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Rage By Bob WoodwaTionPresident Trump has said publicly that Woodward has interviewed him What is not known is that Trump provided Woodward a window into his mind through a series of exclusive interviewsAt key decision points Rage shows how Trump’s responses to the crises of 2020 were rooted in the instincts habits and style he developed during his first three years as presidentRage draws from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand witnesses as well as participants’ notes emails diaries calendars and co. I was not going to read this Not another Trump book Alas my friends I am weak I won't get too much into the details because honestly the book contains little that would surprise you at this point What is astonishing however is that Trump allowed Woodward to record all the imbecilic narcissistic things he said in all manner of crises He made time to chat with a journalist for hours on end to pump up his ego while a war with Iran was not out of the uestion people were protesting racial injustice outside the White House people were dying by the thousands from a disease that could have been controlled etc A further recurring theme of the interviews is that he is NUMBER ONE On Twitter on Facebook number one for African Americans number one in planning for Covid number one for the economy and on and on it goes More than once I thought he sounded like a spoilt child that always has to win and who has indulgent parents in form of cowardly senators who give him a lot of merit trophies to avoid having to deal with too bad a tantrum I can't comment much on whether Woodward should have come forward with his information sooner because as far as I could judge it wouldn't have changed much I could go on but all that I can say that really matters is VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE We can do better than thisFind my book reviews and at

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FREE READ ó Rage By Bob Woodward ñ An unprecedented and intimate tour de force of original reporting on the Trump presidency from Bob Woodward Rage goes behind the scenes like never before with stunning new details about early national security decisions and operations and Trump’s moves as he faces a global pandemic economic disaster and racial uNfidential documentsWoodward obtained 25 personal letters exchanged between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that have not been public before Kim describes the bond between the two leaders as out of a “fantasy film” as the two leaders engage in an extraordinary diplomatic minuet Rage will be the foundational account of the Trump presidency its turmoil contradictions and risks It is an essential document for any voter seeking an accurate inside view of the Trump years volatile and vivi. New Bob Woodward book will include details of 25 personal letters between Trump and Kim Jong Un Journalist Bob Woodward’s new book his second on the Trump presidency will include 25 personal letters exchanged between President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un according to details of the book revealed by publisher Simon Schuster on Wednesday The 25 letters obtained by Woodward have never been public according to the description of the forthcoming book titled “Rage”Oh Dear Not only has the emperor got no clothes The Donald has lost his Trousers

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An unprecedented and intimate tour de force of original reporting on the Trump presidency from Bob Woodward Rage goes behind the scenes like never before with stunning new details about early national security decisions and operations and Trump’s moves as he faces a global pandemic economic disaster and racial unrestWoodward the #1 internationally bestselling author of 13 #1 bestsellers including Fear Trump in the White House shows Trump up close in his entirety before the 2020 presidential elec. The immortality Trump is desperately searching for has already been created by wantonly helping to unleash a plague after nearly causing a WW3 style nuclear escalation that could have lead to a major war while downplaying racism hate and misogyny Like a child he can take no criticism never finished the deviant phase This is certainly psychologically fascinating especially regarding the latent and clinical pathology but shouldn´t there be any mechanisms to maybe make sure that the psyche of presidents ministers and members of important cornerstones of democracy is stable Not uncertain not breaking easily built on solid logic not on drivel and false accusations Trump's relationship with Kim is a prime example of a narcissistic social media obsessed hedonist without any conscience regarding the fact that he is having a bromance with a dictator keen on showing Woodward pictures of him and Kim than talking about the geopolitical and macroeconomic conseuences of the historic event Not as if he would have been able to spontaneously answer the simplest uestions about these topics without preparation maybe also one of the reasons why most of these interviews are about him his attitudes and people loving him because he is he Me me me again child behavior That Trump wants to make himself immortal can´t just be seen in the historic milestone of talking a walk with Kim but in trying to give Woodward a poster arranging the White house desk like a PR table and generally being obsessed about how cable news and social media react to him Not serious books not serious news channels not magazines the president watches TV and frenetically and obsessively scrolls social media timelines to decide what´s the best for his reputation sometimes for the country It´s not as if there would be enough monuments world wonders and megalomaniac buildings that show the desperate search for honor of mighty men by demonstrating their importance Strange and telling that they never got or get the idea of doing it with reforms and pushing positive social and cultural evolution Why not talking about a secret nuclear weapons program Would be even cooler if it would have happened live on a press conference while his generals are facepalming and eye rolling in the backgroundWould have made a great meme Possibly he would have even mentioned where it´s researched That´s just one of these points nuclear war threat that lets one ask if there isn´t still too much power concentrated in too few hands especially because I naively tended to think that there are so many consultants assistants and lobbyists that help any high ranking member of the government to make decisions It terrifyingly seems to me as if leaders still have some potentially fatal power left to just do anything they deem funny I mean how Mutually Assured Destruction is this One must imagine that leading employees were highly alarmed and stated that they deem the President unfit dangerous and generally completely incompetent without real attention span the ability to reflect and understand and many other problems Nobody knows if this is just perfectly normal for Trump or if it is his age but is again opens the uestion of how it´s possible that in a democracy where a representative function such as a President should be under control by the other elected members of the government or any similar strange control instance entities he can act just as he wishes to That´s not really what one understands and imagines when thinking about democratic elections that´s of an authoritarian government style so how is it possible that there is still so much power in the hands of some strange people without any control instances I know that I am redundant in the last 2 paragraphs but especially regarding that the danger of a Covid19 pandemic was known since the early days of February and nobody reacted in an appropriate way nowhere not in Europe not in the US just Korea and Japan going into an intelligent direction let´s one wonder about how why and especially when again What´s the next surprise government knows about for months but because the King or chancellor or leader or whatever is in a bad mood or disinterested is simply hidden Completely without ageism one has to ask just as with certain jobs or maybe one day driving if there shouldn´t be tests and or age limits for certain jobs Strangely it´s logical for a surgeon or a pilot who could hurt or kill just one or a few hundred people while world leaders able to harm and injure hundreds of millions in their own countries and globally are free to act as long as they wish although it´s biological logic that at a certain highly individual stage the effect of age influence the ability to function It´s ridiculous in each country with politicians that are far beyond 65 but the US is actually breaking the record it might be impossible to spin doctor such candidates in other countries or said with the wiseness of kidshttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvD0ZTKcertain candidates wouldn´t be elected by enlightened citizensWhich sophisticated adult would ever dare to react by asking why this very old seemingly not so healthy and mentally fit great great grandfather should be a president asking how long he will live etc Subjective note That´s why I am astonished motivated and still hopeful but extremely misanthropic regarding mostly anyone above the age of 25 to 30 It´s forbidden to think that by the stupidity of adult´s political correctness and misunderstood courtesy but as wrong as it just can be Of course also a sign of a dysfunctional mad wrong neoliberal economic paradigm where just superrich white old men can effort becoming president with programs continuing the completely wrong social direction most of the world is heading towards for soon over half a century 74 and 77 years old Trump vs Biden honestly That´s not really what one is imagining as a living active democracy the caricature of a gerontocracy To be fair I deem all except of the Scandinavian countries Swiss and the Netherlands industrial northern democracies the same messes just with different grades of suffering and pain for the citizens Social evolution has stagnated and lead to a dead ridiculous democratic system completely controlled by lobbyism not to be taken seriously any leading to a situation where comedy shows and websites such as The daily show with Trevor NoahhttpswwwyoutubecomchannelUCwWhThe onion late show with Stephen ColberthttpswwwyoutubecomchannelUCMtFetcbring depth insight and truth than all education in schools newspapers news networks and lol the representatives themselves If it wouldn´t be so sad destroy the planet and harm so many innocent people especially in the Southern hemisphere the laughs wouldn´t be that bitter A wiki walk can be as refreshing to the mind as a walk through nature in this completely overrated real life outside books of madnesshttpsenwikipediaorgwikiNeocolohttpsenwikipediaorgwikiCapitalismhttpsenwikipediaorgwikiNeolibe Establishing the lunacy usinghttpsenwikipediaorgwikiPropagahttpsenwikipediaorgwikiMediamhttpsenwikipediaorgwikiPsycholhttpsenwikipediaorgwikiPsychol The lenses it will be seen withhttpsenwikipediaorgwikiBigHishttpsenwikipediaorgwikiMacrohi I´ve in other reviews said before that I wanted to avoid soft humanities such as politics economics homeopathy whose inventor was totally nuts too etc but I just couldn´t resist sorry for that relapse is my second name after procrastinationBecause of much talk and discussion about the replication crisis I will add these thoughts to all following nonfiction books dealing with humanities in the future so you might have already seen it One could call the replication crisis the viral fake news epidemic of many fields of science that was a hidden chronic disease over decades and centuries and has become extremely widespread during the last years since the first critics began vaccinating against it provoking virulent counterarguments I don´t know how else this could end than with nothing else than paradigm shifts discovering many anachronisms and a better fact and number based research with many control instances before something of an impact on the social policy gets acceptedSome soft science books are nothing than fairytales for adults who never had the chance to built a free opinion because most of the media they consume to stay informed and get educated avoids any criticism of the current economic system Without having read or heard ideas by Chomsky Monbiot Klein Ken Robinson Monbiot Peter Singer William McDonough Ziegler Colin Crouch Jeremy Rifkin David Graeber John Perkins and others humans will always react to people like me condemning the manipulation practiced everywhere with terrifying success with anger and refusal These authors don´t hide aspects of the truth and describe the real state of the world don´t predict the future and preach the one only the true way ignoring anything like black swans coincidences or the for each small child logical fact that nobody knows what will happen and collect exactly the free available data people such indoctrinated people to ignore foreverA few points that led to the replication crisis I had an intuitive feeling regarding this for years but the replication crisis proofed that there are too many interconnections of not strictly scientific fields such as economics and politics with many humanities Look already some of the titles are biased towards a positive or negative attitude but thinking too optimistic is the same mistake as being too pessimistic it isn´t objective any and one can be instrumentalized without even recognizing it In natural sciences theoretical physicists astrophysicists physicians that were friends of a certain idea will always say that there is the option of change that a discovery may lead to a new revolution and that their old work has to be reexamined So in science regarding the real world the specialists are much open to change than in some humanities isn´t that strange It would be as if one would say that all humans are representative similar that there are no differences But it´s not each time a study is made there are different people opinions so many coincidences and uniue happenings that it´s impossible to reproduce it Scandinavia vs the normal world The society people live in makes happiness not theoretical not definitive concepts One can manipulate so many parameters in those studies that the result can be extremely positive or negative just depending on what who funds the study and does the study wants as results One could use the studies she he needs to create an optimistic or a pessimistic book and many studies about human nature are redundant repetitive or biased towards a certain result often an optimistic outcome or spectacular groundbreaking results Do you know who does that too Statistics economics politics and faith I wish I could be a bit optimistic than realistic but not hard evidence based stuff is a bit of a no go if it involves practical applications especially if there is the danger of not working against big problems by doing as if they weren´t there A few points that lead away from it 1 Tech2 Nordic model3 Open data open government 4 Blockchains cryptocurrencies uantum computing to make each financial transaction transparent and traceable5 Points mentioned in the Wiki article6 It must be horrible for the poor scientists who work in those fields and are now suffering because the founding fathers used theories and concepts that have nothing to do with real science They worked hard to build a career to just find out that the predecessors integrated methods that couldn´t work in other systems let's say an evolving computer program or a machine or a human body or anywhere except in ones´ imagination They are truly courageous to risk criticism because of the humanities bashing wave that won´t end soon As in so many fields it are a few black sheep who ruin everything for many others and the progressive a young scientist is the he is in danger of getting smashed between a hyper sensible public awareness and the old anachronism shepherds avoiding anything progressive with the danger of a paradigm shift or even a relativization of the field they dedicated their career to There has to be strict segregation between theories and ideas and applications in real life so that anything can be researched but not used to do crazy thingsThe worst bad science practice includes from Wikipedia1 The replication crisis or replicability crisis or reproducibility crisis is as of 2020 an ongoing methodological crisis in which it has been found that many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to replicate or reproduce The replication crisis affects the social sciences and medicine most severely2 The inability to replicate the studies of others has potentially grave conseuences for many fields of science in which significant theories are grounded on unreproducible experimental work The replication crisis has been particularly widely discussed in the field of psychology and in medicine where a number of efforts have been made to re investigate classic results3 A 2016 poll of 1500 scientists reported that 70% of them had failed to reproduce at least one other scientist's experiment 50% had failed to reproduce one of their own experiments8 In 2009 2% of scientists admitted to falsifying studies at least once and 14% admitted to personally knowing someone who did4 „Psychological research is on average afflicted with low statistical powerContinued in comments