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Us Yola just can’t help but give in to the attraction Where though do Roman’s loyalties lie And could this wildly inappropriate romance just be the antidote to a terrible year of Ugly Combining the spark of Junot Diaz with the irresistible wit of Maria Semple One Year of Ugly brilliantly explores cross cultural struggles and assimilation from a uniue immigrant perspective and introduces us to an extraordinary new voice in contemporary fiction. I am not the most sensitive reader so a lot of subtleties go right over my head With that said if I notice sensitivity issues in a book then they are blatantI put it to you this way If an author from another country wrote about your homeland and countrymen in a way that was not flattering but repeatedly disrespectful with the cover of “dark humor” protecting the writing how would you feel I am really curious to know how a Venezuelan would feel reading this story One can do research for days but some stories are not yours to tell If you feel compelled to tell it still there is a level of respect that needs to be there I didn’t get that from this dark comedy 😒Additionally the story is set in Trinidad Oh God Why is the place and people described like this And because the author is attempting humor the whole situation waves hands at book dramatically comes off as disrespectful and degrading I am from Guyana much akin to Trinidad and I would fight if someone described my homeland like that McKenzie is Trinidadian but it didn’t come across at allI’m here for Caribbean narratives but this book isn’t one I’m proud to claim

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One Year of UglyAfter fleeing crumbling volatile Venezuela Yola Palacio wants nothing than to settle into a peaceful new life in Trinidad with her family And who cares if they’re there illegally aren’t most of the people on the island But life for the Palacios is far from uiet and when Yola’s Aunt Celia dies the family once again find their lives turned upside down For Celia had been keeping a very big secret she owed a LOT of money to a local criminal cal. Caroline Mackenzie's offbeat debut novel certainly makes one heck of an impression and is bone achingly funny about the most serious of issues the horrors that underpin the global refugee crisis Some might uestion whether it is appropriate to treat the desperate and despairing plights of so many in the world with such humour but Mackenzie succeeds in throwing much needed attention on and highlight a topic many would prefer to avert their eyes from The Palacious family have left the political nightmare that their home in Venezuela had become and made their way as illegal immigrants to settle in Port of Spain in Trinidad However they just might have jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire when Aunt Celia dies and Ugly and his criminal cohorts turn up to inform them of the huge debt that she has left behind and make it clear that they are now expected to pay it offMackenzie presents us with a year in the life of the family as they face one worry and concern after another in a narrative interspersed with diary entries from the now dead Aunt Celia in the narrative She creates a diverse and vibrant range of characters larger than life as Ugly has one of his henchmen the dangerous Roman keep a close eye on the family The Palacious's are forced into a range of unpaid 'work' to make good their debts It is the women that make the deepest impression such as the one off Aunt Milagros the deceased Aunt Celia and the 24 year old Yola and the hot and heavy feelings of desire that spring up between her and Ugly's man Roman This family drama is entertaining unforgettable and has some eye popping storylines that tackle the refugee crisis in the most surprising of ways This was an unexpected delight of a read fun well written and I cannot wait to see what the author comes up with next Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC

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review One Year of Ugly 107 ✓ After fleeing crumbling volatile Venezuela Yola Palacio wants nothing than to settle into a peaceful new life in Trinidad with her family And who cares if they’re there illegally—aren’t most of the people on the island But life for the Palacios is far from uiet—and when Yola’s Aunt Celia dies the family once again find thLed Ugly And without the funds to pay him off Ugly has the entire family do his bidding until Celia’s debt is settled What Ugly says the Palacios do otherwise the circumstances are too dreadful to imagine To say that the year that follows is tumultuous for the Palacios is an understatement But in the midst of the turmoil appears Roman Ugly’s distractingly gorgeous right hand man And although she knows it’s terrible and uite possibly dangero. Updated August 31 2020 I ready this book and felt that it would be a great BookOfCinz Book Club pick and I was right Re reading this book the second time around I did enjoy it a lot One Year of Ugly is Caroline’s Mackenzie’s debut novel due to be released on July 14 2020 In One Year of Ugly we meet the Palacio family who are originally from Venezuela but fled the country to start a new life in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago The entire Palacio family settles somewhat comfortably into life in Trinidad and for the most part is trying to carve out a new life for themselves Their semblance of security is shattered when the self appointed head of the family Aunt Celia dies and they learn the ugly truth The family finds out that Aunt Celia lied about the legality of their immigration documents and they have all been living in Trinidad and Tobago illegally Added to this Aunt Celia owes a lot of money to local criminal called Ugly which is now passed on to them Ugly lets the Palacios family knows in no uncertain terms that they are at his will and in order to pay off their debts they will have to do what he reuires or elseThrough the narration of 24 year old Yolo Palacios we get a direct look into what life is like for a whole year under the Ugly regime From the family being a safe house for illegal immigrants coming into the country to working unpaid in a gentleman’s club the Palacios family is subjected to a lot To ensure that things goes smoothly Ugly puts his right hand man Roman in charge Yolo while acutely aware of the position her family is in cannot deny the insane attraction she feels for Roman A little confused Yolo turns to her Aunt Celia’s journals for advice but how can she take the word of her Aunt who put her in this position to begin with I must be honest when I first read the blurb and some of the Goodreads reviews I was little nervous that Mackenzie used comedy as the device to tell this story I approached the reading of this book with much trepidation because “what could possibly be funny about a group of illegal Venezuelan immigrants living under the duress of a local drug lord” “will be it socially insensitive” “will illegal Venezuelan find it tone deaf”” will this lead to a greater appreciation of the struggle Venezuelans face living in TrinidadAll these uestions and really crossed my mind however in reading this book all I got was well written hilarious look into the fictional life of this family filled with a lot of heart warming moments I loved being immersed in the world of the Palacios family through Yolo her narration was hilarious wry and hella sarcastic At time points I felt the plot lagged a little and some of the situations worked out to nicely especially the ending which tied up a little too clean for my taste While the author touched on it throughout the book I felt we missed opportunities to really highlight some struggle of Venezuelans in a real way I do recognize there is only so much you can do in 350 pages However overall I did enjoy this read a lot than I thought I would If you are looking to spend time with some engaging characters who are held in a dubious situation but manages to come out on the other side against all odds – this book is your pick