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On Thin Ice review ¼ 3 Û Amazing Books, On Thin Ice by Linda Hall This is the best favorite book 215 pages isbn 9780373443888 format Paperback and othersN 9780373443888 format Paperback and other. I always enjoy Linda Hall's novels although I prefer the longer ones She has such a gift for developing memorable characters and situations In this shorter format she still achieves than most authors will but I miss the deeper secondary characters and subplots This is the second novel in the Whisper Lake series set in Maine and I liked recognizing some of the people from book one The heroine also does something particularly clever at one point when she's in danger I won't ruin it by mentioning it hereMy full review is on my blog On Thin Ice

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Amazing Books On Thin Ice by Linda Hall Th. Great book I could not put this book down

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On Thin IceIs is the best favorite book 215 pages isb. I was in the mood for suspense and a seasonal read with winter on the way And I was not disappointed by this whodunit by Linda Hall The writing is very simple and easy to read The story easy to follow I thought the author did a good job shielding the reader from who the eventual suspect is until the end The only thing that the story lacks is depth I did not really know the hero and heroine at all on a personal level There is very little description in the book with regard to the characters' feelings Who or what they are Or really any other description either I did not taste and see the story than in one dimension which is the suspense And for a short read like this it was fine for me