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Megan's GameDijl And when a high profile murder case rocks the suare mile David is the number one suspectMegan is used to winning but the stakes of the game have never been so high Can she prove the innocence of the man she loves – or is she too late for her happy endi. This romantic thriller was such fun to read especially so for me as much of the novel is set in the beautiful region I am fortunate enough to now call home I enjoy reading books set in surroundings that I am familiar with an extra bonus for a change to be able to picture places without imagination Do not get me wrong though I get much pleasure from using my imagination when reading normally the very reason I always read the book before seeing the film As a matter of fact I think this novel would convert well to television or big screen but then I am bias the scenery alone is stunning without the romance and mystery Note I have just seen on the author's FB page that Megan's Game is being made into a film I could not be thrilled Tony Drury's personal knowledge of the world of finance and the region in Wales where the story is partly set has made for a plot that flows smoothly throughoutMegan of the title is a young war widow still trying to come to terms with the death of her husband in Basra Living in the beautiful Cardigan Bay area of Wales she works as a sports teacher in a village school and at a local Outward Bound Centre Her life changes one weekend when she plays in a local tennis tournament finding herself partnered with a local holiday home owner Megan and her partner David get on well together and there is an immediate spark of attraction between them However his life is mainly in London where he is immersed in the world of finance very different from Megan's life in Wales With two such different lifestyles can a relationship between them ever work To complicate things further David is preoccupied with the suspicious activities of a city broker and even finds himself a suspect in a murder enuiry How can he ever hope to have a successful love affair with Megan The odds are certainly against them getting the happy ever after ending Anyway as I have already said this was fun to read a successful mix of two genres that had me reading way past after the lights should have been turned out An impressive début from an author that will appeal to a wide cross section of readershttplindyloumacbookreviewsblogspo

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Megan's Game Characters ☆ 102 ↠ Megan Williams is a young widow from a small town in Wales David Rensburg is a wealthy corporate financier from the City Their worlds are miles apartBut when a chance meeting on a tennis court marks the beginning of a passionate affair Megan begins to think she may be able to love again and feels the ice in her heartMegan Williams is a young widow from a small town in Wales David Rensburg is a wealthy corporate financier from the City Their worlds are miles apartBut when a chance meeting on a tennis court marks the beginning of a passionate affair Megan begins to think sh. Dnf'd at 20% I had no idea what genre this was chick lit crime thriller even medical romanceThe dialogue was stilted and utterly ponderous the scene where David recounts what happens in his upcoming medical examination was particularly outstanding for its inanity I uote 'It will take two hours I start by talking to Dr Elson about my general state of health my training regime a few personal issues male things you understand and any other matters I want him to consider He then gives me a full examination takes a series of tests blood urine and so on He will weigh me and he is expecting me to arrive at the weight I told you' And he goes on for another ten sentences describing ECGs treadmills heart monitors blood fats cholesterol haemoglobin enzymesUmm no really No Oh and then he talks about how much it costs at that stage I would have walked away breathing a sigh of relief for a lucky escapeIt's not the only medical scene I read There is a rather unpleasant one with Albert who is having problems with incontinence and is treated with complete discourtesy by a female doctor who proceeds to give him a DRE google it Fortunately THAT happens 'off screen' but the scene has little to commend itIn fact a lot of the scenes seem to have no real purpose neither moving the story forward or revealing something about a characterA good editor would have spotted the numerous info dumps and almost obsessive attention to irrelevant facts that clutter the story and distract the reader I don't particularly need to know that the London Eye is not on the stainless steel display board because the board was created before the Eye was built 'The wheel is missing' she said'What wheel''You know the one that goes round with people in it''The London Eye''Yes it's not there''Hmm go back and read the bottom right hand corner'She returned 'Greater London Council 1986''So when was the Eye erected' asked David'Oh The Millennium 2000' said Megan 'They should have added it' I am sorry but she sounds like a primary school child not a graduate sports teacher and former international hockey player and he comes across as a stuffy headteacher always looking for ways to make a child feel uncomfortable

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E may be able to love again and feels the ice in her heart begin to thawBut all is not well in the City As the recession starts to bite tensions are running high and David becomes increasingly unsettled by the unsavoury activities of a London broker Martin van. Megan is a schoolteacher who has lived on the west coast of Wales all of her life Widowed by the war in Ira she is a bit of a mess An avid sportswoman she meets corporate financier David Rensburg while playing in a tennis tournament David a divorcee with two teenage sons is involved in an attempt to generate finance for the expansion of a retail business working alongside the unscrupulous Martin Van DijlUnsurprisingly romance develops between David and Megan catalysed by David being both vulnerable and a hunky hero an irresistible combination which rapidly leads to a bit if kit off in the shower The romance uickly deepens in the direction of engagement until disaster strikes bringing Megan to the brink of throwing everything awaySo far so good This was a book club choice and I was prepared to give it three stars and say it's OK it's piece of lightweight genre fiction albeit the fairly unusual chicklit financial thriller whodunnit genre It's not my cup of tea but hey if it's your idea of untaxing entertainment that's fine I read far too much science fiction to sneer at somebody else's chosen form of relaxation However in the end too much poor uality straw got loaded on the poor camel and I had to conclude that I'm sorry but this really is rubbish It's not I'm afraid even good genre fiction Firstly it has a touch of the Dan Browns about it People can't be everyday archaeologists they have to be world renowned archaeologists Here Megan may be a school teacher in a remote village but in the second paragraph we learn that she is a former international hockey player Secondly the writing is dully cliched Megan missed her husband desperately the early lush green growth contrasted with the harsh slate hills Megan returned home entered her cottage slammed the door stormed into the kitchen all come from the first few pages This is not thrilling word craftIn the financial aspects it is clumsily intrusively didactic Basil Exposition is alive and well and travelling between Cardigan Bay and the City of London in 7 series BMW I don't really understand what shares are said Megan Well said David At this point you might as well go to the kitchen and make some toast because he'll still be waffling on when you get backOh and the cars people are defined by the cars they drive David rich and successful in his Beamer Megan less successful so she has a Mondeo but it's all right he saves her and brings her into the light by buying her an Alfa Romeo I must admit I bought of a bit of a dummy from the author when we were introduced to David I thought his car was marking him out as a black hat rather than a white hat In actual fact it's sexual proclivities which distinguish the angels from the demons Megan and David good clean healthy sex villains violently kinky sexIt doesn't really work as a thrillerwhodunnit There is a murder and the killer is given away partly by a stonking great neon signed clue and secondly by the way the book is structured The identity of the homicide is utterly inevitableAnd so back to my spinally challenged dromedary As I said I was prepared to give this book the benefit of the doubt and class it as harmless enjoyment But the final fracture came with the introduction of the Plaid Cymru minister Our Megs courtesy of a bit of business school bovine ordure and a lesson in Powerpoint from Dave has got a job looking for future Welsh sporting high achievers She visits a representative of the Welsh assembly who is less rounded character and outrageous stereotype with plot device tattooed on his forehead Now as an avid English rugby fan I'm not naturally predisposed to object to a bit of mickey taking at the expense of celtic egg chasers However this character's conversation is along the lines of english Gareth Edwards daffodils broke my shoulder JPR Williams leeks sheep cheating saxons Barry John Land of my fathers Gerald Davies c before attempting to engineer a Megan underpants separation scenarioSo in summary my problem with this book isn't that it is chicklit nor is it that it is a financial thriller or a whodunnit There are good examples around of all of those My problem is that this is just a bit rubbish Oh and one last note the paragraphing in the Kindle edition is just terrible At one point I thought Dave and Megs had suddenly got all kinky only to realise that no space had been left between paragraphs and I was actually reading about his sueeze Justine This lack of space between totally disconnected paragraphs is a freuent problem