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summary Blood In Blood Out ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ From the dead centre of the enormous American penitentiary system the Aryan Brotherhood was the lion that somehow seized control of the city as well as the zoo steadily coming to dominate the billion dollar methamphetamine industry that permeates America's urban sprawl TAve discovered that even solitary confinement is incapable of suffocating the tactical machinations of its cabal of psychopathic leaders Bound together by a code of violence and silence for years the Brotherhood has remained an impenetrable and unstoppable force Until now Blood In Blood Out is the first book to give the full inside story of its incredible rise to p. To meet human beings totally devoid of conscience was like coming face to face with creatures from outer space or the burning bush It was as if Death had assumed human form and walked the earth When he talked with them and listened to their stories their explanations of why they did what they did he realized they occupied a different kingdom Their kingdom was without borders without rules yet it was always changing and never entirely fixed It was a fluctuating kingdom which can only be described as insane or warped simply because it made no sense It was not a reasonable kingdom John Lee BrookThis book left me with ambivalent feelings awe inspired by terror sheer fascination and a new lens on what becomes of some highly intelligent but uneducated thrill seeking individuals who were and the uestion remains either a product of their environment or catalysts in creating the only environment in which they thrived one of brutal violence

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From the dead centre of the enormous American penitentiary system the Aryan Brotherhood was the lion that somehow seized control of the city as well as the zoo steadily coming to dominate the billion dollar methamphetamine industry that permeates America's urban sprawl They outsmarted and out muscled everyone that tried to stand in their way including the FBI who h. Had Potential Of the myriad of street biker and prison gangs in the United States a few seem to separate them themselves from the group out of sheer notoriety; the Aryan Brotherhood’s lust for violence and power behind bars is one of those groups A rather selective and secretive group the Aryan Brotherhood AB is often the subject of both myth and reality While I was hoping BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT would provide a deeper look at the history structure and reach of the AB I found myself reading a story that never provided the details I was expectingA National Geographic documentary stated the AB only represented something like one tenth of one percent of the prison population but accounted for twenty percent of prison murders a staggering statistic It also portrayed the group as having a dynamic reach throughout the US prison system state and federal and outside the prison system as a major player in the drug trade despite its leadership being housed in SuperMax facilities Brutally violent and angry men heavily inked with Nazi insignia hiding a cerebral side that includes business savvy competent leadership and even a secret language One would assume that the combination of these traits would provide the backdrop for a revealing shocking edge of your seat read but unfortunately John Lee Brook’ s BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT didn’t deliverJohn Lee Brook starts with the backgrounds of the three leaders of the AB that led to lives in prison membership to the AB ascension to the AB hierarchy and an eventual fight against the federal government The recap of the trial against the AB and the three leaders comprises the majority of the book and provides readers with some insight of the gang’s ruthlessness thanks to the testimony of several AB defectors I was hoping this would set the stage for a comprehensive history of the organization especially considering BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT is the only book available on the subject but rather than bringing readers back to the roots of the organization and giving us a tangible history we are instead offered a somewhat “sketchy” story of the AB’s eventual meth empire “Sketchy” in the sense that that story is told using pseudonyms seems embellished at times and incorrectly represents a major part of the story the Nazi Low Riders are stated to be a motorcycle gang not a prison gang While the details behind the story may be factual the manner in which it is written reads like fiction especially the interaction between the young Mexican chemist and the Nazi Low Riders and this had me uestioning the story’s credibility Sure there are moments throughout the book that drive home the ruthless nature of the AB members often toward one another and eerily drives home the fact that under the Nazi tattooed skin these men are not simpletons but highly intelligent and unscrupulous There are several accounts of how violence money and drugs allow the AB to thrive both inside and outside prison walls Pieces here and there however don’t provide a clear history of the organization and I found it to be a glaring problem throughout A brief timeline of “major events” is offered but it mainly centers on those involved with the federal case By the book’s finish I had a better understanding about the federal case against the AB but little gained knowledge of the AB has a whole

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Blood In Blood OutOwer In witty entertaining prose ex convict John Lee Brook draws on his uniue access to many of the founding members of the Brotherhood to tell the full secret story in unflinching fascinating detail Thanks to its surprisingly light and memorable writing Blood In Blood Out breaks the bounds of its genre opening up the fascinating Brotherhood to any passing interest. I'm glad i went to collegeLaw enforcement in this country is a joke It is amazing how a group of bottom feeders were allowed have so much power inside and outside of prison Due to the coddling of criminals like the AB America now has a serious drug problem which it created It is funny to me that white supremacists gangs deal drugs to their own race Now people are whining that the war on drugs is too hard on the degenerate junkies