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Review ´ The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt Oxford Illustrated Histories Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î Blending vividly written essays and over a hundred attractive illustrations including 32 color plates The Oxford History of Ancient EgyptBlending vividly written essays and over a hundred attractive illustrations including 32 color plates The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt is a stunningly designed and authoritative account of the once glorious civilization on the Nile Ranging from 700000 BC to 311 AD this volume portrays the emergence and development of Egypt from its prehistoric roots to its conuest by the Roman Empire The contributors all leading scholars working at the cutting edge of Egyptology incorporate the latest findings in archae. Great survey volume for those who already have a grip on historical and archaeological practices and terminology Not a volume for those with no prior interest or study of history outside of high school If a reader is just beginning to wonder about ancient Egyptian history they should hold off reading this and pick up a few of the basic historical atlases first to acclimate and educate themselves on some of the ways we've deduced the knowledge collected in this book Diving right into this book without some preparatory reading will probably bore those casually interested in the subject Examples of what to read before this would be The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations or The New Penguin Atlas of Ancient History They'll prime a beginner for the greater depth and focus offered in this excellent survey

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Ture monumental architecture funerary beliefs and much The contributors illuminate the underlying patterns of social and political change and describe the changing face of ancient Egypt from the biographical details of individuals to the social and economic factors that shaped the lives of the people as a whole The only up to date single volume history of ancient Egypt available in English The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt is a must read for everyone interested in one of the great civilizations of antiui. The Oxford History of Ancient EgyptIan Shaw CreditedRead it in paper back at a very long 554 pagesOTC Historic Side Pots first read and what a challenging beginning to this whole shenanigans A lot of us have a pretty big interest in history even though we all like different time periods so we decided on four books this year to start delving into Ancient History The Mediterranean has the most easily identifiable and well documented history thus we started with Egypt Ian Shaw is credited with writing this but it covers a very large amount of history broken into sections and widely written by a host of people including Stan Hendrix Pierre Vermeersch Beatrix Midant Reynes Kathryn Bard Jaromir Malek Stephen Seidlmayer Gae Callender Janine Bourriau Betsy Bryan Jacobus Van Dijk John Taylor Alan Lloyd and David Peacock A well established list of contributors As noted it's a large breadth of history starting at about 70000 BC till about major occupation and control by Rome in 30BC and closing 395AD As it turns out we don't know all that much about early human history and what we do know is all provided by archeology instead of written word which makes much of this very dry but informative probably exciting if human waste piles and pottery shards are your thing For us it made for some difficult early reading It moves onto cover the early pyramids the most famous ones built in very early Egypt The fact that they were able to leverage such a large work force come up with lasting architectural monuments with nearly pin point positioning and culturally deep enough to motivate their creation is most inspiring From this initial base Egypt creates an empire that's astonishing and nearly unheard of at the time The established list of contributors each cover portions of time in which the empire goes through rises glory days bad leadership divisions wars and everything else that happens over thousands of years of existence All of this precariously pieced together from monuments and the boastful inscriptions that adorn themBut that's kind of one of the problems The subject matter is so vast and the inscriptions provide a hazy picture at best which makes it hard to get a really good idea of what happened in many occasions Due to heavy theft dis regard for their cultural heritage places and the ever whisper of time it just gets harder If you are looking for a conclusive history of every period minus details of Roman occupation of Egyptian Antiuity look no further This book does not cover Egyptian religion with much detail beyond notable funeral cults and basic traditions and deities From that perspective it's a bit disappointingSo while infinitely interesting the Oxford History of Ancient Egypt incredibly dry This was the primary complaint with the tomb Out of four people attempting we had three complete but we won't be grading these Since this was our first book for this and I didn't really know how it would go I kind of dropped the ball and our meeting wasn't as stimulating as I had hoped as our conversation lacked any structure something I will need to remedy for Greece Happy Reading and onto Greece the next rock in our path

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The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt Oxford Illustrated HistoriesOlogical research as they chart the principal political events of Egyptian history from the rise of the Pharaohs and the conuest of Egypt by Alexander the Great to the ascension of the Ptolemies and the coming of Roman legions The book also includes the first detailed examinations of three periods which were previously regarded as dark ages Against the backdrop of the birth and death of ruling dynasties the writers also examine cultural and social patterns including stylistic developments in art and litera. As dry as the mummies described but covering something like 10000 years of history is going to lean that way