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Hella by David Gerrold review ✓ 100 ☆ A master of science fiction introduces a world where everything is large and the problems of survival even larger in this exciting new novelHella is a planet where everything is oversized—especially the ambitions of the colonists The trees are mile high the dinosaur herds are huge and the weather is eA master of science fiction introduces a world where everything is large and the problems of survival even larger in this exciting new novelHella is a planet where everything is oversized especially the ambitions of the colonists The trees are mile high the dinosaur herds are huge and the weather is extreme so extreme the colonists have to migrate twice a year to escape the blistering heat of summer and the. There are lots of interesting elements here like the exciting colony world of Hella and the social structure that has evolved past where we are now in terms of gender and sexuality but still feels a pull toward old ways of thinking about hierarchy and individualism The main conflict in the story arises essentially because of tension between those who want to maintain a system of collectivism within the still growing colony and those who want to move towards an individualised market economyAlthough I enjoyed the book as a whole it was a little slow to get to the actual storyline That said I would love to read another book in this same world as it definitely seems there is to explore

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Rain of a thousand new arrivals bringing with them the same kinds of problems they thought they were fleeing Despite the dangers to himself and his family Kyle is in the middle of everything in possession of the most dangerous secret of all Will he be caught in a growing political conspiracy Will his reawakened emotions overwhelm his rationality Or will he be able to use his uniue ability to prevent disaste. Hella is a human colony planet that's had many waves of colonists over generations fleeing a troubled Earth But life on Hella isn't easy It's a lighter gravity world than Earth and this everything is giant sized from mile high trees to roaming herds of enormous dinosaur like creatures that shape the entire ecosystem Weather and climate are also problems forcing much of the wildlife and the colonists themselves to be migratory with the hellish seasonsJust as difficult as the challenges of the alien ecosystem and dangerous planet are the societal stresses that come with a growing population that includes regular influxes of immigrants and the political discussions those stresses causeCaught in the middle of the new politics is an unlikely catalyst neuro atypical Kyle whose brain implant means that his emotional difficulties also come with savant level encyclopedic intelligence Kyle and his small family get caught up in events when he's used as a pawn by both sides of the argument that initially sees him in a useful role as educator to the latest ship of new arrivalsThis is a very old style of SF that's being told with a much newer appreciation of where futuristic technology might be if and when interstellar colonization is possible Having Kyle be autistic that word isn't used in the book but it's probably the closest description of his neurological condition albeit with differences because of his implant allows the author to endlessly infodump on his extremely well thought out world building In fact I think it's a fair criticism of the book that this is actually over used and turns into a mechanism to put as much of the author's researchdesign onto the page as possible self indulgently so As a result the first two thirds of this book is very slow and your experience of it is probably going to hang largely on how much of this style of story telling you can takeThat being said when the story gets going it gets uite action packed towards the end and really stretches Kyle's character particularly around his limitations Beware though the crux of the conflict in this is a fight between socialismcollectivism and capitalism and at this time in the world I expect a lot of people aren't going to want to read a fiction version of what's happening on the news every night

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Hella by David GerroAtmosphere freezing cold of winter Kyle is a neuro atypical young man emotionally challenged but with an implant that gives him real time access to the colony's computer network making him a very misunderstood savant When an overburdened starship arrives he becomes the link between the established colonists and the refugees from a ravaged Earth The Hella colony is barely self sufficient Can it stand the st. Got this as advance copy I plunged into the story headlong barely coming up for air Written from first person narrative hard to maintain for most authors the protagonist is a teenager with uniue problems and skills He was born on Hella yet Earth is in his very genes Hella has its own ecology not just hostile to human life but also different to human life and to Earth evolved organisms If the colonists want to avoid the problems that made Earth untenable they need to respect Hella and its lifeforms They had come to Hella prepared for the work that none of them would see finished But there were factions which wanted to take an easy path to gain riches and power without regard for the future And they were prepared to destroy anything or anyone who would stand in their way Would they suceed in making Hella their own private kingdom or would they avoid the mistakes which evidently destroyed Earth And how would the arrival of the last colonists from Earth disrupt their plansAnd how would Kyle keep them from destroying all he held dear It's a gripping tale which manages to ask hard uestions about what it means to build an ethical human society when so many of us lack ethics without being preachy or lectures The best stories tell the adventure while leaving things to chew on This is one of those