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Cemetery John Summary Ø eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ For seventy five years the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh's infant son has gone unsolvedEvidence opinion and logic have discredited the notion that Bruno Richard Hauptmann electrocuted in 1936 acted alone In this meticulous and authoritative account of the crime the The CenturyFrom the ecstatic riots that followed the Spirit of St Louis on either side of the Atlantic to the tragic night that would shake America's sense of security to the horror of the New Jersey morgue where Lindbergh insisted on verifying the identity of his son Zorn's skillful treatment meets this larger than life story and gives it definitive shape revealing the true story behind the crime for the first ti. I felt this book was a very interesting documentation of a series of events and memories that may solve the issue of the Lindbergh kidnapping There is no definitive proof but the work of Mr Zorn based on his father's youthful memories seems to point the wayI recommend this to anyone interested in the case or Lindbergh himself

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His father's relationship with the actual accomplices including the mastermind he presents the clearest ever picture of a criminal partnership which would shake every class and culture of American society Using personal possessions and documents never before seen photographs new forensic evidence and extensive research Robert Zorn has written a shocking and captivating account of the crime and the original Trial of. Honestly I finished this a couple of days ago and I'm still thinking about it so it definitely left an impression However I can't help but feel that the author wants so badly to honor his father's memory and there's nothing wrong with that as far as it goes by lending evidentiary support to a haunting experience from dear old dad's youth that he really goes through some logical contortions to fit a suare peg into a rectangular hole I don't say a round hole because his theory doesn't seem completely far fetched and if it does happen to be true a lot of mysteries about this case that persist today would stand explained The problem is simply that I still can't commit to buying what he is selling Yes by all accounts it certainly sounds like John Knoll was a strange ranger and there are a lot of elements about his life story that don't uite add up I have difficulty overcoming the fact though that the seminal event upon which the entire premise of the book rests is vague at best relying on a tale passed down to the writer by his father about overhearing a neighbor's conversation with purported co conspirators in a foreign language decades before The implications of this meeting are purportedly confirmed by the word Englewood and the name Bruno having peppered the discussion When the author went on to speculate that said neighbor deliberately orchestrated having his dad then a teenager witness this odd exchange in order to preserve his role in The Crime of the Century for posterity I actually laughed out loud Not to diss teenagers as a whole because some of them are pretty darn sharp but what kind of criminal mastermind would depend on that variable to ultimately pull back the curtain of history and reveal him as the architect of one of the most nefarious plots of all time Why not simply write a letter containing facts only the kidnapper could know and bury it in a time capsule with instructions that it not be opened until after one's deathTo be sure there are a lot of things that make you go hmmm set forth in Zorn's book I've been reading about this case since I was twelve a verrrrrry long time ago and have even read the entire trial transcript In the spirit of full disclosure I've always been in the camp of those who believe that Richard Hauptmann was unfairly convicted; that being said I was willing to set aside any preconceived ideas and approach this book with an open mind Problem is I didn't find anything in here that rose above the level of circumstantial evidence There's certainly enough information to convince me that this theory is possible but absolutely not enough to lock it in as probable

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Cemetery JohnFor seventy five years the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh's infant son has gone unsolvedEvidence opinion and logic have discredited the notion that Bruno Richard Hauptmann electrocuted in 1936 acted alone In this meticulous and authoritative account of the crime the trial and the times of the Lindbergh kidnapping Robert Zorn clears away decades of ungrounded speculation surrounding the case Inspired by. In 1932 the 2 year old son of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped from the second story window of his New Jersey home After a series of poorly written ransom notes were delivered a go between delivered ransom funds to a man later called Cemetery John who then disappeared with the money yet the child was not returned Soon after the decayed body of the toddler was located in a shallow grave with a fractured skull At the scene the police had found a broken home made ladder 2 sets of footprints and signs of a getaway car Two years went by and after some of the ransom money turned up a German immigrant named Bruno Hauptman was arrested Damning evidence then turned up thousands of dollars of the ransom money were found hidden in his garage and sawn floorboards from his attic matched the home made ladder He was uickly convicted sentenced to death and executed Yet puzzles remain The home made ladder was too short to reach the second floor window and appeared someone inside had to have handed the child down to someone on the ladder There were 2 sets of footprints at the scene Much of the ransom money was not found The descriptions of Cemetery John did not resemble Hauptman Hauptman never confessed and never implicated anyone else yet it appeared the police ended investigation of the case despite it appearing that others had to be involvedThe author's father was a respected educated economist and banker and told his son he believed a man he had once known named John Knoll was in fact Hauptman's accomplice and that a third man Knoll's brother may also have been involved This book tells the story of the kidnapping and also the author's father's idea There have been many crazy conspiracy theories about the Lindbergh kidnapping but this one seems at least plausibleYet many parts of the Lindbergh case remain a mystery Since the ladder was so short it appeared impossible for one person to get inside the house without making a mess and racket and even if they did how could they possibly have reached a ladder to the side and significantly below the window carrying a small child without falling If someone got inside the house to hand off the child why even bother handing the child out the window why not run right out of the house with the child This part of the author's tale then doesn't make much sense But crimes are not always sensible and based on the evidence it appears someone must have handed the child out the window but the child fell and was killed by a fractured skull and the ladder fell and broke In a panic they left the scene dropping the ladder and tossed the child's lifeless body into some nearby woods All the evidence suggests Bruno Hauptman was a major player in the crime But it also appears that at least one other person had to be involved between carrying the ladder getting the child out of the house and who got the rest of the ransom money Not to mention Hauptman did not resemble Cemetery John in the leastIt appears the author is correct others had to be involved Whether the man his father identified was that other person or persons likely can never be resolved so much time has past A very interesting book about a sad event of history