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Remembrance Free download ô 104 ß Her beloved Italian homeland shattered in the wake of World War II exuisite Serena Principessa di San Tibaldo has nothing left except her name her ancestry and her heart which she gives completely and forever to Major Brad Fullerton But not even Brad's ring—or his child—can protect her from the calculating wrathNg from the war torn palazzos of Rome to the glittering avenues of Manhattan and the glamorous world of high fashion Here is the vibrant story of one woman's triumphant yet bittersweet journey of the hea. This story is about a young girl who grows up in France but is sent to the states by her grandmother when war breaks out After the war she goes back home to find that her grandmother had passed away and everything is in ruins She doesn't know what she is going to do or where she is going to live when she comes across her late grandmothers maid The maid is still working in the home that the young girl grew up in but now it is occupied by an American soldier The soldier hires her to help the elderly maid out not knowing that this was once her home and that she was a princess The soldier and Serena fall in love and he takes her back to the states to meet his family but his mother will have none of it She calls her a War Whore Despite his mothers misgivings he marries Serena Her mother in law from hell does everything she can to break them up to no avail In the mean time her brother in law falls for her and he promises to take care of her should anything happen to his brother Unfortunately his brother dies while in Korea and he takes care of Serena and confesses his love to her but she doesn't return those feelingsSerena becomes a model to raise her child and she meets and falls in love with a photographer at one of her shoots They have a whirlwind romance then he takes her to Athens where they marry Shortly afterwards she finds out about his drug use and how mean he becomes while under the influence Shortly after tragedy happens that really shocked me I have to say I didn't see that comingA sweet love story The only thing that I didn't like was the daughter getting involved with the sisters uncle I thought that was nasty and disgusting and it ruined a nice story I don't think it had to go off in that directioncreepy Otherwise a good read

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Her beloved Italian homeland shattered in the wake of World War II exuisite Serena Principessa di San Tibaldo has nothing left except her name her ancestry and her heart which she gives completely and fo. Remembrance by Danielle SteelSaraina feels like she's been on the train for days and she has been Others see the pain in her eyesShe had lived 4 years with the sisters in upstate NY and now she was on her way back home The war has ended and her home has been under terrorShe's back home but Sergio has sold all of her familys possessions and she knows she will get revenge She is hoping to get a job cleaning her old housethe house is being rented from the Army A major is in residence Margailla the old housekeeper will help her in her old house her only familyThe major Brad Fullerton is to be married to a woman in NY but he's taken a fancy to SarainaProblems arise when Patty comes to visit him and he knows he needs to break off the engagement He sets things right and relocates her to Paris They know when they arrive in the states there will be turmoilHis mother has a plan that she hopes Saraina will on board forThe book is divided into parts early years and the survival years After so much pain and sorrow she's had to get a job and watch her brother in law go to warEach of the parts have traumatic things occur and it makes the characters stronger as their lives go onAlso the oldest daughter's life is highlighted as well

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RemembranceRever to Major Brad Fullerton But not even Brad's ring or his child can protect her from the calculating wrath of the powerful Fullerton dynasty and the woman who will become Serena's bitter enemy Sweepi. There are a few books that you can connect yourself to not even knowing why This was one such book for me I remember reading it while traveling and though the beauty outside was so alluring I could not bring myself to stop reading this book you have to read it to understand what I am trying to say