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REVIEW Her Husband's Lover ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Sophie Hannah says Julia Crouch is 'brilliant' and Erin Kelly calls her 'one of the best writers in a strong field' A woman has to stop her husband's lover from ruining her life in this stunning psychological thriller from the acclaimed Julia CrouchShe stole her husbanSophie Hannah says Julia Crouch is 'brilliant' and Erin Kelly calls her 'one of the best writers in a strong field' A woman has to stop her husband's lover from ruining her life in this stunning psychological thriller from the acclaimed Julia CrouchShe stole her husband Now she wants to take her lifeAfter the horrors of the past. Thank you to wwwshotsmagcouk for my paper copy of the book in exchange for an honest unbiased reviewExpect the unexpected and you won't be disappointed with this excellent psychological thriller from Julia CrouchLouisa was already on the point of losing her husband Sam to his lover Sophie when tragically he was killed in a car accident an accident in which Louisa also lost her two children and in which she herself suffered serious injuriesThis tragedy would be enough to rob even the strongest of people of their sanity but for Louisa it doesn't end there because Sophie now wants to take everything that Louisa has left her reputation and her inheritance Sophie wants the life she believes she would have had if Sam hadn't diedThis is certainly one humdinger of a tale It's very dark and very twisted with truly frightening characters that you really wouldn't want to meet in reality The plot leads you to believe first one thing but then twists it around until you won't actually believe what you're reading Nothing is what it seemsIt's clever shocking disturbing thrilling and impossible to put down Seriously just read it for yourself and discover what an intelligent cleverly crafted narrative this really is

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Louisa Williams is desperate to make a clean start Her husband Sam is dead Her children too are gone victims of the car accident in which he died Sam said that she would never get away from him That he would hound her to death if she tried to leave Louisa never thought that he would want to harm their children though But then s. I love the way Julia Crouch plots her stories – always something to look forward to because they are tightly knitted to perfection keeping things unexpected and utterly rivetingHer Husband’s Lover has that in spades as we follow Louisa and Sophie on a rather twisted journey towards a totally draw dropping conclusion Talk about your unreliable narrators both these characters have a beautifully imagined edge to them so much so that even when things seem clear they turn out to be inevitably murky Still waters run deep and all that – the author has her eyes on the prize throughout that moment when you go huh Blimey Well if you are me anyway The pay off in this novel is just terrific one of those moments when you look back on what you have read and see the nuances that should have given you the clue all alongIts not as easy as it sounds to achieve those moments in this genre – I read everything in it I can get my hands on because often you find the most divisive and memorable characters within but it is true that you have to read a lot to find the clever ones the ones that can still surprise you I would happily put this in that category because you get so caught up in it that time flies and Julia Crouch is superb at that misdirection thing and that memorable character thing – Louisa and Sophie are sharp and unforgettable two for the price of oneThen BAM the endingBefore that though the entire tale is completely addictive one of those books you read fast and don’t like to put down if anyone is teaching us that the psychological thriller is far from dead it would be that Julia CrouchHighly Recommended

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Her Husband's LoverHe never thought that he would betray her with a woman like Sophie And now Sophie is determined to take all that Louisa has left She wants to destroy her reputation and to take what she thinks is owed her the life she would have had if Sam had livedHer husband's lover wants to take her life The only uestion is will Louisa let he. I bought my own paperback I am a big fan of reading about affairs but I just didn't love this story Normally I give books that I read on this subject five stars but I am sorry to say that overall I think that there has been too much hype of reviews about Her Husband's Lover There are in fact 472 pages to this story I think it could have been shortened I did struggle to read some of the chapters I have read much better books than this where every word and every sentence has had me glued to every page But this didn't happen for me in Her Husband' Lover For me personally my favourite book by Julia Crouch was Cuckoo In Her Husband's Lover Sam killed his first wife and kept the shirt with his first wife's blood on He hit his second wife Louisa and reminder her what would happen to her if she was to ever leave him Sam was having an affair with Sophie As Louisa the second wife leaves Sam with her children Sam chased after them and died as his car crashed In Sophie's eyes Sam was a good man and she believed Louisa made everything up about Sam hurting her Sophie starts hounding Louisa in revenge for Sam her lover dying I did love reading about Sophie she was my favourite character being interesting with her scheming ways with harassing Louisa The character Sophie is what made this story the interesting part