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Characters ✓ The Angel of the Crows ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Í This is not the story you think it is These are not the characters you think they are This is not the book you are expectingIn an alternate 1880s London angels inhabit every public building and vampires and werewolves walk the streets wiWorlds And human beings remain human with all their kindness and greed and passions and murderous intentJack the Ripper stalks the streets of this London too But this London has an Angel The Angel of the Crow. Many thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan TorForge for sending me an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest reviewFirst things first it is important to know that The Angel of Crows started life as a Sherlock Holmes fanfic specifically wingfic fanfiction where characters are reimagined with wingsthank you author note for explaining this to me Second it is important to know that I loved it I am not a die hard Holmes fan but have encountered many a Holmes retelling and have enjoyed them all This though is my favorite of the bunch For this re imagining Holmes is Crow an angel who is deeply kind and full of wonder and has given himself the mission of solving mystery's in London as a way to watch over his flock All angels in this world need a placepeople to watch over to give them their name and purpose and keep them from falling Watson is Doyle a doctor and former military person who has come home from the wars with mobility challenges and a mysterious condition They begin rooming together and develop a tender and heartwarming friendship as they solve a series of mysteries alongside the London police An overarching mystery that spans the book is that of Jack the Ripper Things to know This book feels a bit like a series of short stories with each section focusing on a reimagining of on of the classic Holmes stories In many ways the re imaginings stick very closely to the original stories just with supernatural elements mixed in If you are a deep Holmes nerd you may love this If like me you have a passing familiarity and fondness for Holmes you might find it delightful when you can recognize the parallels If you want an original mystery plot you may be disappointed Things I loved Crow Crow Crow I could not love a character I am a very enthusiastic human who often falls for characters in books but I cannot remember the last time one stole my heart so hard I want to wrap him up in hugs except he doesn't like to be touched so instead I want to have tea with him and ask him lots of nerdy crime uestions The LGBTIA rep Reviewers have different opinions on whether or not this book has ueer content which I totally get I think it does it's just platonic ueer content view spoiler Crow was a female angel when he was createdborn and is now a man for metaphysical reasons Crow is also ace explaining that he doesn't experience sexual desire Doyle lives as a man and uses hehim pronouns but was born his father's only daughter refers to himself as a woman several times Later toward the end of the book he says he is not really man or woman I really appreciated these descriptions of genderfluidity especially in a world that seemed deeply rigidly heteronormative hide spoiler

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This is not the story you think it is These are not the characters you think they are This is not the book you are expectingIn an alternate 1880s London angels inhabit every public building and vampires and w. Blog | Instagram | Twitter | | Waterstones Thank you NetGalley and Tor Books for this ARC All thoughts and opinions are mine I don't think human beings understand how dangerous names are Welcome to a Sherlock Holmes and John Watson inspired mystery with vampires And angels And werewolves Oh my Despite my great love for mystery novels I've never read an original Holmes' story much to my chagrin And no matter how often I tell myself to remedy this set back new books continue to fall into my hands Who am I to resist I have however heard plenty of synopses for a few of these stories over the years so it wasn't difficult to pick up on the theme of The Angel of the Crows as soon as I began to readIn the likeness of Sherlock Holmes we have Crow the Angel of London He's brilliant amusing thinks well outside the box and is highly sought after by Scotland Yard And in Watson's stead we have Dr Doyle a physician who has been discharged from his service in the military after a run in with a Fallen angel that has left him not just injured but in need of keeping a rather big and illegal secret about himselfThe composition of this book is clever it's told through stories within the main plot of the novel Featuring Holmes and Watson one expects to hopefully explore their classical tales And The Angel of the Crows does not disappoint At the heart of it all is Crow's obsession with finding the murderer we now know as Jack the Ripper Constantly called in by Scotland Yard to assist he usually brings Doyle along so that he may offer his expertise And as we close in on Jack we're taken through the different investigative jobs that many come to Crow given his sleuthing popularityDespite the fact that the story is read through Doyle POV and he is in essence the main lead Crow steals the spotlight It might be that as the embodiment of Sherlock Holmes he has no choice but as his own character he's fantastic Not only was it incredibly enjoyable and interesting to learn by his own words how the angels' caste system and politics work in this novel but Crow is simply endearing to know He's intelligent yes And he's certainly uick witted and fast to take charge But behind all that and for all that they state that angels don't show human emotion as much as they rather learn how to mimic it he's got a protective and warm core that puts Doyle at the top of his small group of cared ones You can't help but like himEven though Doyle and Crow are the two characters that we naturally become best acuainted with there's a big cast to enjoy and even an entertaining handful of encounters with Moriarty in the role of Vampire You can imagine how fond of him Crow is The various tales that run circles around Jack the Ripper are as absorbing as one might expect with two leads such as these and full of the supernatural I was especially fond of Doyle's visit to Dartmoor to look behind the riddle of the hound of the Baskervilles The Angel of the Crows smoothly transports the reader to the streets of London during the late 1800s in its style of writing It's fast paced compulsory to read and has a few surprises that were not even remotely expected and will delight in their reveal

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The Angel of the CrowsErewolves walk the streets with human beings under a well regulated truce A fantastic utopia except for a few things Angels can Fall and that Fall is like a nuclear bomb in both the physical and metaphysical. This was one of those books that promised much but was shaky on the delivery Firstly the blurb It gives the setting well enough but this ‘This is not the story you think it is These are not the characters you think they are This is not the book you are expecting’ No We’re not expecting these things because you didn’t tell us about them Otherwise once you find out what the story is really about then it’s exactly what you think it is The potential grandness and the possibility of some epic conflict was kind of suggested at the beginning wars with fallen angels taking place in distant lands But then it turned into a series of short cases with a light overarching link and only the barest hint at the bigger picture Of course this may well be all the stuff that’s going to fill the subseuent books in the series but as always creating expectations for one kind of story and delivering another does not work If it had said that what I was getting would be some Sherlock Holmes stories redone with angels and the supernatural that would have been than enough for me to be all in But the whole thing about ‘Angels can Fall and that Fall is like a nuclear bomb in both the physical and metaphysical worlds’ that apocalyptic stuff is nowhere to be found Why don’t publishers save this material for when it’s actually relevant More importantly for me the overarching Jack the Ripper story hit the wrong note Now this may be a niche issue but after reading the popular well researched and convincingly argued The Five The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper’ by Hallie Rubenhold it has become increasingly difficult to see the deaths of these women being used as a sensationalist plot device a means of showing how clever this ‘Holmes’ is when he catches the bad guy As soon as victims become human it’s that much harder to dismiss them whether it’s in fiction or not All the rest of the stories are reimaginings from the Sherlock Holmes oevre but this is real life These women were horrifically murdered but have been repeatedly used as nothing than props in the Ripper story their sad and painful deaths offered as evidence of his brutality and cleverness Here again they are all portrayed as prostitutes Despite what all the virulently self aggrandising and obsessive Ripperologists would like you to believe Rubenhold has presented a powerful evidence based argument to explain why this isn’t true The precarity of female lives at this time meant that sex work could end up being the only answer but it’s not one that all of these women chose or were forced into To see them once shoved into the mould of 'another dead whore' for the sake of this story had me cold ARC via Netgalley