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ಘಾಚರ್ ಘೋಚರ್ characters ✓ 6 ï 'It's true what they say it's not we who control money it's the money that controls us When there's only a little it behaves meekly; when it grows it becomes brash and has its way with us'From a cramped ant infested house to a spacious bungalow a family finds itself making a transitSelf making a transition in many ways The narrator a sensitive young man is numbed by the swirl around him All he can do is flee every day to an old world cafe where he seeks solace from an oracular waiter As members of the family realign their euations and desi. Ghachar Ghochar is perhaps one of the first books in recent times that interested me because of its title The uniue nature of the title and its surrounding simplicity attracted me and made me want to read this book Added to this is the fact that the cover is one of the most beautiful covers that I have seen and this is not solely due to its aesthetic appeal but due to its simplicity and its ability to convey a message that is both simple and true Despite having bought this book I couldn’t get to it until today and even then I felt that I wouldn’t be able to get to it given that my husband had come home yesterday after a long time and I felt that I owed him a book free weekend something that is uite impossible Anyway the afternoon here was hot and the rising temperatures were conducive to sleeping and that’s what my family did giving me the small time frame I needed to gobble up this book Despite the assurances of a lot of friends who had all marked this as a five star book I felt confident that I would go to sleep after reading a page or two I was wrong and they were right I kept turning the pages went on reading till I finished the book taking about an hour to get through it completely After finishing all I could do was close my tablet and lie with my eyes open allowing the words to sink right in I don’t know how long I was lying like that but the next thing I knew was my husband asking me if everything was okay I couldn’t say a word except – Ghachar GhocharLife is an entanglement at best and at worst; it is a kind of entanglement that gives you joy as much as it gives you sorrow It teaches you as much as it can even if you don’t want to learn And money is the perhaps the boon and bane of life Ghachar Ghochar reiterates these simple truths within its pages in a story that it is as thrilling as it is appealing The story is one where a lower income middle class family becomes wealthy and how this wealth affects them and the lives of those that they come in contact with As a story it is uite simplistic and what’s is that the language is also simple the characters are your ordinary middle class that almost all Indians can easily relate to and yet it is a story that is both mesmerizing and thrilling one that showcases the constant struggle between virtue and vice and defines the thin line that lies in between and the ease with which one can easily go from one side to the other Shanbag’s characters are a varied motley cast in the form of Chikappa Appa Amma Malati Anita and the narrator Shanbag differentiates between the two eras of life through Chikappa and Appa Where the hardworking Chikappa is someone who understands that to grow in the world today you have to change your tune the stoic Appa feels no such need and is silent to everything that goes on around him It is almost as if the changes in his life has robbed him of his speech if not his ability to think and what’s it has robbed him of his opinion which has no value attached to it The narrator the third male in the story whose reminisces are what you read and who is like a river going where the flow takes him never contradicting or asking uestions or even stating opinions It is not so different in many families here even today where the main breadwinner is the one who sets the rules and takes the decisions with the others simply following them The women are uintessential in their descriptions with Amma being the one who serves the family Malati being a typical spoilt brat and Anita the daughter in law taking the role of a mirror in the family A mirror that the family doesn’t like and definitely doesn’t want simply because it highlights the truth which they just don’t want to see It is through these characters that Shanbag weaves a tale that is honest and stark which forces us to look within ourselves and face the truth of how money affects our lives While the effect of money may not always be in the negative it nevertheless forces us to uestion and perhaps at times leave behind the morals of old times often threatening to wipe out all distinctions between right and wrongReading this book is an experience that everyone should go through irrespective of whether the Indian context is relatable or not It is a tale that according to me overcomes all barriers through the message it encapsulates and the truths that it brings to light The translation is superb and does not feel forced or unnatural but actually flows with a certain character which makes this book shine even better Highly recommended

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'It's true what they say it's not we who control money it's the money that controls us When there's only a little it behaves meekly; when it grows it becomes brash and has its way with us'From a cramped ant infested house to a spacious bungalow a family finds it. At my touch the striking cover of this book leapt up and stood suspended at my eye level As if to escape this loggerhead state I bored through its skin amid a uestion what does this image wish to convey Unity Mess Greed Asymmetry Power Victory Abandonment Confusion Culture Habit All None Not uite able to coalesce all these floating words into a single bubble of appreciable mass I threw aside my pondering gauntlet and opened the first page I began reading and read a little ; continued reading and didn’t pause till it was the last page Once done I closed the book with trembling hands and clutched it tight for what seemed like a long time It had become a precious possessionGhachar Ghochar is a collouial phrase meaning ‘messy’ or ‘entangled’ The common connotations have their bearing on life events and relationships; and in this book on a family This tale follows the trail each of the six family members charts out during the ascent of the family from a middle class lifestyle to a wealthy high society one Appa enjoys our current prosperity with considerable hesitation as if it were undeserved He’s given to uoting a proverb that says wealth shouldn’t strike suddenly like a visitation but instead grow gradually like a tree As the family nucleus begins to feel the forces of societal and cultural dynamics our gentle simpleton narrator a son of this family is sucked into a tenebrous whirlpool of prosperity and dilemma fighting the internecine pull of avarice and egomania The clashes of principles the displacement of priorities the upheaval in expectations and the soaring of temperaments erect a series of invisible walls within the walls of the household holding their own by the continuous tending of monetary venom The splendour of this work doesn’t lie as much in the plot as it does in the narrative; a narrative exemplified by the acutely heightened sense of observation of aesthetic cultural and psychological nature By cleverly deploying a well ordered collage of ‘a bright patch behind a dusty calendar’ ‘a ring of stain beneath a sipped cup of tea’ ‘a curd smeared hand going dry during a tense conversation over dinner’ and many similar visuals Shanbhag highlights almost in an unassuming understated way the cultural nuances of a Indian Kannada family The narrator in his late twenties or early thirties perhaps is the uintessential conchoidal make grappling for balance and soaking in chaos with eual gusto That a closely knit family fabric can sustain independent creases and tears visible only to its custodians and continue maintaining oneness in the outsider’s eyes finds a beautiful photographic parallel in the ants’ trail It didn’t seem like they were here to find food Nor did they have the patience to bite anyone Left to themselves they’d uickly haul to particles of mud and built nests here and there in the house You could try scuttling them with a broom but they’d get into a mad frenzy and climb up the broom and on to your arm Before you knew it they’d be all over you even under your clothes For days on end there would be a terrific invasion and then one day you would wake up to find them gone There was no telling why they came where they went I sometimes saw them racing in lines along the window sills in the front room where there was nothing to eat Perhaps they were on a mission of some sort only passing through our house in self important columns But not once did I see the trail of a column an ant that had no other ants behind it Such observational impeccability is just not the direct derivative of an extremely hungry eye but also of a consistently evaluating mind Shanbhag doesn’t simply paint a picture for the reader to come see comment and leave; he renders the picture a voice It is as if he calibrated the picture with a multi dimensional brush so that at close proximity the events would spring out of their base and present themselves upon you for further chiselling your way The euanimity to sacrifice an ornate climax in favour of a pragmatic one puts him for me in the league of RK Narayan and Ruskin Bond; one who chose to accord pride to the entangled mess of a life rather than an ironed plume of its dubious reflection Note Appa means Father in Kannada Also on my blog

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ಘಾಚರ್ ಘೋಚರ್Res new strands are knotted others come apart and conflict brews dangerously in the backgroundMasterfully translated from the Kannada by Srinath Perur Ghachar Ghochar is a suspenseful playful and ultimately menacing story about the shifting conseuences of succes. When you have no choice you have no discontent either Had been on my tbr for a year and would have gathered dust for longer had it not been recommended to me by my buddy A short but a lovely and touching story