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How the Lady Was Won (The Survivors, #7) review Á 3 ¹ When a master of disguise marries a woman who sees right through himLady Daphne daughter of the Duke of Warcliffe is one of the Three Suns Society revolves around her But there’s one person who doesn’t seem to know she’s alive—her own husband Lady Daphne was thrilled tNd their marriage never really had a chance Now she’s in trouble and Colin has reentered her life She’s determined to refuse his help especially after the way he’s treated her but Colin can be persuasiveespecially when he has her aloneBaring it all is part of the seductionColin FitzRoy was known as The Pretender during the war He’s an expert in the art of disguise but even w. Lady Daphne FitzRoy is one of the leading lights of London society but despite all that notoriety and influence her own estranged husband barely seems to notice her existence Though theirs was an arranged marriage Daphne was excited to marry the son of her mother's dearest friend but that was seven years ago before Colin left to fight Napoleon She hasn't heard from him in all that time even after his return to England and he's only turned up now because he caught wind of the fact that she's in some trouble Daphne is determined to refuse any help from Colin but he can be rather persuasive especially when the spark between them becomes clear and undeniableKnown as The Pretender by the fellow members of the suicide suad he was part of during the war Colin FitzRoy is a master at disguises but hides his thoughts and emotions even when not in character He presents a stoic facade to the world but those long hidden emotions begin to reemerge the time he spends in the company of his wife These feelings leave Colin terrified but soon he will do anything to keep Daphne safe including earning her love and trustI felt so awful for both Daphne and Colin and all their wasted time as I always do with second chance stories I didn't really understand Daphne's deal with all the pink and bows and at times she came off as childish and vapid though thankfully this improved as the story went on and she showed her true self rather than her society mask Uncovering Colin's true self was rather difficult and his internal battles with his emotions got a bit repetitive toward the end; he made up for it but I would've liked to see a bit of the vulnerable side of him I think perhaps I wanted Colin to have a bit of a larger role in using his skills to catch the villain and perhaps the villain was dealt with a bit uickly Either way I really loved that these two both stayed faithful to one another despite their separation and they were great together when they both finally learned to let go and be themselves I'm so sad this series is nearing its end but I love these books and I can't wait for Duncan's storyI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my ownhttpsmustreadalltheromanceblogspo

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Hen he takes off the mask he hides who he really is Colin pretends he doesn’t have feelings but when he’s thrust together with his estranged wife his buried emotions resurface Before long Colin is juggling an elderly pug a wife hunting Scotsman and a duplicitous street urchin in an effort to keep Daphne safe But his greatest challenge is not only to seduce her but to win her hea. Light and fluffy as the beribboned dresses the heroine wears and the author goes on and on and on aboutI have enjoyed most of the books in this series but this one was just so so The best thing about it was a Scotsman who wants a bride and this isn't his story

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How the Lady Was Won The Survivors #7When a master of disguise marries a woman who sees right through himLady Daphne daughter of the Duke of Warcliffe is one of the Three Suns Society revolves around her But there’s one person who doesn’t seem to know she’s alive her own husband Lady Daphne was thrilled to marry Colin FitzRoy the son of her mother’s dear friend seven years before But then he left for the army a. Series The Survivors #7Publication Date 21120With each new release in this series I always say “This one is my very favorite” And in each case that is absolutely true Again this one is my very favorite so far I loved Daphne from the very first page but it took me a while to warm up to Colin I think it was because I had a hard time understanding how he became so emotionally closed off based on the circumstances given in the book Anyway – I did love him in the end BTW one of the reasons I absolutely loved this book is that the villain got his just desserts I absolutely detest it when the villain gets little or no punishmentWhile this is part of a series you can easily read it as a standalone – not that I understand why you’d want to – the entire series is great If you do decide to read it as a standalone I’ll give you some background on The Survivors During the Napoleonic wars an elite group of thirty men with special skills was formed to take on what were basically suicide missions None of them expected to survive the war Of the thirty men twelve survived and returned home to England These are the stories of their struggles with survivor's guilt and fitting back into a society where they never really fit in the first placeColin FitzRoy is the younger son of a Viscount and a surviving member of the group Lieutenant Draven formed during the war Colin was known within the group as The Pretender because of his skills for disguise blending into the background and showing no emotion He could become all but invisible and blend right in with any group Colin married a lovely young woman at the reuest of his ill mother just before he left for the wars Since he was sure he wouldn’t be returning there was no problem with honoring his mothers reuest and it wouldn’t hurt the young lady that he lacked the ability to love or really have any kind of emotionLady Daphne the daughter of the Duke of Warcliffe is beautiful smart resourceful charming and well liked among the ton She wanted to marry her husband but it sure turned out different than she expected He left her after one miserable wedding night and hasn’t contacted her since He’s been back in England for over a year and still he hasn’t contacted her Now she finds herself in trouble – big trouble – and a husband should normally be the first person she would turn to for aid Since she can’t count on him and she got herself into the mess she’ll just have to figure out how to handle it herself Even after Colin approaches her to ask if she’s in trouble and to offer help she denies it She can’t let herself get close to him again and suffer another broken heart She caused her problem and she’ll solve itTheir yin yang push pull on off dance was fun to watch and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Colin when his grand epiphany occurred They were a lovely couple and a delight to come to know I thoroughly enjoyed the read and can’t wait for the next book Duncan Murray one of Lieutenant Draven’s group – and a Scotsman was featured in this book and I assume he’ll be the subject of the next book in the series I really liked himI voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own