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DOWNLOAD Kanada By Eva Wiseman î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Kanada The name meant untold riches and promise to Jutka a young Hungarian girl who was captivated by stories of a vast majestic country where people were able to breathe free of hatred and prejudice Freedom was in short supply but hatred was everywhere in HungaT hellish place there was another Kanada It was the ironic name given to the storehouse at Auschwitz where the possessions clothing and jewelry stripped from the victims were deposited and where Jutka was put to work The war may have ended but it did not end the suffering of many of the inmates of concentration camps Many had no homes to go to and if they did they were not welcome Hundreds went back to Poland and were mu. A strong look at Jews on the later Hungarian transports to concentration camps centered on a teenage girl who loses her entire family in the Holocaust but manages to survive I like that it also focused on the immediate aftermath of the war and the transition back into civilian life from the DP camps to figuring out how to move on from there with our protagonist hoping to end up in Canada the idea of which served as her motivation to make it through the war I thought everything worked well for the purposes of the story and it was a very realistic portrayal with no sugarcoating or unnecessary drama

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Kanada The name meant untold riches and promise to Jutka a young Hungarian girl who was captivated by stories of a vast majestic country where people were able to breathe free of hatred and prejudice Freedom was in short supply but hatred was everywhere in Hungary as hundreds of thousands of Jews were deported to concentration camps during the last year of WWII Jutka her friends and her family are sent to AuschwitzIn tha. It is very sad to see the world through Jutka's eyes especially when she gets separated from her friends and has to stay home as she's banned from attending school The hatred from some of the characters just makes you want to seethe in anger at how horribly they've treated Jutka and her family It almost wants you to jump in and throttle these people It's very well written in the first person point of view and Jutka is portrayed as just a normal teenage girl with friends and family she loves with the world turning upside down in a matter of months The book is somewhat divided into several parts so you go through various stages of her life It is tragic to read naturally yet the chapters are short and detail and the narration is clear and concise Reading this book won't take long as it is very interesting and you want to know the outcomes of some of the people she knew and the fate of Jutka herself What I thought was interesting to see is the sudden maturity and development of Jutka the moment she enters the camp and the sudden losses she encounters I admired her for her struggle to survive and her ability to speak up when others stayed silent Throughout the book she constantly dreams especially dreams of Canada and living there I believe those dreams were the key to her survival and they kept her hope alive among the pain and suffering of those around her and the constant threat of death over her shoulder I was afraid of what she was planning to do with the rest of her life but when she came right down to her choice I was happy for her and agreed with it I suppose the only problem I have with this book is the outcome of Tamas He was horrible to Jutka and thought he should have been left to rot However that's just my opinion I enjoyed the ending Unlike some of the Holocaust fiction I have read in the past this one leaves a glimmer of hope for her albeit bittersweet The reader can only hope for the best for Jutka Overall it was a good read It shows a great deal of strength in the face of hopelessness and suffering We can definitely learn a lot from Jutka and what she's been through

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Kanada By Eva WisemRdered Famished diseased and homeless they lived in the hopelessness of camps wondering if they could ever find a home in the world Some went to Israel but for Jutka there was only one dream left her the dream of a country full of hope where she would no longer have to live in fearEva Wiseman's powerful novel describes the war and its long difficult aftermath with compassion and tenderness From the Trade Paperback editio. Ever since reading Number the Stars I've been fascinated by the Holocaust The idea that humans could turn on each other like that has always been a disturbing idea and the Salem Witch Trials Japanese American Internment Camps Slavery and other similar topics have also attracted me for the same reason This was in some ways yet another novel about a Jewish girl's journey from persecution to Concentration Camp to a new life after the war but I think in a way that having this same story repeated by many different authors about many different countries really makes the facts that much heartbreaking Even though the story is essentially the same as many others with similar suffering and tragedy each story is still yet different and there are so many lost stories that each one we have is preciousThis is probably better for older middle school kids or readers who are ready for the tragic story Jutka is a likeable heroine and as you follow her story you realize how much luck plays into our daily survival Those experiencing modern day prejudice might be inspired by Jutka's strength or they might be further depressed by the topic so I think care is reuired in recommending this book but it is a valuable addition to the literature on WWIISwearing Violence Deprivation Prejudice and Persecution Death