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Musical ChairsThe Forsyth Trio is once again missing its violinist She concocts a plan to host her dad’s wedding on her ramshackle property while putting the Forsyth Trio back into the spotlight But to catch the attention of the music world she and Will place their bets on luring back Gavin whom they’ve both avoided ever since their stormy parting With her trademark humor pitch perfect voice and sly perspective on the human heart Amy Poeppel crafts a love letter to modern family life with all of its discord and harmony In the tradition of novels by Maria Semple and Stephen McCauley Musical Chairs is an irresistibly romantic story of role reversals reinvention and sweet synchronici. It's a miracle I finished this book The only reason why I kept reading was that I actually thought it would get better at some point but it didn't This is about Bridget a woman in her 50s though this is not openly stated who's going to spend summer away with her boyfriend but he cancels last minute Things start getting chaotic when her family members and friends end up spending vacation at the same house as her Not only that but her elderly father is also getting married soonWhen I reuested this book I thought it would be drama and romance heavy but it wasn't To me it felt very uninteresting there were way too many characters to the point that it got confusing as names were dropped constantly every mundane thing was described on page and not a lot of action goes on I think it could've been edited to half its size and it wouldn't make much of a differenceThis is a book I'll probably never think about again so I don't even know who to recommend it toNetGalley ARC

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Avin Glantz In the intervening years Gavin has gone on to become one of the classical music world’s reigning stars while Bridget and Will have learned to embrace the warm reviews and smaller venues that accompany modest success Bridget has been dreaming of spending the summer at her well worn Connecticut country home with her boyfriend Sterling But her plans are upended when Sterling dutifully following his ex wife’s advice breaks up with her over email and her twin twenty somethings arrive unannounced filling her empty nest with their big dogs dirty laundry and respective crises Bridget has problems of her own her elderly father announces he’s getting married and. 45 stars rounded up I loved Poeppel’s book Small Admissions This has many of the same charms and humor and fully drawn characters Bridget comes from money but is never annoying about it She met Will when they were students at Julliard She plays the cello and he the piano They’ve stuck together for years through relationships to other people and many violinists in their trioThis summer Bridget is hopeful that by spending some weeks away from the city she’ll take her relationship with novelist Sterling to a new level before a new violinist joins the group She and Will are hoping this bright young woman will get her and Will out of the struggling to get gigs funk they’ve been in Sterling backs out of visiting the falling apart family home in the country and suddenly her twin 20 something children show up entirely unannounced with crises of their own The first part of the book was a challenge for me to get into because there are a lot of characters to keep track of and backstory to piece together but as soon as soon as I figured out who was who I really got into it and enjoyed it There are a few coincidences that strained credulity but they worked so I didn’t mind Another wonderful accomplishment from Poeppel Thanks so much to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this novel which RELEASES July 21 2020

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Read Musical Chairs è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free õ The “uick witted and razor sharp” Taylor Jenkins Reid New York Times bestselling author of Daisy Jones The Six author of Limelight and Small Admissions returns with a hilarious and heartfelt new novel about a perfectly imperfect summer of love secrets and second chancesBThe “uick witted and razor sharp” Taylor Jenkins Reid New York Times bestselling author of Daisy Jones The Six author of Limelight and Small Admissions returns with a hilarious and heartfelt new novel about a perfectly imperfect summer of love secrets and second chancesBridget and Will have the kind of relationship that people envy they’re loving compatible and completely devoted to each other The fact that they’re strictly friends seems to get lost on nearly everyone; after all they’re as good as married in almost every way For three decades they’ve nurtured their baby the Forsyth Trio a chamber group they created as students with their Juilliard classmate G. Do you know any book makes you uncontrollably cry and laugh at the same time Your emotions are in everywhere your smile keeps widen and your tears keep spilling than you laugh out something till your abdomen hurts and later you start blowing your nose This is one of those books help you awaken your soul This is sentimental entertaining poignant beautiful story with lots of lovely characters But I have to warn you; it’s sometime hard to concentrate on your reading because too many characters sit on the circle of musical chairs You gotta pay attention each of the stories They are memorable likable and perfectly crafted characters It takes place in old a little dilapidated place most of the musicians artists creative people called it “home” in Connecticut We’re firstly introduced with Bridget and Will long time friends since they were students at Julliard Bridget plays cello as Will plays the piano All those years they stuck together became their confidantes and now things are changing they’re getting older Will is having hard time to find proper gigs to make ends meet and especially Bridget is worried about her life choices and she starts thinking maybe she has to be brave enough with her relationship Sterling who is novelist and think seriously about him Maybe he was her last chance As for me the guy is scumbag who is looking for a new model of her mother and he was never a great candidate as a lover I truly started booing at the parts his character appears But as far as we can see her 20 something twins suddenly decide to spend their summer with their mommy and her scumbag narcissistic lover decides that he doesn’t want to stay in relationship with her And when she thinks she cannot take any she finds out her 90 years old father decides to remarry So we become observant of Bridget’s bumpy entertaining whirlwind summer adventure as if it’s a musical chairs play participants start moving between chair to chair till the music stops so at this summer holiday so many different characters come into her life and leave again till her summer ends and her inner music stops Interestingly Hudson was my hero I adored his friendship with Will Who am I kidding I adore dogs and I confess most of the time I prefer sweet dogs over some people they never makes you furious with their inappropriate and know it all comments they’re always sweet honest loyal and ready to play have so much fun But I think Isabelle Nicholas because he is described as Colin Firth and throughout my reading I started daydreaming Mr Darcy Maybe I’m too superficial to like a character because of his description Who knows and of course Marge were my favorites Marge is the key character observing people’s lives and wanting the best for them she is a person who can objectively see things about your life and when you ask for blunt ugly truth she may directly tell it to your face She is definition of best honest friend you may ever meetOverall It’s sweet entertaining emotional story about family dramas relationships friendship loyalty and of course there are lots of musicI keep listening concertos during my reading to feel the rhythm of the characters and their interactionsThat’s the magical feel good book you urgently need right now and I highly recommend itSpecial thanks to NetGalley and AtriaEmily Bestler Books for sharing this lovely ARC with me in exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter