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The Perfect Girlfriend Free read Ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ç One of the top Contemporary Romance on Wattpad Won Best Male Character 2010 Watty Award Over 18 Million reads on WattpadHis Hired Girlfriend is Book 1 of the Kiwi Bride A New Adult Contemporary Romance Series This is the story of Alexandra Stewart or known siOne of the top Contemporary Romance on Wattpad Won Best Male Character 2010 Watty Award Over 18 Million reads on WattpadHis Hired Girlfriend is Book 1 of the Kiwi Bride A New Adult Contemporary Romance Series This is the story of Alexandra Stewart or known simply as Alex and billionaire Jayden McCartneyHis Hired Girlfriend is a new adult contemporary romance with an alpha male hero and a geeky virgin heroine They are flawed funny passionate and very relatable for readers who enjoy contemporary romance and women’s fiction with strong family value Alexandra Stewart is dating the man of her dreams But there’s a catch The date is a masuerade and her Mr Hot Choc is gay or so she thinksFamily oriented Alexandra Stewart known as Alex to family a. 1 star is to high of a rating for this rubbishI only made it about 80% of the way in and I wanted to finish it but honestly the book is just so terrible I finally decided there was no real point in actually finishingSo want to know why I think this book is one of the worst ones I have ever readFirst off I was extremely excited about what the book was about love the plot summaryButThis story is not written in a first person POV it is instead written about so many different characters and at so many different locations and times that it gets kind of confusing and who the hell cares about these other people anywaysSecondly the first time Jayden sees Alex he is not attracted to her and he think she is wrong for the job as his hired girlfriend Soooowhy the hell does her actually agree to ask her to be the one Just none of this crap actually makes any sense He offers her 100k to be his fake girlfriend for 2 weeks All Alex does is constantly stress about not being able to pay her daily bills let alone the fact that her dad is going to DIE if he doesn't get money to do the surgery YET she declines his offerwithout any actual reasonBut then she finds out he is gay and now she will do it Even though he is lying about being gaySo besides that she now has to go to New York but she gets put on a crappy flight and ends up in LA for some reason she left the airport and nearly gets raped by the cabbie which this far she hasn't told Jayden about If he can afford to pay for her dad's heart transplant why doesn't her have a private plane for her Or at least better accommodations for her so that she doesn't nearly get rapedNow she is finally in the states with him and everyone is a complete bitch to her and is like Gossip Girl x100 in the rude things they say to herAll the while she is attracted to Jayden but can't let it go there since he's gay even though he keeps kissing herBut now Jayden is falling for her and keeps going after her and isn't even trying to act like he is gayThis is super freaking annoying This book had SUCH a good chance at being funny and uniue and really cute but they don't even follow their own rulesSo to continue on I am so upset that this story line which I thought wAs going to be amazing totally blew And I really suggest not reading this bookI do not think there is anyway it could end that would possibly be satisfying

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Nd friends is in desperate need of money for her dad’s heart surgery She is stoked when gorgeous billionaire Jayden McCartney unexpectedly barges into her life and offers to help On one condition She must pretend to be his girlfriend One look at Jay tells her to run in the opposite direction He is too good looking too successful and too rich for her liking When she is told Jay is gay and that his family is matchmaking him with a woman he doesn’t love she feels sorry for him Thinking that she’d kill two birds with one stone Alex agrees to the proposal Now the only problem is how does she prevent herself from falling madly in love with Jay when the way he looks at her makes her heart tremble and his touches set her body on fireHot recentl. Ok I can't believe that i'm giving this 4 starts after seeing negative reviews about the book Well let's start with the negative I must admit that there are a lot of grammar errors I even had to reread some parts just to get the gist I think the book was poorly edited and I believe there some parts that were better when edited out The story wasn't really entirely uniue as well as I've read far better stories of the same concept Plus I hate that Jayden failed to defend Alex in some events like what Britney and Sarah did to her But at the end I kind of saw why I think it was a learning process for Alex to learn how to stand up for herself Of course this is no excuse for Jayden for not standing up for herAnyway despite the flaws I found on the book which I just ignored entirely while reading I enjoyed it very much I stayed up until past 2am just to finish it because I couldn't put it down it was either I sleep fully satisfied or suffer from insomnia because I can't stop wondering what's going to happen next Anyway I digress It's a feel good book if you want to feel twitterpated once in a while It's a typical rags to riches romance story but it was entertaining nonetheless If you like reading just for the sake of doing it without paying attention to the flaws then you'll probably enjoy this book

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The Perfect GirlfriendY single Jayden McCartney has to bring his girlfriend to his sister’s wedding in order to stop the matchmaking his grandmother has planned for him Not in the mood for dating or a new woman after the discovery of his cheating ex he hires a perfect candidate as his girlfriend in Alexandra Stewart Alex however thinks he’s crazy It’s only when he commits a sinful lie that would damage his manhood severely does she agree to help He convinces her that he is gay and that the possibility of his family finding out would ruin them financially and socially Now Jay has to pretend to be batting for the other team which turns out to be no easy task where the geeky turn sexy Alex is concerned because he wants her and what Jay wants he certainly will g. Praks what were you thinking Seriously I was so iritated by the heroine I wanted to strangle someoneare you stupid I wonder what she thought pretending to be in serious relationship consisted of if she had to be told everythingbut that was just the beginning of the problems with book