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characters Witness for the Defense: The Accused, the Eyewitness and the Expert Who Puts Memory on Trial

Read & Download Witness for the Defense: The Accused, the Eyewitness and the Expert Who Puts Memory on Trial ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ The study of memory had become my specialty my passion In the next few years I wrote dozens of papers abouThe University of Washington and perhaps importantly into hundreds of courtrooms as an expert witness on the fallibility of eyewitness accounts As she has explained in numerous trials and as she convincingly argues in this absorbing book eyewitness accounts can be and often are so distorted that they no longer resemble the trut. A really good but deeply depressing book on how memory and eyewitness testimony can ruin lives Less a treatise on memory this book is an autobiography focusing on Dr Loftus' work as an expert witness for defendants in criminal trials I particularly appreciated the insight into why she did the work she did how she chose the clients to testify for and even her troubling refusal to participate in the Demjanjuk trial The depressing parts of this book are the descriptions of the absolute destruction of people's lives And this damage isn't only inflicted on those who were falsely accused andor convicted but the victims themselves In one case children's mothers essentially convinced their children that they were sexually abused by a camp counselor Now these children have to live their whole lives not only convinced that this horrible abuse happened but the person they are sure committed the abuse got away with it Another victim this time of rape was so convinced that her identification of her assailant was correct that when another man actually confessed to the crime she refused to believe him This long lasting victimization of those who were already victims is heart breakingThe other depressing part of this book is that despite being written in 1991 it doesn't seem like much has changed People are still falsely accused and convicted based solely on eyewitness accounts Luckily we now have DNA evidence that can help exonerate the falsely convicted but the process is still insanely expensive both in dollars spent and lives ruined Even with no active malfeasance on the part of police and prosecutors people are sent to prison or if found not guilty must live the rest of their lives with that suspicion hanging over them And the victims of the original crime never get the justice they deserve Because I read the paper edition of this book I will include my highlights hereThat's the frightening part the truly horrifying idea that our memories can be changed inextricably altered and that what we think we know what we believe with all our hearts is not necessarily the truth p 13Truth and reality when seen through the filter of our memories are not objective facts but subjective interpretative realities p 20When the police have a suspect they often show the witness a photo array and produce the actual lineup only if an identification is made Almost invariable only the person identified from the photo lineup also appears in the in person lineup and almost invariably the witness identifies the person he saw in the photos This is called a phot0 biased lineup and the chances of a mistaken identification rise dramatically in such a situation p 26We are a society that every fifty years or so is afflicted by some paroxysm of virtue an orgy of self cleansing through which evil of one kind or another is cast out From the witch hunts of Salem to the communist hunts of the McCarthy era to the current shrill fixation on child abuse there runs a common thread of moral hysteria uote by Dorothy Rabinowitz p 127Justice would less often miscarry if all who are to weigh evidence were conscious of the treachery of human memory Yes it can be said that while the court makes the fullest use of all the modern scientific methods when for instance a drop of dried blood is to be examined in a murder case the same court is completely satisfied with the most unscientific and haphazard methods of common prejudice and ignorance when a mental product especially the memory report of a witness is to be examined uote by Hugo Musterberg p 156Most people are unaware that new information can influence their original recollection of an event They don't know that as we take new information in it is gradually incorporated into our original memory Believing that this metamorphosed memory is and always has been the real memory the true unalterable indivisible copy of our primary experience all those months or years ago we become fiercely committed to it p 168What happened in those two months to change the witness' mind He'd seen pictures of Mr Haupt he'd read descriptions of the suspect and he knew that he was looking for a man with a pronounced bald spot His original memory of a full head of hair was wiped out erased by this new information and the bald spot nestled comfortably into his memory becoming in his mind the real and original memory p 168Like most people jurors tend to believe there is a strong relationship between how confident a witness is and how accurate he or she is p 170But if he was innocent To sit there and feel the cold stares of people who immediately presume your guilt To be forced to participate in the anguish of the victims to know that your face is the face in their nightmares the face they have come to hate p 202Fear turns inward; it eats your soul Anger can be directed outward toward others p 204

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The study of memory had become my specialty my passion In the next few years I wrote dozens of papers about how memory works and how it fails but unlike most researchers studying memory my work kept reaching out into the real world To what extent I wondered could a person's memory be shaped by suggestion When people witness a se. I wanted straightforward non fiction about how and WHY eyewitnesses' memories work or fail in a courtroom setting This had too much dialog and description which I suspect were invented to give a fiction y style and not enough science for my purposes

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Witness for the Defense The Accused the Eyewitness and the Expert Who Puts Memory on TrialRious automobile accident how accurate is their recollection of the facts If a witness is uestioned by a police officer will the manner of uestioning alter the representation of the memory Can memories be supplemented with additional false informationThe passion Loftus describes in the lines above led her to a teaching career at. A very good interesting and disturbing read Explains why eyewitness testimony normally the most trusted type of courtroom evidence is in fact the least reliable kind Well worth reading