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CHARACTERS Ù First Comes Scandal ¿ She was given two choicesGeorgiana Bridgerton isn’t against the idea of marriage She'd just thought she'd have some say in the matter But with her reputation hanging by a thread after she's abducted for her dowry Georgie is given two options live out her life as a spinster or marry the rogue who has ruined her lIc of proposals but Nicholas never thought she'd say no Georgie doesn't want to be anyone's sacrifice; and besides they could never think of each other as anything than childhood friendsor could theyBut as they embark upon their unorthodox courtship they discover a new twist to the age old rhyme First comes scandal then comes marriage But after that comes love. Title First Comes ScandalSeries Rokesbys #4Author Julia uinnRelease date April 21 2020Cliffhanger NoGenrehistorical romanceThis was my first read in the preuel series and what fun it was In First Comes Scandal Georgiana Bridgerton meets her match with her childhood friend Nicholas Rokesby The Rokesbys have a neighboring estate and the two families are inseparable Nicholas' father Lord Manston is Georgiana's godfather so when she is abducted by a fortune hunter and her reputation is ruined he's not willing to sit by idly He immediately summons his fourth child home from medical school to swoop in and save the day I don't know if it's funny or sad that it never even crosses his mind that Nicholas would object to an arranged marriage Probably a little of both His heart was in the right place but he could have been trapping his son in a loveless passionless marriage for the rest of his life When the idea is presented to him in fact it was hard for him to wrap his mind around looking at Georgiana in a romantic way let alone spending the rest of his life with her Georgiana has found herself in a horrible position through no fault of her own She's always followed society's rules and comported herself like a lady but gossips were uick to shred her reputation to tatters after Freddie Oakes' abduction Although she never particularly yearned for marriage or entering a season to find possible suitors she's despondent over the choice being taken away from her This is one thing the two main characters had in common being trapped in a situation not of their own making where people play with their life like chess pieces Georgiana is understandably sensitive and frustrated about people telling her how she must feel or that she doesn't know her own mind The last thing she wants is pity or duty from a man proposing to her and that is how she views poor Nicholas' clumsy offer Nicholas thought he knew her pretty well considering how much time they spent together growing up But shortly after they renew their acuaintance her sense of humor and intelligence has him looking at her in ways he never has before“When Georgiana Bridgerton smiled like that he wanted to reach into the sky and grab down the sun just to hand it to her on a platter” Her curiosity for medicine rivals his and they can have intellectual and often hilarious conversations about the subject most important to him If women were afforded the same freedom of choice back then Georgiana would have loved to get a higher education Nicholas would answer all of her uestions and treated her as an eual rather than patronizing her When she told him how she felt about her own health issues he truly listened to her and trusted that she knew what was right for her own body He was such an honorable and gentle man I loved that both he and Georgiana were inexperienced in romance and physical intimacy because we got to see them discover passion for the first time together She had known him forever but suddenly the whole world was strange and new He was holding her hand and she was suddenly full of emotion and confusion and something she couldn’t uite defineThe Bridgerton kids' parents from the main series are in this which was such a delight to me We are gifted a peek into Edmund and Violet's relationship early in their marriage when the


She was given two choicesGeorgiana Bridgerton isn’t against the idea of marriage She'd just thought she'd have some say in the matter But with her reputation hanging by a thread after she's abducted for her dowry Georgie is given two options live out her life as a spinster or marry the rogue who has ruined her lifeEnter option number threeAs the fourth son o. Whether or not you like this book will be determined by 2 things is banter enough to get you through a 300 page romance with basically zero plot It's good banter it's J's strong suit But when I say there is no plot this is a marriage of convenience story where they don't decide to get married until page 100 and then they do get married and then I swear to god it's like a 100 page carriage ride for them to get to Scotland I get that falling in love is the plot of any romance but it would be nice if having dinner with the family carriage ride to Scotland were not like 150 pages of the book For me banter is not enough to hide the fact that there was zero plot It just feels like the whole point was to delay them having sex until what felt like a reasonable amount of time Whereas I'd say the reasonable amount of time is after they get married Is seeing a few of the Bridgerton kids as babiestoddlers enough to get you through a 300 page romance with basically zero plot Again YMMV on that

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First Comes ScandalF an earl Nicholas Rokesby is prepared to chart his own course He has a life in Edinburgh where he's close to completing his medical studies and he has no time or interest to find a wife But when he discovers that Georgie Bridgerton his literal girl next door is facing ruin he knows what he must doA marriage of convenienceIt might not have been the most romant. 15 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewGeorgiana was kidnapped by a fortune hunter but even though she managed to save herself her reputation is in tatters Nicholas is called down from medical school in Edinburgh by his father who orders him to marry their neighbor and Nicholas' childhood friend Georgiana It's a marriage of convenience but a close uarters carriage ride with a grumpy cat might turn it into a marriage of love “There is only one thing to be done” his father said “You must marry her” First Comes a Scandal is fourth in the Rokebys series but I think you could jump into the series here it would probably be even better to read the Bridgerton series before this Rokebys is a preuel to Briderstons and heroes from the first couple books in the Bridgerton series make an almost center stage showing in this As much as I enjoyed seeing the heroes as little kids it was too much Instead of focusing on the leads of this story the little Bridgertons got too much of the spotlight; it started to feel like a cheap trick to get readers to like this book trading on the Bridgerton love If you haven't read the Bridgerton series you'd probably be bored and think a good chunk of the first half was filler “She doesn’t need your time She needs your name” I'm a sucker for little sisterbig brother's friend trope but this was a little different with neither having a hidden or long standing crush on the other and we don't get much of Nicholas and Edmund Georigana's brother friendship Not getting much unfortunately was a problem I had for the majority of the story I had a problem with feeling Nicholas and Georgiana were strangers to me and to each other It wasn't until after the 50% mark that our two get married and then it is a carriage ride to Edinburgh However instead of scenes of these two bonding and dialogue to provide emotional and relationship building blocks we get pointless cat drama medical dramas needing Nicholas and the story just seemed to want to focus on everything but Nicholas and Georgiana He’d been married a day and he’d barely even kissed her He was going to have to do something about that The sentence structure had a tendency to veer to shorter and this made a good amount feel choppy but even though I didn't feel engaged with the story or characters the pace did ping pong through pretty uickly There was also a couple times where Nicholas or Georgiana expressed themselves a certain way that felt too casual of verbiage not creating the historical feel I tend to look for when reading this sub genre This was also set in the late 1700s and besides some talk of hoop skirts to visit the ueen it was indistinguishable from Regency set romances She liked being near him She liked his uiet strength his sense of purpose And when his hands had been on her hips even just to help her down from the saddle she’d liked the way it had made her feel like she was his Georgiana and Nicholas felt like strangers to me and therefore I wasn't invested or felt any emotional attachment to the conclusion of their romance If you like some slapstick humor there were a couple scenes when they take their carriage ride that might help drawn you into the story than I There wer