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Officer Clemmons characters Ö 7 Ú Details the incredible life story of François Clemmons beginning with his early years in Alabama and Ohio marked by family trauma and loss through his studies as a music major at Oberlin College where Clemmons began to investigate and embrace his homosexuality to a chance encounter with Fred Rogers which changed thFrom New York to the Soviet Union Berlin to California Clemmons has performed for audiences around the world and remains a beloved figure Evocative and intimate and buoyed by its author’s own vivacious inimitable energy Officer Clemmons chronicles a historical and enlightening life and career of a man who has brought joy to millions of adults and children across generations and borders. This was a uick engaging read Clemmons tells his compelling life story in straightforward prose It's much than the Mr Rogers stuff which is of course interesting it sounds like they had a very special relationship despite the sadness about Fred insisting that Francois stay in the closet if he was going to be on the show but also a memoir of being a ueer Black person in the 60s and his involvement with the civil rights movement a different POV than other civil rights memoirs also includes some moderately spicy talk of his unconventional open ish marriage

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Details the incredible life story of François Clemmons beginning with his early years in Alabama and Ohio marked by family trauma and loss through his studies as a music major at Oberlin College where Clemmons began to investigate and embrace his homosexuality to a chance encounter with Fred Rogers which changed the whole course of both men’s lives leading to a deep spiritual friendsh. Opening Dr Francois Clemmons book OFFICER CLEMMONS is like slicing warm butter With the first sentence you are already into the essence of the book and it is so easy to just sit and read and before you know it you’ve read twenty pages then fifty and so on until you make yourself put it down for a bit There is a wonderful conversational style to the book that is like sitting in a room with Dr Clemmons listening to him tell you the story of his lifeThere is information in the book about his time on Mr Roger’s Neighborhood and about his relationship with Fred Rogers but that isn’t the focus of the entire book It opens with the story of Clemmons early years growing up under the influence of his great Uncle he grew up poor the son of a sharecropper but alway feeling loved and protected by his uncle and his grandmother That is until floods caused his family to move and he eventually wound up in PhiladelphiaHis life once he moves with his family is filled with difficulty There is abuse on the part of his step father rejection on the part of his mother because of his sexual orientation and descrimination from the school system that wants to shuffle him toward a vocational technical school to learn a trade rather than to a 4 year college to study voice even though his vocal talent is obviousAlong the way he is fortunate enough to meet several different people who help smooth out some of the rough spots so he can continue his pursuit of a career in music There are also people who easily accept his homosexuality as well which gives him the protection he needs to live his life in the way he chooses This acceptance continues to Fred Rogers The biggest obstacle he encounters is the realization that while Mr Rogers accepts him homosexuality does not mesh with children’s television at the time and he is going to have to choose between living openly and proudly as a gay manThe entire story is told with a refreshing naivete which reflects the person he appears to be He accepts people at face value accepting their good wishes and offerings of help when they come and he is puzzled and often hurt by people who don’t offer him the same type of acceptance If you Google images of Dr Clemmons many of the photos shown reveal this openness and joy even as he moved into his advanced yearsReading this book will fill you with a variety of emotions from joy and gentleness that is reflected in his relationship with people who are dear to him to anger and frustration at people who want to funnel him into a path that is not one for which he is well suited simply because of his color There is information here that reflects the positive nature of people who came into contact with Dr Clemmons and who offered him help or mentorship or protection throughout his life and that makes it an uplifting book to read My thanks to Catapult Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with an advance digital reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Officer ClemmonsIp and mentorship spanning nearly forty yearsWhen he earned the role as “Officer Clemmons” on the award winning television series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Clemmons made history as the first African American actor to have a recurring role on a children’s program A new wide world opened for Francois but one which also reuired him to make painful personal choices and sacrifices. ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank youI have been and always will be a lover of fiction books In the past nonfiction books have been too full of the real world and lacking in good writing and storytelling This memoir while very clearly a nonfiction book is not one of those I was greatly surprised at how easily this book read and flowed weaving together the author’s life into a story that is near impossible to put down So what is this book aboutThis memoir takes us on a journey through the life of François Clemmons a renowned opera singer and beloved character on the Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood children’s program Beginning in the backwoods of Mississippi we follow François to Alabama Ohio and all the while getting to see the heartbreaking trials and amazing accomplishments that color Clemmons’ life From racism to sexuality spirituality abuse and loss no topic is left untouched as we delve deep into the experiences that led Clemmons through such a successful career and to be the man that he is today While many readers may pick up this book because of Clemmons’ close relationship with Fred Rogers and his role on the show his life was amazingly interesting before Mr Rogers even enters the tail The story begins in the backwoods of Mississippi where Clemmons and his extended family lived the men working as sharecroppers From here Clemmons tells us the tale of a family that sticks together and survives together fleeing floods battling abusive husbands and finding new lives up north Growing up as a black man in Jim Crow times Clemmons gives a clear look at what racism looked like back then Living the majority of his life in the north he notes that he had things better than if his family had stayed in Mississippi or Alabama yet each encounter with racism within this story hits hard each time From getting turned away from clubs being treated as less than a human being and losing auditions for being black Clemmons’s experiences are not easy to swallow and the way that he writes about the emotional and mental upheaval that they cause is raw and thought provoking “I cried to be taken care of to be understood to be vulnerable to be gay and black and weak and still be lovable”To add to the deep emotions that he explores Clemmons also dives deep into his journey with his sexuality and coming to terms with being gay This exploration begins early in Clemmons’ life and clashes uickly with his deep sense of spirituality and relationship with God As he moves through his life he takes baby steps out of the closet before getting thrown back in showing that it was like to choose between being open about who you are and having a public life and career The way that Clemmons takes us through these experiences and emotions is deeply personal and vulnerable as every feeling is on display allowing the readers to feel alongside him even if they have never struggled in the same way As we move later into his story readers finally get to meet Fred Rogers a uiet humble man whose wife sings on the church choir with François Throughout Clemmons’ life he had many surrogate families that took him in loved him and supported him the way his real family could not and eventually the Rogers become the third and final family to really take care of him with Fred being a true father figure The