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Hitler's Holy Relics Read ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Had Hitler succeeded in conuering Europe he would have crowned himself Holy Roman Emperor The Nazis had in their possession priceless artifacts that would give Hitler legitimacy in his subjects’ eyes the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire including the Spear of DestiGeneral Patton Horn would be assigned to recover this ancient treasure Would he find it before covert Nazi agents could use it to revive the defeated regime Based on recently discovered and previously unpublished documents and interviews with all remaining living participants this is a tale that surpasses fiction part thriller part detective story all tr. Just finished the book As a cultural anthropologist I found this book full of information in one place The author editorializes a bit much for my tastes but it is his story Good research gets tainted when you write for a specific audience Reading through the Third Reich's last days in Germany and the history of how the Crown Jewels were lost and found takes one through a maze of allied armies SS officials and friendships The fact that Americans looted priceless relics is not new They certainly did that in BaghdadThe comments that the author makes in order to maintain a level of sympathy for the Jews and the families whose information helped in the research did not serve him well I wrote a paper on Adolph Hitler for my Abnormal Psychology class in 1980 at ueens College New York which received an A as I described the abuse that he endured as a child Which surprised me because C was 90% Jewish at that time and it meant that my instructor had to be very objective Nowhere does this author mention this except to say he was an itinerant young man sleeping in benches and at odds with his family Therefore the portraiture painted is not clear After years of reading everyone's history one realizes that the accounts will always be skewed in favor of the culture telling the storyThe story is very interesting This site then helps to understand the anthropological search for the root of the Aryan race and I would like to add that if blond here is the determinant then should the Australian aborigines with their blond hair be included or does the pigmented skin issue a different perspective say read the book anyway It will give you some background

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Reasury in Vienna Austria the Crown Jewels were hidden in a secret bunker deep beneath Nürnberg castle known to few but Heinrich Himmler his staff and a captured German soldier whose family lived above it As luck would have it the officer in charge of interrogating the soldier was First Lieutenant Walter Horn art history professor Following his report to. I'm sure this book deserves four stars I am But since I listened to it while driving to visit the grandchildren I have gaps that make it hard for me to thoroughly sum up I have long known that listening is not my primary learning style and every time I listen to a book on CD this sad fact is confirmed If I'm listening to a book while riding as passenger in the car this is especially true Allow me to ramble a bitWhen I was a little girl my grandmother lived over or rather along the river and through the woods next to the ocean The roads were twisty and winding and we children were wedged in the back seat plagued with motion sickness I only remember actually heaving once but I remember many hours of feeling like I was going to blow chips as we slowly wound our way up down the Columbia River to Grandma's house I can also remember setting out from Grandma's to visit various points of interest and picnic spots traveling always wedged in the back seat over yet even twisty roads for what seemed like great distances feeling ueasy every minute of the way I was completely astounded as an adult to discover these beauty spots were for the most part a mere 20 minutes from Grandma's driveway but back to my trip down memory's twisty lane I clearly remember one particular trip wedged in the back seat between my teenaged aunt and uncle I must have looked green utterly miserable and about to puke because my uncle told me that if I could close my eyes and fall asleep I wouldn't feel sick and when I woke up we would be there This became my de facto survival tactic and though I haven't been car sick for 30 years and really that was morning sickness it has never failed me yet So I get in the car get comfy and out of habit and for self defense purposes my head starts to nod my eyelids drift south at an amazing pace Which makes it even harder than usual to follow a book on tape If somehow I'm not actually sleeping my mind will grasp on some arcane point say celtic runes and begin a merry wander through JRR Tolkien's works and onto that weird kid in high school who developed his own elvish tongue and set of runes and wrote in green ink whenever he could get away with it until I suddenly realize that the author has moved on a page or two or chapter ago What I'm saying here is I missed bits And it's not the author or the narrator's fault It's me Sad but true I am sure this was a very engrossing tale of real life detective work and treasure hunting and filled readers and listeners in on lots and lots of interesting and horrifying bits of information regarding Hitler's fascination with the occult and building himself a nice justification for his actions based on myth legend and history I'm sure because the parts I heard really most of the book were just that interesting and fascinating And because my husband said so and since it kept him awake for the whole drive I'm gonna go with that

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Hitler's Holy RelicsHad Hitler succeeded in conuering Europe he would have crowned himself Holy Roman Emperor The Nazis had in their possession priceless artifacts that would give Hitler legitimacy in his subjects’ eyes the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire including the Spear of Destiny alleged to have pierced Christ’s side at the Crucifixion Looted from the royal t. Research is for BACKstoryKirkpatrick takes a fascinating subject and turns it into thick boring paragraphs of information without almost any dialogue 99% of speech in this book is told by narration What is the point of making a novel out of this research if you have no events and no rhythm This is a long article trying to have plot only trying in the laziest possible way You can feel the documentation and I do not mean that as a compliment The book feels way too much like research itself not research backing good story You can't engage in a story when the book is organized by theme instead of events At some point we have 3 chapters in a row of the same person talking like a description of someone talking with no interruption Exemple Troche takes Horn there 20 pages description about how he explains this New chapter Troche takes Horn two doors further 15 pages description about how he explains that and so onThe interrogations which usually provide the investigation thrill are clumsy and unrealistic This overuse of narration gives a definitive feel to any information we get even from an unreliable protagonist stripping the statements testimony changes and major revelations of their weight In the end we just don't care Backcover saysIt's like Da Vinci Code except everything is trueExcept without skill Dan Brown is far from being a great author but he knows how to pull off an exciting chapter This would have made a great History magazine Instead it is an awfully flawed novel There is no emotion no life Horn is barely alive in this When he enters the Nuremberg vault he seriously describes the way the floor is made BEFORE the treasures lying on it This should have been a powerful moment for the art lover and connoisseur he is but nothing Just facts and descriptions Same thing when he finally finds the relics Worst of all are the moments when the author suddenly wakes up and attempts to describe how Horn feels I don't want to sit through terrible prose of made up emotions running through a character who does not speak It is not enough made up to feel real The very rare passages where the author had to fill the blanks are way too obvious and awkward It results in dialogs lacking credibility and characterization We do learn a lot and it is unuestionably a captivating subject So this had to be really poorly executed to feel so much like work Besides such heavy research is occasionally stained with outrageous mistakes likeZeus the god of warAre you serious Or It was as if the Knights of the Round Table had returned to Avalon and King Arthur or his evil twin accompanied by Merlin— which was how Himmler must have viewed himself strode into Camelot wearing ExcaliburThe knights should return from Avalon to Camelot Avalon is the island where Arthur is taken when he dies The fact that the author places Camelot on it makes me wander about similar shortcuts I may have failed to pick up throughout the book and assimilated as truth Please give Walter Horn to a competent author