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Read & Download Á Love According to Science ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã For psychology researcher Hazel Kiegen science is everything Her decision to swear off dating Totally backed by her own calculations Just don’t ask about her missing orgasms She hasn’t been able to science her way out of that litFor psychology researcher Hazel Kiegen science is everything Her decision to swear off dating Totally backed by her own calculations Just don’t ask about her missing orgasms She hasn’t been able to science her way out of that little conundrum But her biggest problem Corban Nash He’s frustrating Infuriating And deliciously adorable but that’s neither here nor there He claims to have cracked the code to falling in love and Hazel is determined to prove him wrong Corban Nash created the theory of accelerated intimacy after numerous successful tests on h. Aw Now I want a penguin Never thought a science can make a swoon worthy romance This is my first read by Miss Kingsley and I will for sure looking for her other books This is rom com The banterpush and pull between Corban and Hazel is just perfect Not to mention the prank they pull to each other Who knew a geeky scientist can be so geeky funny Their chemistry is also nicely build and I cheer them for their HEA at the end Just like the marathon What I learned from this book Never under estimate penguin 4 stars

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Is friends and family Every couple who used his uestionnaire fell in love until Corban found himself the last single guy in his social circle and a groomsman in dozens of weddings The only problem is it’s never worked on him And science hasn’t explained why Despite being the lone aberrant data point Corban believes in his research and with his new job he’ll have the resources to prove it Verifying his theory right under the nose of his nemesis Hazel Kiegen Even better There isn’t a theory in existence that will make Hazel fall in love with Corban No. Love According to Science A Hot Enemies to Lovers Romantic ComedyCorban Nash sexy nerd in hate lust with his sworn enemy Claims to have cracked the code to falling in love Hazel Kiegen brilliant but awkward Determined to prove Corban wrong When these two rivals come face to face the banter is witty the tension is delicious and the sparks are scorching hot Universal linkREAD A STEAMY EXCERPT FROM LOVE ACCORDING TO SCIENCEI let out a breath and crouched down to pick up the papers strewn around my feet Corban helped me scoop them up and I stood tapping them into a neat pile as best I could I’d have to reorganize everything at my desk “Um Hazel”“Yes”He cleared his throatI took my copies off the paper tray and tucked them into a folder “What”“Your um buttons”I looked at him first before his words registered His eyes flicked down to my chest and suddenly everything seemed to be moving in slow motion His tongue did a tantalizing dance across his lower lip drawing it into his mouth Then he caught it with his teeth in a bite that sent a very unexpected rush of heat straight between my legsSuppressing a gasp I clenched my thighs And then I realized what he’d just said My buttonsI glanced down and sure enough not just one but two of my shirt buttons had popped open while I’d been gathering my papers off the floorI’d already worn my shirt with the top button undone—perfectly work appropriate—but with the loss of two my chest was on full display With all the sexually frustrated baking I’d been doing lately I’d put on a few pounds and most of it had gone to my boobs If a girl had to gain a little weight that wasn’t a bad place for it But it also meant my clothes didn’t fit uite as well in the chest And right now my boobs were not only spilling out of my open shirt they seemed to be trying their hardest to pop right out of my bra cupsI stood frozen Transfixed by the predatory gleam in Corban’s eyes By the conflict I could see raging through him I could feel the effort it took for him to tear his gaze away and a part of me way in the back of my brain recognized that for the gentlemanly action that it wasThen he made eye contactA potent mix of intense desire and irritation poured through me How dare he sneak up on me and make me drop my things so I had to bend over and make the buttons on my shirt pop open so he got a good look at my boobs“Why are you even here” I snapped“I was working”“You shouldn’t have scared me”He took a step closer “It was an accident”The pressure between my legs grew his proximity in the small space making my entire body tingle Almost involuntarily my eyes darted to his groin The tenting in his slacks was unmistakable And impressiveHe inched toward me adjusting his glasses The whirlpool sensation in my belly left me feeling light headed and tingly I was well aware that my shirt was still open and I wasn’t making any attempt to fix it But the closer he got the harder my heart beat and the the pressure between my legs begged me to do something about itSomething crazySomething recklessSomething so ill advised I was angry at myself for even thinking itAngry at him for making me think itI had to break the spell so I reached for that anger grabbing it and holding it tight “Your research is bad and you have no business being here”But the words I threw at him did not have their desired effect He didn’t back away He didn’t even stop He took another step closer his eyes locked with mine his jaw set “You’re too close minded and can’t admit when you’re wrong”“You think you can distract me with your gifts” I glanced at the bulge in his pants again “But it won’t work”“You’re the one trying to distract me with all this” His eyes flicked down “It’s very unfair”He moved closer so close we were almost touching and my body tensed with anticipation “I don’t like you” I whispered“Good I don’t like you either”His mouth crashed into mine his lips firm I grabbed his shirt and yanked him against me meeting his angry kiss with my own He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck holding me in place and invaded my mouth with his tongue The wet velvety softness slid against mineGod he knew how to kiss Damn himHe shoved his thigh between my legs forcing them apart My skirt rode up and I moaned into his mouth at the sudden pressure against my clit Do not dry hump his leg Hazel Do notObviously I didWith a fleeting thought that I’d forgive myself for this later because I was that desperate for an orgasm I tilted my hips and ground myself against his thighOh dear god yes The friction and pressure were just what I neededHe growled into my mouth still kissing me and grabbed my backside With his fingers digging into my ass cheek he pressed me against his thigh encouraging my movement The throbbing pressure between my legs was blindingly intense Holding me tight he rubbed me against his leg in a steady rhythm helping me chase the orgasm that was already tantalizingly closeWait helping meHe wanted me to come He wanted to give me an orgasm right here Fully clothed Using his legOh no I was not going to be a good cooperative girl Not for Corban NashI sank my teeth into his lower lip and he grunted pulling me tighter against him The hard thickness of his arousal dug into my belly an invitation too tempting to resist I slid my palm down his body and wrapped my hand around his cock through his pantsHe grunted again the noise rumbling in his throat and sueezed my ass cheek harder“I still don’t like you” I said my voice breathy “Me neither” he growled Fisting his hand in the back of my hair he tilted my head to the side Scraped his teeth down my neck “But I’m going to make you come anyway”“No you’re not” Yes please make me come Corban PleaseHe kept nibbling and licking my skin his thigh still firmly planted between my legs His other hand slid to my breast and he rubbed my hard nipple through the thin fabric of my bra It was stupidly unfair how good he was at this“Yes I am Tell me you want it Hazel”Shuddering I moaned We couldn’t We were at workAnd I couldn’t give in Not to himBut it was late We were aloneAnd this felt so good“Say it” His fist tightened in my hair and he sucked on my neck “I have to hear you say yes”I did want it I wanted it than I wanted to be right More than I wanted to win “Yes”

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Love According to ScienceT even with his sexy half smile and temptingly muscular body But from the moment these two rivals meet sparks fly And when they put his uestionnaire to the test the results aren’t what either of them expect Author’s note Stand alone romcom featuring a hot nerdy hero in hate lust with his sworn enemy A heroine with book smarts and a fluffy cat named Erwin So much awkwardness and geeky banter Super hot hate sex Badass lady friendships with a widening circle of trust And an HEA that will leave you swooning with happiness and your heart exploding with glitt. This is second in a series and characters overlap and are present enough that you probably want to read in order though the author takes some care to provide enough context that it isn't necessaryThis has many of the same weaknesses as the first I have to subtract nearly a decade for the characters to sound reasonable and the author has a heavy hand on situations to make drama I'm dnfing at 75% for pretty much that reason—they've fallen for each other and a single conversation would should end the story These are talky people and neither one a coward And both have this really stupid I can't do relationships like normal people because reasons thing that has been the only thing keeping them apart anyway Which is negative motivation enough to drag the plot out for long enough already so having the author manipulate it longer still is driving me low grade crazyAnd it doesn't help that the relationship so far is based on lust and tingly bits Okay I'm doing the author a minor injustice here because she actually does fairly well at showing them connect deeper even though their primary explicit connection is all sex Which becomes part of my problem because again them not talking about it is deeply uncharacteristicAnyway things are shaping up for a dumb dark moment to happen and for very smart people who study human behavior for fun and profit and have no trouble reading subtle cues in others to misread each other because the author says so Really it's a sloppy mess that doesn't deserve the second star I was going to give it for reasons I can't recall after writing all this down Negative Motivations I kind of hate that the term negative motivation isn't widespread yet Since it isn't I'm going to save off this little jag to append to my reviews that feature the term Jennifer Crusie blogged about it a bit back or if that link doesn't work here's a cache of the original and it changed how I understand story The problem with the term is that if you've never heard it before you'd assume it meant motivations that are harmful or immoral Not so What it refers to is motivations not to do something The thing is that many of us are motivated to not do things for a lot of different perfectly valid and reasonable reasons The problem is that in a story motivations to not do things are a huge drag on the plot—particularly considering the fact that most negative motivations are overcome by the character simply deciding they don't care any or rather that they do care and are now motivated to do the thing So not only do you have a counter to action but you also have a situation where to overcome it all a character has to do is change their mind Which means eventually the reader is rooting for the character to get over himherself already and do the thing we want them to do Conflict drives story Conflict between a reader and a main character drives readers away from story