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Eyes of the Emperor Summary Ý 2 Ò Eddy Okubo lies about his age and joins the army in his hometown of Honolulu only weeks before the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor Suddenly Americans see him as the enemy—even the US Army doubts the loyalty of Japanese American soldiersThen the army sends Eddy and a small band of Japanese American soldiers on a secret Even the US Army doubts the loyalty of Japanese American soldiersThen the army sends Eddy and a small band of Japanese American soldiers on a secret mission to a smal. Eddy Okubo 16 may have parents who were born in Japan but he was born in Hawaii and considers himself strictly American Eddy is a smart kid and has already graduated from high school So far though all has been doing is helping his father out with his boat building business not really know what he wants to do in lifeNow Eddy thinks enlisting in the US Army might be something he would like to do after hearing about it from his friends Chik and Cobra both 18 who have just been drafted Trouble is that his Pop has other plans for him he wants Eddy to go to Japan to learn about his culture and even expects Eddy to be loyal to the Emperor Pop's attitude has caused many clashes between Eddy and his father who still holds on dearly to his Japanese heritageBut with Japan already at war both are aware that things are heating up on the island for the Japanese who live there and it is no real surprise when the boat they have just finished building is set on fire and sinks In an attempt to prove his loyalty as an American citizen Eddy forges his birth certificate and joins the army No sooner does he announce this at home and his father stops speaking to himSeven weeks later on his first leave Japan attacks Pearl Harbor Eddy's father sees the sneak attack as cowardly and shameful and tells Eddy No make shame for this family You go Fight for your country Die even but die with honor pg 41 Eddy races back to his barracks where soldiers are being loaded into trucks everyone except for Eddy Chik and Cobra and about 600 other island boys Instead they are given tools and told to dig trenches on the base and for the first time they are referred to as Japs by their new Lieutenant Worse still as they dig the trenches machine guns are pointed at their backs ready to shoot should they make one wrong moveFrom then on life in the army changes for Eddy and his friends No longer treated like soldiers they become grunts and Japs isolated from the rest of the soldiers Eventually the small number of Japanese Americans are separated from the rest of the island boys and forced to live in tents near the shoreline again with machine guns pointed their way at all times Their job to shoot any Japanese soldiers who might try to land or be shot themselvesAfter a while they are sent to the mainland and while traveling to Camp McCoy WI they see other Japanese Americans who have been herded into internment camps At Camp McCoy Eddy's unit is finally given the designation the Hundredth Infantry Battalion and for once their immediate superiors are also of Japanese descentAfter a short stay at Camp McCoy around 25 members of the Hundredth are transferred again A Swiss émigré had managed to convince President Roosevelt that dogs could be trained to sniff out enemy Japanese because they have a different smell than non Japanese people Eddy and his friends are picked to go the Cat Island MS where they must participate in the training of army dogs by becoming the hate bait necessary to teach the dogs to hate and kill Japanese soldiers under the direction of the Swiss émigréThis is the longest and by far the most disturbing part of Eyes of the Emperor And as I read it it boggled my mind to think that we could treat human beings with such complete disregard for their lives since much of

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L island off the coast of Mississippi Here they are given a special job one that only they can do Eddy’s going to help train attack dogs He’s going to be the bait. The book Eyes of the Emperor is a great book to read This book was very catching when i read the back cover It looked very interesting when it said Eddie had a secret mission to do The book shows you how these Japanese men and women stayed dedicated to the United States Some even fought for the US Eddie was one of them The story is about seventeen year old Eddie He joins the Army even though his friends try to talk him out of it He signs and lies about his age He wants to help the Americans out in the German war but soon they will be in war with their own home country Japan The Japanese hate the Americans and they want their islands back The Americans are already helping Russia and France crush the German powers For the life of the AmericanJapanese who live in Hawaii is peaceful but what they don't know is their whole world is going to change The Japanese are coming for a surprise attack The Americans are not ready for the attack and think that it is going to be a regular morning The Japanese planes are moving in fast Soon there is an explosion and then another The peaceful morning is now gone and America is at war The AmericanJapanese soldiers and families are shocked at what they see Their own countries are fighting each other After the attack the soldiers who are AmericanJapanese are treated differently They are the low of low in the Army and get no respect They do not understand The fathers of the families are taken away to be uestioned They get to go home later on back to their families Eddie and his friends are sent on a secret mission after all of this happens The government believes the Japanese have a different body odor than regular Americans They get war dogs to work with them and the dogs owner At first the dogs are nice but as the training goes on they become into killing machines In the end the test failed but they still used the dogs to help them in war Eddie and his friends soon get to go into battle in Germany where they always wanted to goThere are a lot of characters in this book Eddie is the seventeen year old trying to join and does join the Army There is his mom and dad They are mentioned at the beginning of the book He has a younger brother too There are a lot characters like his two friends Cobra and Chik They all were good friends throughout the war The setting of the book was in 1941 It was the beginning of WWII The Americans were on both frontiers fighting in Germany and in the Islands of the Pacific The theme of the book was saying don't judge people by their covers but get to know them before you say things about them Everyone should be treated eual and right This was a great book to read I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about how some Americans were treated in the war There is some harsh things that are mean but nothing to bad It is a 5 star book to read and it was very interesting

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Eyes of the EmperorEddy Okubo lies about his age and joins the army in his hometown of Honolulu only weeks before the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor Suddenly Americans see him as the enemy. This is a hard book to put down Most people know about the prejudice against Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor but this goes deeper by explaining the government’s and the public’s general philosophies about the issue and how they dealt with it The writing is really crisp captivating and gritty Yes it uses classic “story about racism” tropes to convey its heart wrenching points and warning you’re going to grit your teeth in anger but the main moral exists on a thought provoking level Are personal rights or security paramount How far would you go in allegiance to your country One thing to to take into consideration is that it is written in a sort of dialect and although not at all tough reading it takes a while to get used to In general a remarkably interesting and recommended yarn about patriotism and personal conflict and just a well executed piece of work in general