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Free read è eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Laura L. Sullivan When two beautiful teenage stage magicians in World War II England meet a pair of handsome men who can do real magic sparks fly But is it illusion or delusion Opening night jitters are nothing new for Phil and Fee Albion who come from a long line of stage. 155 starsOh my This one had a fantastic premise behind it I can see why HMH snapped it up the way it did for a two book deal However the version I read in my ARC really really REALLY needed a deep good thorough like NaNoWriMo worthy overhaul of the whole thing At least two drafts' worth Which is a shame since this was one of my most anticipated of 2013 so far Basically Delusion is a wonderful idea with wonderful characters and a semi solid lovely world but just isn't uite up to snuff just yet for prime timeWhat I fell in love with first was the idea of magic and the lingering traces of vaudeville therein within 1930s1940s London Give me any premise with those two elements in that time period and you've got me my attention as it is The world was very slowly built and it had the beginnings of very good and thorough worldbuilding but then the author drifted into telling over showing which is where we needed severe edit #1 Sullivan knows how to show when she wants to but between the drifting into massive amounts of telling and a certain amount of infodumping that could have been distributed a bit evenly There's also the matter of transitions Sullivan really needed severe edit #2 here The POV transitions can be hard I understand that but these transitions were really justwell to be a bit harsh sloppy To be honest I'm not sure how this got to the ARC stage of things with such confusing transitionsHowever I loved the idea of the magic college it was like a historical fiction version of Lev Grossman's The Magicians series which if you've read my reviewsthe blog I absolutely adore and I wanted on it I wasn't very keen on the insta love that went on and I wish that could have been left out in favor of a natural romance However the idea of the magicians' ideas aligning and being or less with Hitler's to show how severe they were in their ideals was absolutely brilliant and I definitely wanted on thatThe characters were fun I absolutely loved Phil and Fee and the dichotomy between them in how different they were but almost twin like in the sense that they were two sides of the same coin For me they saved this project or less on their own which is always a gratifying thing in such a situation Because of them and them alone I am tempted to read book two just to see what happens They're fresh and interesting yet not entirely anachronistic for their time period So as you can see a lot of pros and cons here to be weighed I just really hope the final published version is a lot cleaned up Delusion is out from HMH tomorrow January 8 2013 in North America so be sure to check it out and make your own decision about things thenposted to goodreads shelfari and birthofanewwitchwordpresscom

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Free read ñ Delusion ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF É When two beautiful teenage stage magicians in World War II England meet a pair of handsome men who can do real magic sparks fly But is it illusion or delusion Opening night jitters are nothing new for Phil and Fee Albion who come from a long line of stage illusionists Th Magicians led by the devastatingly handsome Arden If only Phil can persuade these unworldly magicians to help England win the war Daredevil that she is she'll risk anything to give her country a fighting chance even if it means losing her heart or her lif. The idea of magic and illusion has always drawn me in and I loved reading books and watching movies about either Both magic and illusion allow you to believe in the unbelievable and I think that is how both Phil and Fee saw it as well Their whole lives were spent learning and perfecting the art of performing illusion incorporated with magic tricks to an audience It is in their blood They are uite content performing night after night in the Hall of Delusion until the war hits London and frightens them all by taking their baby brother’s life From that point on the Albion family is determined to do their part for the war effort The sisters Phil and Fee are sent to live in a tiny English village called Bittersweet where no harm can befall them For Phil this is not good enough because she feels that she needs to do her part for the war effortMagic is the main internal theme throughout this book well magic and war but we will get to that later Like I said before I love the idea of magic and I love how much all the character’s worlds in this book revolve around magic Phil is determined to use her knowledge of magic to help the British on the war front She talks about making things disappear in a war zone exactly how she does in a theater I don’t know about you but I thought this was rather creative Not only does she plan to use magic in unimaginable ways but once she arrives in Bittersweet she discovers a college where the students secretly practice magic Phil sees her prime opportunity for recruitment I know how this might all seem a bit far fetched but once you read it and get behind Phil’s passion I am sure that you will love it just as I did The bond between sisters was really well written in this book There was a night and day difference between Phil and Fee and readers are able to detect that right from the very start I really loved that about the girls They each had different opinions on every topic including how they felt about True Love This kept the book interesting for me because you have two very different girls working to promote the same cause Phil might not always agree with her sister but she stands by her and her sometimes crazy ideas Phil is down to earth and what I would call a realist Fee falls in love every ten minutes according to Phil and seems a little flighty at times but Phil loves her sister and it is the moments they share that are truly the best while readingYou can tell 100% that Laura L Sullivan knows London and knows World War II This book was packed full of awesome historical facts references and realities The war was a big part of the lives of many Europeans and that is reflected in a very convincing way through the characters in this book Phil took the war and her efforts very seriously and in the beginning of the book so do most others but when she comes to Bittersweet she finds the opposite The people are very laidback and have no fear in their voices when they speak Hitler’s name Phil just gives the war a whole new meaning and I love her passion to fight for her country If you like books where feminism prevails then you should definitely check out this book as wellA HUGE thank you to the publishers at Harcourt Children’s Books for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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DelusionIllusionists The girls love to dazzle London audiences but in the aftermath of the Blitz they're bundled off to the countryside where they're safe from bombs and Nazis and bored to pieces Phil always the passionate one discovers a hidden college of real. Most of my enjoyment of Delusion came from Phil and Fee two theatrical fish out of water in the uiet country village of Bittersweet Shipped out of London by their parents to keep them out of harm's way their arrival disrupts the villagers' complacent ways Having been caught in a German air raid in London Phil is driven to wake up sleepy Bittersweet and get it to prepare for a possible German invasion No one takes her seriously but that doesn't stop PhilDesperate to find volunteers for the Home Guard she accidentally stumbles upon a hidden University full of male magicians who have been untouched by the outside world for many years I was wondering where Sullivan was going to go with WWII and the magicians Sullivan skillfully navigated between pacifism and war mongering apathy and communityThere are many hilarious moments in Delusion especially with Phil and Fee upsetting the monk like magicians and a solid dose of fantasy scenes but they were balanced with a complex and realistic portrait of war