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Mountain Road, Late at Night Summary É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ A striking compulsive and immensely powerful debut novel about what happens when tragedy strikes a familyNicholas and his wife April live in a remote cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains with their four year old son They keep their families at a distance rejecWn And April’s mother is driving across the country to claim her grandsonExperiencing a few traumatic days in the minds of each family member Alan Rossi's debut Mountain Road Late at Night is a taut nuanced and breathtaking look at what we do when everything goes wrong and the frightening fact that life carries on regardless A gripping affecting and extremely accomplished debut. Alan Rossi’s debut novel is a stunner Mountain Road Late at Night takes us on a journey through an event that most of us can’t or won’t imagine Nicholas and April are parents to a 4 year old Jack Sadly they’re killed late at night on a mountain road Who will raise Jack Rossi introduces us to the family members left behind to grapple with their loss – and ultimately what is the best for Jack Written in four parts – starting with Nathaniel Nicholas’s brother I was pulled in and captivated at the honesty and the uncomfortable selfish thoughts and actions so much that it made me contemplate each character and compare myself in each of them This is a life event that few are ever faced with so Rossi’s intuitive dive into the male and female psyche is impressive The story he wove made me reflect on the possibilities – what would I do how would I respond There’s dark and light in each of them Alan Rossi expertly carried us through each one I would cheer for one curse the other then embrace them all The last chapter sealed it for me I was literally on the edge the edge of feeling despair for Nicholas hope fear and maybe acceptance I am still thinking and processing this book and it will stay with me After all it could happen to one of us

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A striking compulsive and immensely powerful debut novel about what happens when tragedy strikes a familyNicholas and his wife April live in a remote cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains with their four year old son They keep their families at a distance rejecting what their loved ones think of as 'normal' In the early hours of a Wednesday morning they are driving home from a party. It was impossible to tell he thought what was real and what wasn't and he thought that his problem was that he thought some moments were real and some weren't that some moments appeared to be real and some appeared to be a dream that needed to be woken from

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Mountain Road Late at NightWhen their car crashes on a deserted road and they are killed This is the story of what happens after the tragedyAs the couple's grieving relatives descend on the family home they are forced to decide who will care for the child Nicholas and April left behind Nicholas's brother Nathaniel and sister in law aren't ready to be parents but his mother and father have issues of their o. I finished this book a week ago It's stayed with me heavy and important and pressed upon me like a dream I can't shake because of its subconscious importance And much like life in real time I can't uite yet understand yet Other reviews have done an apt job in summarizing its premise a boy is now an orphan and this unwanted reality ripples a tragic emotional explosion on the boy's extended family What I want to focus on is Rossi's superb style and craft The narration told in stream of consciousness from four different points of view not only echoes but bring forth the masters of craft illustrating how to expertly tell a messy trail of thought in deliberate calculation Somewhere Joyce and Faulkner and Salinger are nodding and thinking yes this is how it is done Rossi grants us access to feel the pain and turmoil of an unknowingly selfish man discovering that he is not selfish at all a heartbroken mom that struggles to overcome her guilt from personal choices so she can hopefully and optimistically dive into her own grief at the loss of her son another mother so bent on false pride redemption due to past motherly moments that she unwittingly can't accept that her future choices are superficially solipsistic and then the most heartbreaking of all a father and husband understanding his life in the moment of his death Oh how I cried with this one The last chapter reads like a Buddhist asking for forgiveness in the face of unwanted self actualization terrified that that the existentialists were right yet strong enough to transcend this bleakness to find meaning in his existence before he doesn't have one The last three pages narrate as a manic expression of human devotion This is the closest I've ever come to reading the definition of love According to Rossi to love means to continue breathing in the face of tragedy as we imbibe our foolishness and fear and awe and gratitude of this world This is what fills our lungs and this is what dares us to find fault in how we live which is the only way to understand why we live Hopefully then we can understand that the only reason we live in spite of life's nonsense is to love Holy goodness this was a great book Read it