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Inspired by real events Death of a Superhero is an original fusion of novel comic book and film script Donald Delpe is a troubled teenager Not only is he a 'terrible teen' by default as obsessed with sex music and drugs as the rest of his gang but he is also suffering from a life. I am not crying There's something in my eyeJust finished this wonderful piece of literature on the train and shamelessly dissolved into tears in public I should've seen this coming As far as cancer stories go the end is always near but I didn't expect it to still move me so deeply to the coreThat's the plot actually Teenager with leukemia who has already given up and lost himself in his comic alter ego MiracleMan suitably named after his uniue trait indestructibility finds something worth fighting for and then dies This is not a spoiler you should expect nothing else from a cancer story and the title DEATH of a SuperheroBut that doesn't necessarily mean it's not worth the ride because trust me it is By comparing the protagonist to the comic alter ego the author manages to tell the story with such creativity and ease that just for a moment or rather a frame you will forget the gravity of the situation And you will enjoy Donald's last journey very muchI watched the movie before I read this book Something I sometimes do to ensure that I will appreciate both takes on the story individually and I wasn't disappointed The movie is different of course but definitely worthwhile not only because it gives your faces to the character you're gonna fall in love with But back to the book It is divided into three acts like a playbook and written in third person narrative But the narrator doesn't stick to Donald's POV but follows other characters as well such as the parents the brother or the psychiatrist assigned to stop Donald's angry attempts at setting his own deadline to his life Donald Meet Donald Delpe Your typical 14 year old boy Sarcastic attitude know it all sex obsessed comic book fan with extreme anger at the injustice put on him and suicidal tendencies But there's to his character than meets the eye For one he's an artist and started his own comic series about his comic alter ego MiracleMan who is in contrast to him invincible Plus he has not turned to stone but still has human feelings inside of him Feelings like fear and the need to experience something mind blowing before he checks out Dr Adrian King Adrian is the 6th psychiatrist assigned to Donald after he tries another suicide attempt Definitely not an easy task trying to ignite the will to live in such a miserable and angry young man who sees only black and white And it's not like Adrian doesn't have his own baggage which is a complicated wife who claims to love him but also her freedom very much That might be the reason he is so carefree with Donald letting him ignore him insult him yell at him However Adrian is very much a pole to Donald with his unnerving patience and understanding As far as shrinks go Adrian is the type of guy I'd want to be working on if I needed a shrink Over the course of the time they spent together Donald and Adrian first develop mutual understanding and respect for each other and then a deep friendship that even goes that far that Adrians agrees to help Donald to his greatest wish go out with a bang literallyThis book will make you laugh and cry all the same There's a slight act two drag like in most stories but you just have to push past that and keep on reading till the very end which will be everything you expected and then some bWhat I love most about this story is that it not only tells a story no it also teaches you about so many fundermental things Like youth friendship love need thirst for life And it puts things into perspective I definitely recommend this to anyone out there May you be healthy or sick happy or miserable Go read this book you will not be disappointed

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Death of a SuperheroFacing him in the real world As famous psychologist Dr King is brought in to help a glimmer of hope is rekindled But will the doctor break the rules betray the parents' trust and risk everything to help Donald achieve his greatest wish Or will Donald be the one to save the docto. Rating 45 First ImpressionsWhen I first picked up this book the book cover looked very appealing to me; when I first saw the boy Donald on the cover it made me feel like he was lost in his mind because he is walking across a tall wall and he has no other people surrounding him I also loved the colour scheme on the cover it was very teenage like and it also gave a sense of creativity and art to it as there was graffiti on the wall the superhero which overall suggested to me that this boy was alone lost and was a kid who enjoyed comics and artSummaryThe author introduces the book to a character named Donald Delphe who's a troubled 14 year old boy and who always thinks of music sex superheroes art comics etc But the sad thing about him is that he is suffering from a life threatening leukemia which he believes he will never survive During the story he meets up with a psychologist named Dr King Adrian who helps Donald whith his battles and his emotions However Adrian decides to secretly bring Donald to all sorts of journeys throughout the story and even makes an effort to do one thing Donald has always wanted to doInfoThis book isn't written like a 'book'; it's written like a script I did find it very confusing to follow at first but once you get into it you'll find that it's easy and it's uite uniue for the author to write it in that style and it does help you out a lot as to where the place is now set in The book is split into four sections Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 and Out takes and Deleted scenes There is a film created from this book Death of a Superhero starring Thomas Brodie Sangster and Andy Serkis so I believe all of the scenes is adapted into this books however I haven't seen the film yet so I could be wrongMy thoughts on this bookI actually found this book very relatable in a lot of cases There were many times when the characters had hilarious arguments and there were many times when the characters felt something on the inside that would make you feel the same In all honesty I did feel a little bit confused with some parts of the book and I did feel like the ending was rushed because there were a few uestions that weren't answered until the 'Out takes and Deleted scenes' part of the book When I read that section at the end I was very shocked Like REALLY shocked Overall I would definitely read this book again and I would highly recommend it to someone else

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characters » Death of a Superhero ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Inspired by real events Death of a Superhero is an original fusion of novel comic book and film script Donald Delpe is a troubled teenager Not only is he a 'terrible teen' by default as obsessed with sex music and drugs as the rest of his gang Threatening form of leukemia which makes him an even difficult boy both for his parents and his teachers Escaping into his own comic book realm of immortal superheroes ruthless villains and sex crazed vamps he repeatedly dashes his family's hopes by refusing to fight the battles. This is what I wrote as a review for school It is long but it might help There might be spiolersBOOK REVIEW – DEATH OF A SUPERHERO – ANTHONY MCCARTENDonald F Delpe is a fourteen year old boy He is avid for music videogames sex andcomic books just as any other teenage kid Except for Donald is suffering from life threatening form of leukemia He lives in his own world of comic superheroes he createsMiracleMan – desired reincarnation of Don – is indestructible but he is in some ways asusual as other peopleDonald’s parents are very desperate; they even turned to the God Donald doesn’t fighthis disease because he finds it wretched boring and hopeless and that drives hisparents crazy Don’s older brother Jeff is eighteen He is of course saddened by hisbrother’s disease but never shows it He is eighteen trying to enjoy his life as much aspossible in that situationDr Adrian King is Donald’s psychologist umpteenth He is into art books and all in allpeaceful life He lives in a messy apartment with his cat Rufus His wife who he visitsonly at weekends lives on a remote farm They have partner problems that Silvia –Adrian’s wife – doesn’t care about and Adrian is too timid to solve Adrian is doing hisbest to help his patients especially Don with who he built up an extremely remarkablefriendship He hesitates whether he should do his job and help Donald as a professionalwhat he is paid for or relieve his pain and fear of dying in an illegal way He might be theonly one to look into Don’s cartoon lifeMiracleMan an indestructible superhero Donald’s alter ego He longs for girls – a lot buthe never can reach them He always farts; that is Donald’ expression of an imperfectionhe finds in himself Still he is a superhero; he saves people and rectifies injustice in theworld MiracleMan has 70 times leukocytes that common peopleThe Glove is MiracleMan’s dreadful enemy He is wearing medical gloves all of the timeHe finds pleasure in harming MiracleMan The Glove represents all of the doctors andnurses medicals and diseases that are ruining Donald’s lifeThe story is placed in a small sea side town of Watford It is in some ways a peacefulplace but for Don it is like a prison Most of the time Donald escapes in his cartoon likeimagination with superheroes and sexy nurses so that he has no clue of the real worldEveryone is trying to overcome Donald’s illness and all of the mental problems thatcome with it Yet it is his life his call Maybe death does win but at least he can decidewhenDonald is suffering from a life threatening form of leukemia It has been six months sincehe has been going through radiotherapy chemotherapy and many other types of cureand even alternative medicine He stopped going to school and visiting his friends He issupposed to study at home What for He is going to die anyway These are Donald’sthoughts about current situation He does not care MiracleMan is on his mind most ofthe time His cartoon like world full of superpower sexy girls and nurses leading him tocertain death in The Glove’s hands feels like the only save place to be Because he surelycannot die He is MiracleMan A superhero And superheroes don’t dieBut inside this shell Donald is an ordinary fourteen year old boy A teenager who wantsto enjoy his life have a girlfriend try new thing and live long He expresses all of thesedesires he never can have into his drawings He feels like no one understands him andhis feeling That he is all alone The only one in the entire universe facing this dreadDonald’s parents are despaired Their son is dying And there is no sigh of fighting thedisease that Donald would indicate They have paid for so many therapists andpsychologists that they could buy a car if they had saved the money They found anotherone People say he is the best for sureFor Adrian Donald is just another patient But a few weeks pass and he sees somethingpeculiar in Don Adrian is into art and Don’s drawings are very very interestingShowing him the inner Donald Delpe He is probably the only one to know the storydepicted by the cartoons Donald and he become something like friends Neither tooclose nor too distant Adrian tells Donald about his personal life his troubles with Sophiaand his cat In return Donald reveals his biggest fear Not dying a virginAdrian finds a pro woman for Donald Adrian helps him realize their plan of getting Donaldout of the hospital and enjoying his night He does enjoy his night but in a bit differentwayDonald opens Adrian’s eyes and shows him how to see life love hopelessness and deathAdrian deals with his personal life problems in a way no one would have expectedDonald’s leaving is a wound for everyone But not for MiracleMan He is indestructibleLiving forever A Superhero cannot feel death Everyone will remember how he used toshine Back then A sunflower in the rainIs the first sentence that catches your eye on the opening page It somehow describesDonald in a single expression Imagine a single beautiful bright yellow flower standingstrong against the raindrops knowing she is going to fade and wither Every beast is waiting for death OursExpresses the terrible truth behind all this It is deadly true And for Donald a nightmarehe gets every night Life is a sexually transmitted disease It’s spread by people having sexand in the end it kills youThis is how Donald sees life A pointless thing caused because of two people you wouldrather wish not to know A single person never can change the world so why bother Hesees no point in trying to beat Goliath when he is David Leukemia can’t be annihilatedby a piece of stone Not even in dreams Dreams are often borrowed and you give themback tomorrow Minus the sorrow Life is a sexually transmitted disease I want my money back I didn’t understand a thing Sueak Sueak Sueak Swish Gone all net Even better Here lies Donald F Delpe Go figureDon is thinking about his tombstone What should be written on it so that people couldunderstand the story behind His scepticism knows exactly Go figure Faster and faster the big man goes a human monorail until it looksas if nothing is ever going to stop him People at the bottom scatterin advance They see him coming Pull each other out of the way Noone wants to be hurt after all People want a long happy life Nobody wants to be cursed by a flying executive Freeze to frame Fade to black The End Go figureThese could bevthe final sentences of the whole book Also a way how to deal with one’sproblems Or maybe solved problems But sometimes the freedom we wanted feels souncool There are many things we would want to do again but it turns out you only getto do it onceI can find only one thing bugging me in this book Many thoughts and expressions seemtoo grown up for a fourteen year old boy But I can’t criticize I am not a teenage boynever have beenI very appreciate the way this book is written Some parts are narrated some expressedas a film script and penetrations into cartoon world are shown just like that onlywithout picturesWhat I value the most is the point of view a reader gets Not a love story novel witha miserable main character This book shows a boy’s life while facing a huge enemy Heis angry Both because he is ill and he is a teenager He doesn’t find satisfaction inanything Though he wants to feel relieved sometimes It might be easier for him to havefun when he has nothing Nothing much to manage Now when he is damagedI also like the way other characters are shown Remarkable extraordinary and fulfillingtheir part But this book belongs to Donald I like imagining the way these people areaffected by certain incidents I think they will have been tight up in their history andnothing will have seemed to be enoughThere is no specific sort of people I would recommend this book to It is so different thanother books There is none I can think of as balanced The language is so specific bothcollouial and prim; so many peculiar and unusual expressions Once you lose your faithif reading it you find it again After reading this book you will feel nothing butmisunderstood and misunderstanding