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READ ò Infinite Vision Õ THE WISDOM OF AN IMPOSSIBLE ORGANIZATION “Again may I say how profoundly I admire your work and how deeply gratifying it is for me to hear that you appreciate mine” —Peter F Drucker in a letter to Aravind’s founder Dr V When a crippling disease shattered his lifelong ambition Dr V Venkataswamy chose an impossible new dream toMmad Yunus Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and founder Grameen Bank “A must read for anyone interested in leadership service and the building of institutions that release the best energies of the human spirit” Jacueline Novogratz founder and CEO Acumen Fund and author of The Blue Sweater “Aravind may be a case study for MBA students and a model social business but to me this book told a story with elegance clarity and intimacy” Fred de Sam Lazaro Correspondent PBS NewsHour “In the world of blindness Dr V has performed a miracle” Ram Dass author of Be Here Now and cofounder Seva FoundationOne hundred percent of the authors’ royalties are being gifted to Aravind’s sight restoring work ?. This is a 20 page story that has been stretched across 280 pages The initial few chapters were interesting Aravind Eye Hospital is such a uniue and laudable business model and Dr V its founder is a really inspiring personality but less than halfway through the book it gets really boring and repetitive Aravind is uniue because its mission and vision is so different and compassionate X 10 Would recommend Chapter 1 6 only

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THE WISDOM OF AN IMPOSSIBLE ORGANIZATION “Again may I say how profoundly I admire your work and how deeply gratifying it is for me to hear that you appreciate mine” Peter F Drucker in a letter to Aravind’s founder Dr V When a crippling disease shattered his lifelong ambition Dr V Venkataswamy chose an impossible new dream to cure the world of blindness The tiny clinic he founded in India defied conventional business logic and is now the largest provider of eye care on the planetAt Aravind patients choose whether to pay or not Millions are treated for free yet the organization remains stunningly self reliant Serving everyone from penniless farmers to the president it delivers world class outc. Aravind A Social Enterprise with Scale and Impact to Match Grameen Bank“At first glance it seemed a venture far too uixotic to be effective But when intuitive goodness is pitted against unthinkable odds it stirs the imagination and awakens possibility” This is the spirit in which Pavithra Mehta approaches her history of the world famous vision care center her great uncle founded in South India 35 years ago It is a truly astonishing story — one with profound implications for development throughout the Global South “Today the Aravind Eye Care System is the largest and most productive blindness preention organization on the planet During the last 35 years its network of five eye hospitals in South India have treated than 32 million patients and performed than 4 million surgeries the majority either ultrasubsidized or free” Eually important Aravind also serves as a global resource center for opthalmology training one out of every seven Indian eye doctors consulting on management and technical issues with eye hospitals in 69 countries and operating a state of the art research center In 1958 Dr Govindappa Venkataswamy reached the mandatory retirement age of 58 in his government post and retired to Madurai a celebrated city of one million people in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu Inspired by his guru and the deeply felt spiritual values he had long held he enlisted his brothers and sisters virtually all of them opthalmologists like him to help him found an 11 bed eye hospital Dr V as he was widely known set the fledgling nonprofit hospital on course to provide cataract surgery to all who needed it regardless of their ability to pay He and his family implemented a staggered fee schedule charging market rates to those with the ability to pay and a heavily subsidized rate to those with limited means but worked free of charge to those who could pay nothing — allowing every patient to choose his or her own level of payment A future President of India once received free care Miraculously this approach allowed Aravind to earn a profit from its earliest days until the present Surplus funds permitted Dr V to build first one new eye hospital then three and later to fund a manufacturing plant for intraocular lenses and a world class opthalmological research center The uality of Aravind’s eye care services and of the lenses produced in its factory match or exceed the standards of the West In fact a recent study compared Aravind’s surgical outcomes to those of the members of the Royal College of Opthalmologists of the UK — and “found Aravind’s complication rates to be less than those of its British counterparts” Similarly when one senior Aravind surgeon lectured on corneal ulcers at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary “the faculty adviser told his residents ‘The amazing stuff you just saw — don’t try it here We don’t have that kind of expertise’” Today Aravind employs 3200 persons Dr V passed away in 2006 at the age of 88 but his younger brothers and sisters remain involved in Aravind — although they have passed the reins of management to first one and then a third generation of this truly remarkable family Aravind currently counts 21 opthalmologists in Dr V’s family among its staff Aravind’s business model is uniue in many ways It’s a nonprofit that consistently turns a profit It subjects the most modest and obscure processes at work in the hospital to exacting statistical analysis — everything from the manner in which custodians clean the floors to the number of sutures its surgeons employ — and as a result has attained a level of efficiency that would bring smiles to the faces of the most demanding Japanese plant manager It shares its management secrets and they are many with all comers with an openness and a willingness to train competitors that is simply extraordinary It pioneered the use of eye care “camps” — one day events staged in towns and villages throughout the state of Tamil Nadu to generate large numbers of surgical patients busing them into the nearest hospital in the Aravind system Dr V’s daily journal assiduously updated throughout his days at Aravind reflects the breadth and depth of the uestions he never stopped asking For example “How was Buddha able to organize in those days a religion that millions follow How did the disciples of Christ spread their mission around the world” Yet Dr V also freuently spoke of his dream to bring efficiency consistency and low cost to eye surgery the way McDonald’s did to hamburgers Aravind remains today a pure expression of the vision and the spirit of unending inuiry that he brought to the venture from the outsetFrom wwwmalwarwickonbookscom


Infinite VisionOmes at less than a hundredth of what similar services cost in advanced nations Its model is emulated by organizations everywhere from Rwanda to San Francisco Infinite Vision uncovers the radical principles behind Aravind’s baffling success Charged with profound insights and stories it draws readers to the heart of Dr V’s selfless vision proving how choices that seem uixotic can when executed with compassion and integrity yield incredible results results that can light the eyes of millions “Reveals the power of a model that combines business discipline with compassion May the wisdom of Dr V and Aravind shared here inspire many such initiatives for the well being of future generations” Muha. Soulful I never felt such a strong connection with a business book It goes deep into the reasons behind Aravind's success and beautifully describes the spiritual journey of Dr V that led to the outer transformative action Aravind Hospital aims at bringing higher consciousness to transform mind body and soul of people It is not a mechanical structure repairing eyes It has a deeper purposeHe believes that when selfless intentions drive an undertaking and when people truly attempt to understand themselves and their work within the vast interconnectedness of the world they can effect profound changeI’m filled with gratitude for the authors Pavi and Suchitra who wrote this book with complete honesty The monumental effort that must have gone into truly understanding the journey of 30 years is clearly visible Most books in this genre feel like a fairytale but this one is different It talks about the struggles of staying relevant family tensions changes in leadership patriarchy within the system and the almost impossible task of sustaining values over time and scaleIt is a must read for everyone