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Hostage in Havana The Cuban Trilogy #1Cash and the return of an expatriate American fugitive to the United StatesAfter slipping into the country on a small boat Alex makes her way to Havana Accompanying her is the attractive but dangerous Paul Guarneri a Cuban born exile who lives in the gray areas of the law Together they plunge into intrigue and danger in a climate of political repression and organized crime Without the support of the United States Alex must navigate Cuban. Good readMoved along nicely kept you involvedalways guessingwhat's next Good plot and interesting characters Leaves you wanting to read from this author

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From bestselling author Noel Hynd comes this new series The Cuban Trilogy bursting with intrigue and set against the backdrop of Havana an explosive capital city of faded charm locked in the past and torn by political intrigueUS Treasury Agent Alexandra LaDuca leaves her Manhattan home on an illegal mission to Cuba that could cost her everything At stake Her life and the solution to a decades old mystery the recovery of a large amount of. Don't you just love it when you find a book that makes you create a brand new Goodreads shelf This is such book I made a brand new shelf for it Bored out of my mind Here are a few main reasons why view spoiler 1 This is supposedly a first book but the heroine Alex obviously has some loooong history discussed in previous trilogy mind you Is there a reason this book is not just part 4 of the series Okay you want to create a new trilogy because one book is not enough considering the content even a 100000 dictionary wouldn't be enough but that will come later Wanna keep the heroine Fine Do it But why do you have to continuously talk about the events of previous books Remind over and over again names places characters situations etc from previous books Why Firstly spoiler alert Secondly mostly irrelevant and confusing Yuri whatishisface has been mentioned sooo many times although he is dead and buried NOW but was a HUGE deal in previous books See Spoiler damn it I want to read THIS story About Havana About hostages About Alex right now not a year before I do not want to be forced to read what happened in the previous books2 The author is obviously either a history teacher or a history addict Somuchhistory The blurb promised thriller some action some adventures Know what I got Facts Dates Wars Who assassinated who A sneak peek in mythology and word origin which was totally irrelevant So many Kennedy Castro and CIA mentions that I actually got sick So many chapters where Alex just reads her email where and history facts dates and people are mentioned In 40 percent in from almost 400 pages you know only two or three actual thriller episodes happened The rest was just emails recaps from previous books and history history history People should be warned you know Like those 18 notes after blurb for violent content This book should have History fans only since action is scarce and far in between If I wanted to read a book where 80% are history facts and theories I would read a history book I have a few left from my school years Maybe it is just me But if you want to write a book in certain genre you have to follow the genre reuirements This This was not thriller To call this a thriller is like calling romance children's book It is encyclopedia with a few side notes and comments from a person called Alex 3 The characters So many names From this book from previous books and names their descriptions appearance job when and where she met them etc for people who are just mentions in a book Haven't you read any books before Side characters that do not have even one dialogue line in text that are not present in the story should not be described in such details It is boring confusing and irrelevant Also I never got what kind of a person Alex really is One moment she is snarky and doesn't care that she was shot at then she is complaining to Ben how scared she is then she switches on this What would God want me to do thing then she suddenly becomes cold and bossy and acts like some big shot commanding the FBI and CIA what they should do for her then she is going on dates with informants and stuff being all flirty and easy then suddenly it is revealed that she almost committed suicide a year ago when her fiance died one moment she wants to be just friends with Ben the next she wants and is jealous The conclusion I got She has multiple personalities and obviously faked her psych evaluation when became a fed4 The plot I mentioned it before several times probably but the plot is so slow It goes like this History history background check history random previous book references action background check email historypity party history in email previous book reference random names and people action pity partyhistory history in email email Get my drift Bored out of my mind hide spoiler

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Free download Hostage in Havana The Cuban Trilogy #1 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free í From bestselling author Noel Hynd comes this new series The Cuban Trilogy bursting with intrigue and set against the backdrop of Havana an explosive capital city of faded charm locked in the past and torn by pPolice saboteurs pro Castro security forces and a formidable network of those loyal to the American underworldBullets fly as allies become traitors and enemies become unexpected friends Alex recovering from the tragic loss of her fiancé a year before reexamines faith and new love while taking readers on a fast paced adventure If you enjoy thrillers such as those by John le Carré David Baldacci and Joel Rosenberg you’ll love this serie. now i am hooked This was such a great easy and creative book i was hooked after the first page The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow along with the story the author made the mental visions so easy and vivid of the surroundings and the characters actions felt so reali would highly recommend this author and this book