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Review · One Step After Another (The After Another Trilogy, #1) Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ê He finds the unfindable but she’s terribly good at hiding Penny Dunsworth is dead Well she should be—a piece of her certainly is The broken girl she once??s never once been able to catch her in the five years that he spent searching Until now The promise he made to find the girl who disappeared without a trace turned into an obsession that changed his life But the woman he was looking for is only a shadow of who he finds She’s dangerous for his heart and life and so are the secrets she’s protecting One can only play with monsters for so long before they start to notice you’re not the sa. I am in book heaven right nowMy heart is still pumping so hard I need a drink Actually I need two Bethany Kris you have outdid yourself I am seriously in awe of you Let me tell you Bethany Kris is one of the few authors who writes mafia romance well She is one of the few authors who takes me on a wild ride with her explosive books that offer decadent storylines and stunning characters I am always spellbound with her words Her mesmerizing writing always captivates me Her world is full of colour and opens your eyes to fantastic and hard hitting stories One Step After Another is the enticing first book in The After Another series written by Bethany Kris that delves deep into a brillant dark suspense with an emotional edge Bethany Kris utterly grips you with a thrilling and titillating story that tangles you in a web of fast paced action raw emotion and mouth watering chemistry I was hooked I was blown away Gritty Emotional Thrilling One Step After Another is a sensational and sexy dark masterpiece that wrecks your heart with a powerful and soul touching storyline of surviving and protecting the ones you love One Step After Another is not for the faint of heart It is an addictive tale full of twists and turns and palpable suspense that will consume your soul One Step After Another will forever leave its mark on you Can someone please give me another drink Dear Bethany Kris thank you for writing Penny and Luca Their chemistry is seductive intense and sexy Penny is a badass ueen with such a broken past that breaks your heart Luca is the sexiest alpha in search of her Both of them take you on an electrifying ride and utterly breathtaking chemistry I am so ready for book 2 I need my answers One Step After Another is truly a must read if you love dark reads ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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He finds the unfindable but she’s terribly good at hiding Penny Dunsworth is dead Well she should be a piece of her certainly is The broken girl she once was no longer exists Now a trained assassin for The League she’s turned into the worst nightmare for the monsters who once haunted her every waking moment She has to be it’s the only way to keep her past safe That is if she can keep it from catching up Luca Puzza is chasing a ghost He?. I hate reviewing these types of trilogiesduets There I said it This is especially grueling when there is zero I can say to you about the book itself So this is me struggling for the better part of a week on how to review this book cricketsNevertheless I have some thoughts I’d like to share One is if you think you can zip right thru this story think again I like my stories to be true to life so I’m well versed in all kinds of realities and I couldn’t do it I’ve been around the block a time or two so I don’t look at life thru rose colored glasses and I still couldn’t do it I need you to hear me when I say that this story lives in the dark shadows of society This part of the trilogy takes place in today’s timeline and I still couldn’t do it Why Because there are moments on the page that are mere recollections for our heroine but for me it was like BAM and I had to pause You may be completely different I don’t know I just want to be crystal clear in letting you know the warning statement in the synopsis is real Another thought I’d like to share is that Bethany Kris writes ridiculously well I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be inside her head but it must be glorious The plot unfolds in a way where even though you kinda know where the story is headed you are still surprised when it gets there because it’s never a clear cut blackwhite situation It can always turn on a dime and you just never know I said this in a status update while reading This is a lot and we’ve barely covered the surface Also I’m crying like a baby right now of what was what is and what I am sure will be sigh This story is going to rip you apart and hopefully put you back together It is perverse and vile and deals with the lowest of humanity But I just finished reading the present and Penny survived an unimaginable childhood and is here to set things right and I can’t wait to read how she triumphs Grab your copy of One Step After Another TODAY | | | | Play |

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One Step After Another The After Another Trilogy #1Me In this world predators can just as easily become prey Except she stopped being a victim long ago And it’s time for this to end Note One Step After Another is book one of the After Another trilogy following the same couple over a journey that takes them from present to past to future The books should be read in order The trilogy discusses triggering topics that may be uncomfortable for some Please be advised and read at your own discreti. ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 STARSLuca and Penny’s story was utterly compelling I need to know what happens next BK is one of my favourite authors and she delivered another Incredible book One Step After Another by Bethany Kris is an EPIC read that will join the ranks of the BIBLIO ARISTOCRACY