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Rst forensic commitment to get behing the tabloid headlines Burn brilliantly reinvents reportorial writing Startlingly original' Matt Seaton Esuire'Long brilliant horrifying Burn researched with great care every detail my God the detail of what went on in the Wests'. Nope Just a big nope I like true crime nonfiction but the writing style was unpleasant and meandering Repetitive confusing and little to no insight into the murders I read true crime to have a better understanding of how and why crimes like these can happen while no one notices This fails in that regard And these despicable people don't need any of my time Skip it

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Happy Like MurderersHousehold over decades' Libby Purves The Times'Brilliant bleak unflinching Layer after layer level after level deeper and deeper until at last a pricture is constructed His interpretations make sense They feel right They explain the inexplicable' Deborah Orr Guardian. An astonishing horrible unforgettable book that I never want to read again I never even want to think about it again This is contrary to what you might think a very good thing In a culture that venerates serial killers and often puts the murder of women at the centre of popular entertainment we need books like this to remind us that killers aren't sexy superintelligent masterminds with fascinating psychos Reading it changed the way I think probably forever I can't imagine what writing it did to Gordon Burn but reading his fiction which is excellent and heartbreaking will probably give you some idea

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CHARACTERS Happy Like Murderers î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö In February 1994 the bodies of seven women were excavated at the West's house 25 Cromwell Street Gloucester As the true horror of what happened there unfolded it became clear that this was the most infamous series of murders in Britain in the 20th century'With In February 1994 the bodies of seven women were excavated at the West's house 25 Cromwell Street Gloucester As the true horror of what happened there unfolded it became clear that this was the most infamous series of murders in Britain in the 20th century'With his fi. Revived review celebrating the reissuing of this book on 3 OctoberHere’s a good uestion for all you lovers of literature – what’s the connection between Fred West and the Booker Prize Answer one of the 11 females he killed was Martin Amis’s cousinGordon Burn was a uniue brilliant writer Somebody's Husband Somebody's Son Alma Cogan and this book takes on the awful awful story of Fred and Rose West one of the most ghastly murder cases ever to have happened in England There are different types of true crime books There are the true crime penny dreadfuls Body Dump Whatever Mother Wants And there is solid dependable true crime journalism The Man with the Candy Two of a Kind Columbine Then there are the personalised accounts by the lawyers involved they can be great Helter Skelter Defending Gary But then there are those true crime books which rise above the mere marshalling of detail and become by authorial alchemy a kind of literature The Executioner's Song In Cold Blood Happy Like Murderers is in that class I recommend it for anyone looking for something often promised but seldom delivered a book like no other You don't have to be a true crime fan to read this one although it might help because you have to be plenty tough minded This is a very unpleasant readIt's like a 500 page oral history like Gordon Burn has given up his author's authority or it's been wrested from him by 500 English working class voices woven together into a seamless demotic fractured multitextured whispering mumbling muttering onrushing torrent I'll give you an example And the rest of Ronnie Cooper’s men would go drinking together regularly but Fred never wanted to go He wouldn’t mix with anybody Good worker mind Brilliant worker He became known for moving large sheets of metal manually rather than wait for the crane to move them He was very strong and wouldn’t wait because he was on piecework Always at work He’d work all the hours God sends But he wouldn’t mix He wouldn’t drink He never drank He wouldn’t go to a pub at all and always said he was too busy if they asked Said he had too much to do It’s like a river running on and on When reuired Burn lays out half a paragraph of your usual formal sentences but then he’s back to the babbling bubbling whispering gossipy insinuating voices which are evidently – mirroring the voices he interviewed for his massive book It works it all works and down into the whirlpool you goBooks like this shine lights of horror on aspects of society we generally leave to the most hapless social services Incest families Throwaway children Disappearing teenagers A brilliant book I may have said that already but not you can see for everyoneContext from Wiki Fred West committed at least 12 murders between 1967 and 1987 in Gloucestershire the majority with his second wife Rosemary West All the victims were young women At least eight of these murders involved the Wests' sexual gratification and included rape bondage torture and mutilation; the victims' dismembered bodies were typically buried in the cellar or garden of the Wests' Cromwell Street home in Gloucester which became known as the House of Horrors Fred is known to have committed at least two murders on his own while Rose is known to have murdered Fred's stepdaughter Charmaine The couple were apprehended and charged in 1994