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Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore characters Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ For 3000 years the woman known as Helen of Troy has been both the ideal symbol of beauty and a reminder of the terrible power beauty can wieldIn her search for the identity behind this mythic figure acclaimed historian Bettany HuIvilization Hughes explores Helen’s role and representations in literature and in art throughout the ages This is a masterly work of historical inuiry about one of the world’s most famous wome. Bettany Hughes was made an honorary Fellow of my university in the same ceremony as I became a graduate so I've been planning to read this ever since That and the story of Troy has always been fascinating to me There's definitely something very compelling about Bettany Hughes' writing which though very detailed isn't dry or maybe I just have a weakness for descriptions of sumptuous palaces and so on trained into me by my early love of a book describing the treasures of Tutankhamen's tomb She makes the book colourful anyway And from whatever I know of Greek history and myths she chooses her material well and does wonders in digging through the evidence of millennia to look at the idea of Helen of Troy where she came from and what she has meant to generations of people I think my favourite section was actually the discussion of what the fabled Helen had to do with Eleanor of Auitaine the interaction of real ueens with figures of legend like Helen of Troy ueen Guinevere and female Christian saints fascinates meI'm not sure how well I think the information was organised though Admittedly Helen is hard to pin down but I'm not sure I can pinpoint how Hughes wanted to present her ideas For me reading cover to cover and for pleasure it worked fine but if I were to come back and try to refer to some specific point I think I'd have trouble finding itThere are extensive notes and a long list of references to other works so all in all I think this book is very well organised and researched And to me importantly I really enjoyed reading it

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For 3000 years the woman known as Helen of Troy has been both the ideal symbol of beauty and a reminder of the terrible power beauty can wieldIn her search for the identity behind this mythic figu. I absolutely loved this bookBest source out there if you are looking for info on Helen of TroyI liked how the author brought her to life and put a face on herI guess it was hard for me to imagine a face that launched a thousand ships before I read thisIt also has amazing background information on Sparta

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Helen of Troy Goddess Princess WhoreRe acclaimed historian Bettany Hughes uses Homer’s account of Helen’s life to frame her own investigation Tracing the cultural impact that Helen has had on both the ancient world and Western c. Helen of Troy Goddess Princess Whore is a scatter gun scatter brained work that is nonetheless highly entertaining Reading it is something like inviting your friends from your undergraduate years over for dinner plying them generously with alcohol and letting them rant on about whatever literary or artistic idea comes into their minds History students will express themselves on Beethoven English lit graduates will give you their opinions on Rabelais while philosophy students will tell you what they think the Federal Reserve Board should do about interest rates The cacophony is as joyous as it is incoherent As Hughes herself notes at one point that she may be presenting a mangle of literary and social references with a sprinkling of fanstasy rather than historical fact pp 285 286The whole messy farrago is the result of Hughes decision to examine both the historical Helen who probably never existed and the various myths that our culture has created about her Hughes begins by providing a survey of the recent archeological digs at Hittite Mycenae and Spartan sites to show that we know much about the up bringing of a Spartan princess which is what Helen was and the politics of Anatolia where she lived with Paris than we did fifty years ago She explains that if we could actually find the body of Helen we would be able to dramatically define our conjectures about her It the absence of such a lucky discovery the mythologizing will likely continue to follow its bizarre pathHaving completed her survey of the relevent archeological findings she then examines the mythology of Helen from the era of Homer through the Middle Ages the Renaissance the Jacobean era and modern times As the title indicates Helen has been portrayed alternatively as a goddess a princess and a whore when the real Helen if indeed there was would have been none of the threeI feel churlish giving so dreadful a review to such a delightful book However on an intellectual level it is truly shoddy