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Download Joe Cinue's Consolation A True Story of Death Grief and the Law ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ A TRUE STORY OF DEATH GRIEF AND THE LAWIn October 1997 a clever young law student at ANU made a bizarre plan to murder her devoted boyfriend after a dinner party at their house Body warned Joe Cinue He died one Sunday in his own bed of a massive dose of Rohypnol and heroin His girlfriend and her best friend were charged with murderHelen Garner followed the trials in the ACT Supreme Court Compassionate but unflinching this is a book about how and why. UHHHHHHH i kind of hated this 5 stars for readability and the story itself and the concept of looking at the impact of the justice system on victim's families but NO STARS EVER for incredibly annoying whingey intrusions of garner on the narrative and her lack of impartiality and failure to conduct any research into how criminal sentencing actually works or even should work there was a real opportunity here i think to examine criminal sentencing which she clearly gets really upset about but instead of looking at how sentencing works and how or whether victim impact should be taken into account or how communities can redress criminal harm she just got angry and depressed about it her attitude towards the lawyers and judges reeked of a failure to understand or even to try to understand the goals of our justice system so to me this just read like a whingefest UHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Joe Cinue died It probes the gap between ethics and the law; examines the helplessness of the courts in the face of what we think of as evil; and explores conscience culpability and the battered ideal of duty of careIt is a masterwork from one of Australia's greatest writers. At one point the author says that men cannot manage high maintenance friendships; least in my own case I’d like to think she’s wrong tho I’ll grant we males usually have a steeper learning curve Unfortunately the victim Joe Cinue pronounced‘chin kway’ did not live to graduate from Miss Experience’s School of Hard Knocks having been rendered helpless by Rohypnol and killed with an injection of heroin administered by his fiancée Anu Singh that she’d procured with the assistance of her BF Madhavi Rao both Law students Australian National University The was what drew me to the story something like Donna Tartt’s The Secret History as a real life tragedy But least for me Helen Garner focuses instead too much on her own feelings as the narrator especially on her relationship with the victim’s mother Maria As the author herself has no clear idea of the differences between legal guilt moral responsibility she often waxes indignant on discovering what a mature educated person ought already to have known basically that the criminal justice system is designed to work to defend the honour of the state not to dispense divine justice certainly not to provide grieving relatives of the victim with the satisfaction of seeing the malefactors suffer Personally I'm dubious regarding such innovations as victim impact statements Garner is especially upset that an apparent legal technicality allowed one of the accused to avoid responsibility for coming to the assistance of the dying victim Many of us who live in countries with an Anglo Saxon legal system were eually surprised to find out we have no legal responsibility to come to the aid of someone in trouble unless we have taken on the duty like hospital workers who are reuired by law to report apparent examples of domestic abuse or caused the injury if you hit somebody with your car you have to stop call for help But if the victim’s just lying by the roadside somebody else ran over him you have a perfect right to keep on going In some European countries that have a different legal system I believe the passerby is bound to assist tho the penalties are neither onerous nor enforced Continentals tend to think the law represents what ideally ought to occur whilst in the English speaking world we think it’s what we have to do in real life which is why we actually pay our income taxes every year tho’ nobody in Greece would ever think of doing anything so idioticIn my review of another book about an earlier 20th century famous murder I wrote “Unfortunately a society has to deal with such an event the persons seen to be responsible according to its own cultural values which in 20th c New Zealand meant a criminal trial to determine whether the girls were guilty or innocent” Only substitute Australia for NZ Singh Rao were a few years older than Parker Hulme but obviously still very immature Again I suspect a different ‘ primitive’ culture might have diagnosed Abu Singh as being under the spell of a daimon tho we have to settle for a psychiatric diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder I’ve a number of likely BPDs amongst my ex friends BPDs always become exes it’s the nature of the illness But I failed to feel enough sympathy for the victim Joe Cinue He seems to have been a gregarious very extroverted stereotypical young man of Italian descent It’s hard to imagine him taking up with such an intensely self centred obsessive as Abu Singh But I understand the attraction of high maintenance relationships It’s like trying to use a clapped out Ferrari Testa Rosa instead of a Toyota Corolla for personal transportation It makes no practical sense But the sheer intensity when you are in synch everything’s going right the clock’s turning towards 200 kph makes it all worth it even tho’ it’ll likely kill you That’s why it’s called a ‘fatal attraction’

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Joe Cinue's Consolation A True Story of Death Grief and the LawA TRUE STORY OF DEATH GRIEF AND THE LAWIn October 1997 a clever young law student at ANU made a bizarre plan to murder her devoted boyfriend after a dinner party at their house Some of the dinner guests – most of them university students – had heard rumours of the plan No. 5★ “Joe Cinue is dead” Vivacious beautiful Anu Singh tells friends she’s going to commit suicide claiming her boyfriend Joe Cinue hooked her on ipecac for weight loss and it has destroyed her body We think she mentions “taking someone with her” to her best friend Joe knows nothing of thisShe plans this for a long time sourcing drugs researching how to use them and even getting lessons in to inject heroinShe invites the friends to her ‘send off’ dinner party fails to succeed so recreates the dinner party the following weekend and half succeeds She decides to make sure she puts Joe out of his misery first supposedly so he wouldn’t suffer if he found her suicided She spends all weekend dosing him with Rohypnol and heroin before he dies agonisingly “Joe Cinue is dead” But she’s still alive and free as is everyone else including those who helped her with the drugsGarner inspects the details her own heart the heart of the judge the families the witnesses What is meant by “duty of care” When should we or must we intervene In March 1999 a senior journalist told Garner about a bizarre murder trial involving Canberra students Garner has been a journalist a novelist and a perceptive observer of the human condition for many years Her first novel Monkey Grip involved heroin addiction and is an Australian classicGarner knows Canberra well and felt drawn to investigate She tells us it’s not only the capital of Australia it’s a capital for drugs and pornography all readily available She passes a girl shooting up in a doorway The she learned about this case the she read of the background and the history of the people involved the irate she became about the legal system How can this happen“Into my thoughts kept seeping fantasies of violent retribution Of execution What was happening to me Like almost everyone I knew I had always been ‘opposed to the death penalty’ I had worn my ‘belief’ as a badge of decency and reason But now I saw that I had never thought the matter through I did not ‘ want’ to have to think it through”Anu Singh was the daughter of two doctors who had been so concerned about their daughter’s state of mind that they tried to get help But she was an adult in her 20s as was Joe so it’s not as simple as it might be for a childAnu’s close friend Madhavi Rao was also implicated in Joe’s death Anu was lively and dominating while Madhavi was smaller meeker and accommodating ready to do Anu’s bidding Joe just seemed like a nice guy in over his head Garner is as incisive as ever About the dynamics of the girls she writes“ the world is full of these female doublings symbiotic power arrangements that are called friendships because outside of psychology at least we have no accurate name for them adolescence one girl is wild bossy selfish flaring with hormones crackling with sexual thrill and careless of risk but still dependent on the ballast provided by her companion who is prim and cautious not yet at the mercy of her body one foot still planted in the self containment of girlhood They need each other The well meaning ‘supportive’ one trails along in the wake of her narcissistic friend half aware that she is being used – as a cover against parental suspicions a second fiddle a handmaid a foil But she also feeds off the wrecker’s high voltage energy ”Australian television viewers will recognise these examples“Dame Edna and her drab bridesmaid Madge; Kim and her browbeaten best friend Sharon Strzlecki in ‘Kath and Kim’ Even as we laugh the spectacle disturbs us we wait breathlessly for the worm to turn And yet it is a relationship that benefits both partners It would be hard to say at its height whose power is greater”Garner also worries about testimony One day during the trial an old schoolmate with an unusual name from primary school ran into her at a bus stop She remembered him vividly