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Free download The Heart of a Hero Global Search and Rescue #2 ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Rescuing Aria Sinclair is just what former SEAL Jake Silver needs in order to redeem his past mistakes Keeping her distance from Jake is what Aria needs to protect her heart As a hurricane tEril they must save themselves and others in this story of second chances and survival and the cost of bo. I love the adventure and danger mixed with romance in Susan May Warren's books It really keeps things exciting and moving along at a fantastic pace This series like some of her other recent has individual stories happening along with an over arching story line It's all connected but comes together a bit at a time I really love this approach because it keeps everything interesting It also means that you really must read these books in order to keep up with everything happeningJake is the kind of guy that runs straight into danger Literally It's as if he just cannot help himself He is a hero by all definitions and in this book he was running into danger on practically every single page It made my heart weak haha I loved his strength and determination I loved his hero kindnessAria is so smart and although she is battling some pretty big demons she really keeps things together for other people when it counts I loved watching her grow and accept herself I was glad to have met Jake and Aria in book one and know their history there because it laid the foundation of their relationship and gave understanding to how it progressed in this bookI always end Warren's books satisfied and happy but eagerly awaiting the next book They just cannot come fast enoughContent this is a Christian fiction book and has moments of stronger Christian themes Some moments of violence peril death kissing I received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions expressed are my own

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Eping her distance from Jake is what Aria needs to protect her heart As a hurricane turns paradise into p. 'You know what a hero is It's someone who does the hard thing despite the costs'Susan May Warren just cannot write a bad book She can't even write a mediocre one Her books move me than I have words adeuate to describe They are powerful moving and so spiritually nourishing'SEAL Jake was lethal fierce and willing to do whatever it took to protect her'This is the 2nd book in Warren's Global Search and Rescue series and it is Jake Silver and Aria's story Two people w ho never feel they are enough but must rely on God to get them through a Cat 5 hurricane and the dangers the aftermath brings 'Panic comes when we stop believing God is good Or that God is sovereign'Susan May Warren has the uniue ability to create characters that just jump off the page in your heart and you soon find yourself forgetting that they are fictional people They are just that real And full of emotions that the reader can relate to Not just a fantasy world populated by make believe characters This is a story that proves to the believer that God's plan is for us to accept not only His forgiveness but our own to let Him wash us clean chosen as beloved I do love this oh so important aspect of a Warren book She takes us to church and we find spiritual lessons that we can apply to our lives Reading a Susan May Warren novel is not just a great way to entertain yourself for a few hours or however long it takes you to read the book It is an experience that lives in your heart long after you close the book Well done Very highly recommendedMy thanks to Revell Publishing for a copy of this book via Net Galley

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The Heart of a Hero Global Search and Rescue #2Rescuing Aria Sinclair is just what former SEAL Jake Silver needs in order to redeem his past mistakes Ke. This second book in the Global Search and Rescue series picks up where the first one leaves off with a continuation of Jake and Aria's new and undefined relationship the appearance of Ham's secret daughter and the search for answers to his wife's mysterious disappearance It would definitely help to read The Way of the Brave first to get to know Jake and Aria since their story begins there as a subplot While the first book left me feeling frigid from the snowy mountain setting The Heart of a Hero took us to tropical Florida but no less dangerous with a hurricane devastating the area Aria is dealing with her regrets from the mountain climbing trip and her continued attraction to Jake who seems all wrong for her but of course he's just what she needs Jake is drawn to Aria and her compassionate way of drawing out his deeper feelings that he's struggling with They each have issues with their past that involve siblings and I loved that even though they are both uncertain and vulnerable with their feelings for each other they still provide support and encouragement for each other as they work through their emotions Others that they have rescued also provide inspiration with the themes of forgiveness and being enough and Mimi was a favorite The chapters from Ham's perspective were difficult for me because they dealt with past missions and flashbacks from his early relationship with Signe but I always felt like I didn't uite understand what was going on He was a source of spiritual strength for his friends in the first book but in this one he seemed lost I'm looking forward to his story being featured in the next book Overall this book provides the author's trademark adventure romance and inspiration with complex characters that you can't help but root forI received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own