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FREE READ ↠ Little Demon in the City of Light Ö A delicious account of a murder most gallic—think CSI Paris meets Georges Simenon—whose lurid combination of sex brutality forensics and hypnotism riveted first a nation and then the world Little Demon in the City of Light is the thrilling—and so wonderfully French—story of a grA delicious account of a murder most gallic think CSI Paris meets Georges Simenon whose lurid combination of sex brutality forensics and hypnotism riveted first a nation and then the world Little Demon in the City of Light is the thrilling and so wonderfully French story of a gruesome 1889 murder of a lascivious court official at the hands of a ruthless con man and his pliant mistress and the international manhunt sensational trial and an inui. “Little Demon in the City of Light” is uneven There are some great parts but in other places it lags The Paris setting during the Belle Époue Paris is enticing the snippet of French criminal history especially concerning the Surete and M Goron who headed this investigation is informative but the rampant sexism and mostly the fact that Levingston never seems to comment on how that influenced this case is neglectfulThere’s one chapter that is electric It provides a brief history of Dr Charcot and how he founded the study of neurology and began to work with psychology At the Salpêtrière he studied the behaviors of his patience and later through autopsy began to piece together how abnormalities in the brain influenced the diseases associated with those symptoms Unfortunately for the demented mental patients he worked with he also began to use them as guinea pigs when he hypnotized them in front of audiences and demonstrated his power over them Not so oddly for the times these patients were women and neither Charcot nor his male audience saw any problem with exploiting and manipulating these women Levingston’s focuses on the use of hypnotism in the commission of crime as well Hypnotism was something new and unusual at this time Levingston uestions whether it was in the commission of the murder committed by con artist and thief Michel Eyraud to coerce his much younger mistressGabrielle Bompard to help him murder a mark is the main topic of “Little Demon” The crime and it’s solution and the era it was executed are all great topics I just wish Levingston had at least provided a cursory commentary concerning how sexism and exploitation and discrimination of women played a roleAn advance readers copy was provided by the publisher


Ompanion Michel Eyraud The body was then stuffed in a trunk and dumped on a riverbank near LyonAs the inuiry into the guilt or innocence of the woman the French tabloids dubbed the Little Demon escalated the most respected minds in France debated whether Gabrielle Bompard was the pawn of her mesmerizing lover or simply a coldly calculating murderess And at the burning center of it all Could hypnosis force people to commit crimes against their wi. In this book the author highlights hypnotism and a 1889 murder case set in Paris France The two main players are Gabrielle Bompard and Michel Eyraud; they both become defendants in a highly publicized case that brought hypnotism to the forefront in a Paris courtroom At issue was whether Bompard was under the influence of Eyraud or other hypnotists at the time of the murderEyraud presented as a low life psychopath and Bompard as a desperate and young woman in search of immediate financial security she was virtually on the streets having been kicked out of her house by her father The two started a tumultuous tyrst Eyraud is married and much older than Bompard The two end up murdering Toussaint Augustin Gouff'e a bailiff and millionaire for the courts providing a wide variety of services including the collection of debts; he was also a lady's man The author explains some of the uniue facets of the Paris judicial system some still in place today which seem unusual when compared to the US justice system For example the judges investigate the criminal cases examine witnesses and the evidenceand then present an outline of the facts and charges to the jury in an incriminatory manner before the prosecution and the defense start their cases The murder is particularly brutal and seemingly premeditated; Bompard lures Gouffe into a rented room under the pretense of a sexual rendezvous where he is then hung and possibly strangled in accordance with a well planned scheme including depositing the body in a large trunk cooked up by the pair Following the murder the two flee taking the trunk with them The search for the fugitives and the use of state of the art forensic tools by preeminent Paris detectives fills about one half of the book Bompard claimed she was under Eyraud's control and her lawyer argued that she was a woman with a fragile mental state There was a lot of testimony concerning hypnotism and how this may have impacted Bompard's mental capacity and ability to commit such a crime but this theory was abandoned by her lawyer during his closing argument and he simply argued that she was too fragile to be fully culpable and that the jury should have mercy on her The book contains several uniue facets of French culture and the party like atmosphere at the time and the author does an excellent job of describing the justice system the mood of the French people especially as it pertained to death penalty cases and the press during this sensational trial I recommend this book

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Little Demon in the City of LightRy into the limits of hypnotic power that ensuedIn France at the end of the nineteenth century a great debate raged over the uestion of whether someone could be hypnotically compelled to commit a crime in violation of his or her moral convictions When Toussaint Augustin Gouffé entered 3 rue Tronson du Coudray he expected nothing but a delightful assignation with the comely young Gabrielle Bompard Instead he was murdered hanged by her and her c. This is engaging well written certainly entertaining as only belle epoue Paris can be It features some of the same people as The Killer of Little Shepherds A True Crime Story and the Birth of Forensic Science since one of the centerpieces of this story is a remarkable piece of forensic detective work It never really answers its own uestions which bugged me a little no discussion of modern understandings of what hypnotism can and can't do and how Gabrielle Bompard's story stacks up and so no need to come down off the fence about whether she was as under Eyraud's thumb as she said she was or whether as he maintained she was the one controlling himLevingston occasionally has the lightning bug problem eg in describing what Emile Zola thought of women he uses the word distrustful instead of the word he means as is abundantly clear from context even if I didn't know enough about Zola's misogyny to tell which is untrustworthy But he uses primary sources one of the French detectives kept a diary which is worth its weight in gold and he tells his story with flair