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Read Õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Í Ariel Lawhon This book is based on the life of Nancy Wake an Australian expat who worked as a reporter for Hearst in Paris just before WWII and later as a spy for the British Lawhon throws readers into the middle of the action as Nancy under the alias Hélène prepares to parachute from an RAF plane into France to help the Re. NOW AVAILABLEHistorical fiction is my favorite genre and I love books and movies about women spies I have read uite a few about WWII and even WWI though those women are not as well recognizedThis is the first book that I have read by this author From the blurb of the book you know that It is 1936 and Nancy Wake is an intrepid Australian expat living in Paris who has bluffed her way into a reporting job for Hearst newspaper She is fighting to cover the disturbing reports of violence coming out of Vienna and Berlin when she meets the wealthy French industrialist Henri Fiocca No sooner does Henri sweep Nancy off her feet and convince her to become Mrs Fiocca than the Germans invade France and she takes yet another name a code nameI had hoped for a fast paced intriguing story about Nancy Wake and her operations during the war However I found that this book spent an inordinate amount of time on the love and romance between Henri and Nancy I didn’t need to know about their dinners or their sexual exploits in such detail Certainly the relationship was important to Henri and Nancy but this book seemed to revolve a lot around this This is uite a long book at 464 pages and I found myself bored during much of the first half of the book I wanted insight into the other characters and action and suspense I found the last uarter of the book to be the most interesting along with the author’s notes It’s during this part of the book that Nancy is operating as the White Mouse and is now known to the Germans and so there is a price on her head and she is leading very dangerous missions This part was fascinatingWhen I read the author’s notes I found that my feelings about the amount of time spent on their relationship wasn’t far from what the author intended She states “This is a novel about marriage Yes of course it’s also about war and friendship and bravery and tragedy and one of the most important conflicts of the 20th century But to me at its heart this is a novel about a woman and her husband and the sacrifices made by both in the midst of extraordinary circumstances” I felt that the author’s notes were a better description of the book than the blurb that accompanied the book's titleI thought that this was a good book but not one that I could really highly recommend It was very well researched and brought to life a women spy during WWII but I think there was a point when editing would have helped this story There are however many 5 star reviews for this book so read a variety of reviews or just go in blind and see how you feel about it Reading is such a personal experience and I’m sure that this book will find it’s audienceI received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss It is set to publish on March 31 2020

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Download Code Name Hélène ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï This book is based on the life of Nancy Wake an Australian expat who worked as a reporter for Hearst in Paris just before WWII and later as a spy for the British Lawhon throws readers into the middle of the action as Nancy under the alias Hélène prepares to parachute from Sistance in 1944 carrying in her head memorized lists of vital data including bridges targeted for destruction and safe house addresses After she lands the story flashes back eight years as Nancy struggles for respect and recognition as a journalist; despite her firsthand observations of Nazi brutality in 1930s V. So here I am once again in the land of the wish I could have liked it better I am an avid fan of well done historical fiction and of course looking at all the raving reviews on this story I was ready to settle in and be amazed and awed by this taleWhat I liked about the book it did allow me to learn about a woman who I had never heard of As a teacher for thirty plus years it often amazes and disappoints me that I never knew of these courageous fearless and audacious women of the war and could not extend that knowledge to my students I developed a keen admiration for Nancy Wake and her heroics during a time when it seemed heroics were secret scary and death defying The descriptions of her trials and what she accomplished were mesmerizing and worthy of the highest note and regard It made the reader once again realize that women along with men fought for freedom for justice for all and for the ability to throw off oppression and totalitarianism It also made me see that we need Nancy's strength and daring in the challenges that face us as a nation and as a world It encouraged me to learn about Nancy WakeWhat I disliked First and foremost was the sexual descriptions and the fact that the author felt that including these made Nancy perhaps palpable Could this woman not stand on her own without the references to her beauty her sexual prowess and her ability to attract any man I felt it cheapened the story for once again a woman became something because of her looks The story was too long The first half was dull and boring For me the story only caught on in the second half of the book It once again disappointed me because I felt that this courageous stalwart woman's story was overwhelmed by the love at first sight and titillation of the sexual attraction between her virile gorgeous wealthy husband and herself Was this not a story of how Nancy could and did stand on her ownSo maybe My mood was not right for this book I expect too much from an historical fiction book My patience and concentration was off I need to stay away from this genre for awhileAll in all it was not a bad book It did irk me though that the story seemed to play up Nancy's sexual beauty and ability to attract any man instead of her overwhelming courage bravery and resilience in the time where these attributes were most needed Please do look at the amazing reviews that others have written about this story It's probably me but I wanted from this story

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Code Name HélèneIenna her editor is reluctant to publish a story about what she's seen Freuent jumps in time draw out the arc of Wake's remarkable life; despite her statement early on that women's weapons of warfare were limited to silk stockings and red lipstick by the end she's proven herself skillful at physical combat as wel. 4 strong historical fiction starsAt 464 pages this one is a tale you can really sink your teeth into It has many elements of historical fiction that I love – strong female character WWII France resistance efforts a bit of a love story espionage dastardly Germans It’s even better that it is based on a real person – Nancy Wake Fiocca an Australian woman who becomes fiercely French and is determined to drive the Nazis out of her adopted countryThe book takes the alternate storyline approach so I had to pay some attention to characters and what happens to them Nancy aka Helene aka Lucienne Carlier aka the White Mouse aka Madam Andree – all wrapped up into an amazingly brave woman Her trademark is to wear bright red lipstick and she commands the respect of the Mauis forces that she is arming with help from London I love the fact that her husband has taught her the full range of swear words in French – those come in handy dealing with these FrenchmenThere is a terrific love story with Henri but much focus is on her resistance efforts and how she comes to be such a formidable presence in the war She is a fascinating character and I was completely sucked into the story especially the second half She started out as a journalist and one of her early assignments was interviewing Adolf Hitler before he came to power She also attends a Nazi rally I know it shouldn’t shock me but her magazine wouldn’t publish the bylines for women writers at this time they could choose a male pseudonym or be not listed at allThere are tense scenes through the book with harrowing escapes torture details on how the British helped the French patriots training to become a British agent – all of it was highly researched by the author Near the end of her life she became highly decorated and recognized for her strong contributions to the warIf you like historical fiction I think this one you would enjoy It doesn’t earn the full 5 stars because I think it could have been edited down a bitThank to Edelweiss Doubleday and author Ariel Lawhon for a copy of this one to read and review This one is available now