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Terry Jones' BarbariansTerry Jones' Barbarians takes a completely fresh approach to Roman history Not only does it offer us the chance to see the Romans from a non Roman perspective it also reveals that most of those written off by the Romans as uncivilized savage and barbaric were in fact organized motivated and intelligent. This wonderful book tells the history of the Roman Empire with the humour and irony one would expect from Terry Jones best known as a member of Monty Python the small but very decent collection of historical books he has written are not yet as well known This book was a tremendous amount of fun to read Below I mention the things it is about conclusions reached and so on But really the best thing about it was that I loved picking it up to read ; it was the treat at the end of the day and I started rationing the last chapters because I wanted it to last longer almost than I wanted to read the final partOne important part of this book is that it lets us see the Roman invasions from the point of view of all the other nations and cultures that Rome stomped on and all too often completely stomped out Hence it is called ‘Barbarians; an alternative Roman history’For me the most exciting thing about this history is that it explains the Roman Empire in a way I can understand For years I have wanted to understand the history of Rome I have read books about it often the ‘classics’ and at the end of the day had no overview of Rome it's army's it borders or it's Empire at all A good book about Rome in Britain leaves one mystified about the rest of the empire A very sensible discussion about the movement of forces in Europe leaves one completely unable to grasp what Africa had to do with anything and so on an so forthTerry breaks down his book into parts that cover the Celts Barbarians everyone not Roman remember from the north from the south and then the Vandals and Huns separately He deals with the different borders of the empire one by one explaining how what was happening on the other front affected each area The 'East Empire' the 'West Empire' the simultaneous multiple Emperors what the hell Rome was doing in Persia and Egypt anyway all the things I could never get my head around are covered Terry also tells the initial story of Rome the city and how it mobilised in the first place For the first time ever I think I understand how the thing worked up until about the Fifth Century the end of the book I also have a much better picture of how the Roman Catholic Church came about Terry does not seem to care for Catholicism much and he is not complimentary about it at all But if you ever wondered how it got a stranglehold on worldwide Christianity in the first place the last bit of the book makes it uite clear I have always thought that there are a lot of inconsistencies between what Catholicism says it is about and what it actually does Based on what I have read in this book several of those inconsistencies can be traced very directly to the fact that the religion developed in the Roman culture and as an inheritor of the Roman Empire which was in some strife by the fifth century when the Pope got the Roman decree making him in charge of the catholic churchI also came to a few other conclusions; I already knew Rome destroyed pretty much everything it touched ecologically and culturally so no surprises there I have walked away with a better understanding of how Europe fell into ‘the dark ages’ and we can point to Rome for that too; they crushed out all the science unless it could be used in war leached out all the wealth and the academically inclined if they were of use in war and suashed cultural achievements replacing them with Romanisation which is to say circuses and eventually there was none leftMy other surprise was this; I was always unclear how women came to have such a subverted role in classical European culture Yes I have read some feminist literature and yet A Celtic woman BC was an independent entity with rights and there were laws protecting her property and person even after she married An English Edwardian woman however had fewer rights and less freedoms that a contemporary Arab woman in Africa though sharia has since put paid to that It looks like we can lay that one on Rome as well; Rome did not give women rights they were the possessions of whichever male happened to be head of the family and as Rome crushed to cultures it rolled over it seems to have taken that notion with themIt was a fascinating book I was glad to read about Rome from the very civilised Barbarian perspectives We all know that the winner writes the history so thank you Terry for making it possible to a have look at what events might have looked like before the Roman spin doctors got at the history books

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Groups of people with no intentions of overthrowing Rome and plundering its Empire This original and fascinating study does away with the propaganda and opens our eyes to who really established the civilized world Delving deep into history Terry Jones and Alan Ereira uncover the impressive cultural and. Interesting perspective on the Roman Empire from the point of view of its neighbors and the non Roman peoples who surrounded it Popular history covering an approximately 700 year period from the Roman Republic through the Imperial period and up to various falls this book is only about 300 pages and also associated with a BBC documentary series of the same name so it's not especially in depth but does provide a decent general history of Rome's relationship with it's neighbors Sometimes a bit oversimplified but that's not surprising Also the term Barbarians is a slight misnomer as while the book covers many groups that the Romans and many later writers felt fit the description Gauls Britons Goths Vandals Franks Germans Huns he also includes Greeks and ParthiansPersians The later part of the book also delves a fair bit into early Christianity and especially the conflicts between Trinitarian Catholic and Arian Christians Not especially well balanced though; the book definitely leaves you feeling that he had an axe to grind

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characters ï Terry Jones' Barbarians è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Terry Jones' Barbarians takes a completely fresh approach to Roman history Not only does it offer us the chance to see the Romans from a non Roman perspective it also reveals that most of those written off by the Romans as uncivilTechnological achievements of the Celts Goths Persians and Vandals In this paperback edition Terry and Alan travel through 700 years of history on three continents bringing wit irreverence passion and scholarship to transform our view of the legacy of the Roman Empire and the creation of the modern worl. Having learned history as written by the winners I found this an interesting addition to my knowledge of European history Terry Jones as a writer is knowledgeable and witty He added a touch of humor to what is considered by most to be a dry topic If you want to find out about just who the people were whom the Romans dubbed barbarians this is a good easy read to do so There's even a handy timetable in the front