking this out Catriona is a beautiful story that will appeal to a lot of readers There are two romantic arcs to follow in the plot and like I mentioned earlier I leaned towards the historical one involving Catriona and Patrick Kate and Niall's relationship moved a bit too fast for mebut I still enjoyed reading it I think I'm just in of a historical fiction niche at the momentI can't express enough how strong and developed the characters were Characters are so important to me and many other readers I'm sure I loved the latter part of the story when the secondary characters really start to get involved with the plot The Scotland setting both historical and modern was detailed and so easy to picture Reading Catriona has definitely gotten me interested in Scotland and I love that about good stories I'm excited to read of Jeanette Baker's work and I recommend Catriona to romance lovers of all kinds

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Ith visions of a life from five centuries past A fiery young woman of royal English blood Catriona Wells is determined to save her family from the deadly political clashes of 15th century Britain But Cat's cunning is no match for Scottish border lord Patrick MacKendrick When this powerful warrior betroths her against her will C. Kate Sutherland has never uite felt right in her world She feels further disoriented when her mother dies and she finds out she was adopted She goes back to her mother's place of birth to scatter her ashes and learn about where she was born While there she starts having strange dreams about a woman a cousin to James IV Catriona WellsShe also meets the very handsome Niall MacCormack a Scottish historian who falls in love with her but something is holding her back And that something is Catriona Kate is shocked to learn that she is the spitting image of her She is drawn deeply into her life and wonders if she prefers it to her ownI have often expressed my love of time travel novels and while this book is not exactly a time TRAVEL novel it was a delightful engrossing read that I really had a hard time putting down In fact I didn't I read it in one sitting The two love stories CatrionaPatrick and KateNiall were both good but the Catriona one was my favorite She was a strong woman ahead of her time for the most part This book is really two in one which is what made it so much fun

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CatrionaLibrarian's Note The ISBN 0671536753 for this book was also used by The Law Is a Lady by Nora RobertsKate Sutherland always felt out of place in brash and modern Southern California But when she comes to her ancestral home in the Shetland Islands to seek a mystical guide who may shed light on her true heritage Kate is plagued w. Originally posted at the future change the past If not that future will suffer In this book the two are linked and it goes in both directions Interesting magical supernatural concepts are touched upon here with breathtaking descriptions of setting Catriona is set mostly in Scotland the Shetland IslandsThe author has a wonderful grasp of the culture bringing it to refreshing life The entrancing atmosphere and feel of the story comes across as well as in Ms Baker¹s other books However the style of writing differs from the last book of hers I read Having readLegacy last I was uite impressed with the author¹s gift for words elegance of phrasing etc so chose this book Catriona to read However in this book the technical execution was not as brilliant not as graceful Still Catriona is fast paced and attention holdingFascinating concepts are addressed such as from the book Sometimes the windows of time open for a later self to step inside and provide helpKate Sutherland Scottish born and American raised is a great character She goes back to Scotland filled with uestions after discovering that she was adopted A woman from the past from the 15th century is calling to her in the future for help Will Kate be able to aid this woman The suspense is strong enough to keep one turning pages Kate's dreams disturb her What can she possibly do How can she help someone who's been dead for hundreds of years Is there anything people can do to stop fateCat Kate's counterpart in the past is a good character too strong yet vulnerable She has to learn to rely on someone other than herself When reading about her time the 15th century the reader is treated to rich historical detailsThe men in this book Kate's Niall and Cat's Patrick are strong men who assertively look out for their women The story going on in the past is a great parallel for what Kate is going through in the present with her family and romantic interestThere are confusing parts in this book but not enough to interfere with the enjoyment of the story The ending did not disappoint Jeanette Baker is an author to check out for readers who love Scotland and that beautifulculture She connects the past and present wonderfully