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free read I Never Promised You a Rose Garden · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó I Never Promised You a Rose Garden is the story of a sixteen year old who retreats from reality into the bondage of a lushly imagined but threatening kingdom and her slow and painful journey back to sanityChronicles the three year battle of World of her own creation emphasizing her relationship with the doctor who gave her the ammunition of self understanding with which to help herself. This is a brilliant book and perhaps deserves than three stars but there are certainly problems most having to do with our better understanding of schizophrenia in recent times As a historical document the book powerfully represents a world in which large industrial size mental hospitals were considered advanced state of the art facilities Seclusion rooms and cold packs trapping a patient in ice cold sheets were also considered constructive treatments as was intensive psychoanalysis for psychosis Greenberg's descriptions are poignant in this respect especially because she was herself a patient in real life She seems to have found the cold packs seclusion confinement in a prison like ward to be stabilizing and helpful which reminds one of how few options were available for sick people at the time The other weakness is the depiction of other characters besides the mental patient Deborah Blau There is much subtlety and complexity in these portrayals but there is also a frustrating resort to stereotypes and superficiality The parents Esther and Jacob are represented sympathetically but flatly and are also blamed in part for the psychosis an outdated attitude The younger sister Suzy is even sketchily represented The family I'm sure would have suffered much intensely than Greenberg represents especially since they are given only vague reports on their daughter's well being Also Dr Fried although represented as a heroic figure is never fully fleshed out and neither are the other mental health workers I admired the book tremendously but it was also uite frustrating

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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden is the story of a sixteen year old who retreats from reality into the bondage of a lushly imagined but threateni. To get below the surface of this book one must invest himselfherself This I was willing to do As a fellow sufferer of mental illness I long for memoirs of those who've gone through the same as me It's easy to read a book without really getting it and that's why the people in other reviews have given this book below five stars They're uick to say it's boring afraid of the cause the book gives for deep thinking which they probably haven't been able to grasp They're the ones who've never gone through such mental illness and hopefully never will This book wasn't written for them so of course they'd feel that way This book was meant for those of my ilkMy mind never created its own world gods gestures language like Deborah's and the author's did but the mental illness aspect is enough commonality The knowledge of being painfully different in a normal world peopled with humans who're so luckily hinged Titans the author calls them for being able to live the right way though they don't realize their strengthyes I have this The want for the Maybe but also the fear of itI have this too These depictions in the book reach out for those of us who've gone through the sameThe strange intelligence of the mentally ill rings beautifully in this book though some of the things Deborah says are tough to get at times She speaks in metaphors and the meaning's not always clear Happily for her she has Dr Fried who knows just how to handle Deborah and is on level with her in a way most other doctors couldn't be At some point in the book Fried goes on a trip leaving Deborah in the hands of Dr Royson a man with totally different methods than Fried While Fried understood Deborah's need for Yr to be acknowledged as real as it WAS to Deborah Royson painfully tried to drive home the lie of its existence and Deborah can't handle his ways of therapy This instance shows that people can't just go out to a doctor and hope to find the right one It takes sometimes several tries to find someone on the right level which might seem obvious to some but others still don't realize this Fried was perfect for Deborah understanding the crucial need for Deborah not to be lied to Several times she said that the world would not be perfect Life would be unjust I never promised you a rose garden Saying these things early on and often led to Deborah being able to handle life's ups and downs eventually though she still had slip upsFried also was able to eventually track down each of Deborah's core problems to their source a miracle which doesn't happen often in psychology Fried saw that there was hope in Deborah because Deborah subconsciously realized that the defense she created from the real world Yr had become not just an escape but also a trap She cuts herself in her plea for help not in a suicide attempt and this leads her to being put in the hospital where she realizes she belongs almost instantly She has something in her that's fighting to get out and that's what leads to her being one of the few to overcome her illness Another part of the book I liked is Greenberg's showing not only Deborah's thoughts but the parents as well In their turmoil and love we see that it's not their fault that Deborah began to suffer So often we're uick to think that all problems stem from the home lifemaybe an alcoholic father a mother who doesn't listen That's not the case with Deborah's parents They're truly loving which is proof that mental illness can occur to those with even the best family life this is the case of me also Mental illness can stem from anything really and I hate that people think of instances leading up to it as being measurable using their personal opinions to judge whether the trauma is proportional to the mental suffering thereafter If they hear about a girl who had a bad surgery experience that was one of the core reasons for a later mental illness they're less likely to take the illness seriously I think this is a major fault with people today Mental illness can't be measured like this; instances that might not affect some to much extent affect others greatly and we have no right to say one instance is worthy a reason for illness than any other Those who've never had an illness like this are prone to this kind of thinkingthey'd do well instead not to form an opinion at all

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I Never Promised You a Rose GardenNg kingdom and her slow and painful journey back to sanityChronicles the three year battle of a mentally ill but perceptive teenage girl against a. When we meet Deborah she’s on her way to a mental hospital She’s two years short of finishing high school and she’s recently been hospitalized for slitting her wrists Her mother at least is aware that there’s something not uite right about Deborah but she can’t really put her finger on what it is A famous therapist agrees to work with Deborah to help her sort out her problems Only pages into this novel readers glimpse Deborah’s uniuely frightening psychological landscape – the land of Yr It used to be of a fantasy retreat for her and she’d spend hours days with the gods of Yr Anterrabae Lactamaeon soaring as a bird or running across the plains But things started to change There were the voices from the Pit telling her how broken and poisonous she was and there was the Censor who promised to keep her safe keep her sane keep the secrets of Yr from the outside world but who also began to control everything Deborah did everything she was It is Deborah’s job with the help of her therapist Dr Fried Furii as she becomes known in the language of Yr to turn to the real world to attempt to live in it and eventually to leave Yr behind Deborah’s just starting to feel that she might have the strength to do thatAfter reading this it struck me how very fragile people are I Never Promised You a Rose Garden is based on real events in Joanne Greenberg’s life how could anything so rich so strange so fully formed so psychological painful not be – her own mental illness and her own struggle to return to the world Things happen to us when we’re vulnerable and some people work through them while others are broken in terrible ways – they fracture they hide they throw up shields and for awhile these coping mechanisms work for them What strange creatures we are to do such things In Deborah’s case a number of things come into play but there’s this seed incident when she’s a child – a tumor that’s removed never adeuately explained and the lies that surround the surgery and recovery that really start her down the path into madness I kept wondering “How did it get so out of control How did it get to this point” I’m not sure I’d have the patience to be anyone’s guide out of madness It takes years for Deborah to start making the kind of progress that her parents can see – getting to the point where she can be on the “B” floor with privileges to go out on the grounds into town stay out after dark Eventually she’s allowed to make contact with the community – join two choirs a sewing group get her own place to live study for the GRE And she continues to have setbacks – periods when she can’t handle it Even at the end Deborah returns to the mental hospital to take a breather and realizes what her presence feels like to the other women on the ward – like the work is impossible She wishes she had the way the words to tell them what it’s really like Deborah’s character is very insightful – into her own problems into the issues of the other women she comes to know – and she’s also incredibly intelligent – it just seems to come out wrong awkwardly Being “of the world” myself it was sometimes hard to figure out what she was getting at when she tried to speak but her inner thoughts were incredibly lucidThere was a time where I was reading all kinds of things like this – The Bell Jar Girl Interrupted – all kinds of things on depression and madness I wonder if we all go through stages like this where we’re dying to know what breaks someone what insanity is like how to crawl out of it if it turns out that we’re actually one of the mad Deborah’s story was a fascinating trip down into insanity and back up again Note I believe this may have been published under a pseudonym – Hannah Green – initially Joanne Greenberg makes reference to a “Hannah Green” in her afterword