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characters 19 Love Songs ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ì The New York Times bestselling author of Every Day Someday and Two Boys Kissing is back with a short story collection about love perfect for Valentine's Day or year round reading A resentful member of a high school uiz Bowl team with an unreuited crushA Valentine's Day in Y this collection brings all of them to his readers for the first time With fiction nonfiction and a story in verse there's something for every reader hereWitty romantic and honest teens and adults will come to this collection not only on Valentine's Day but all year roun. Oh man this book was a rough one for me to get through Having just read “Everyday” by David Levithan in March and loving it beyond words I immediately checked to see what other books my library had available from the same author Hence me stumbling upon this one “19 Love Songs” came out in the very beginning of this year January 7th 2020I started off by rating each of the 19 individual stories as I do with all other short story collections or anthologies After all I believe that a book is the sum of all of its parts 1 uiz Bowl Antichrist 1 Star Note I don’t really understand the point of this one other than everyone likes someone other than who likes them This is one angsty circle of feelings2 Day 2934 5 stars Note This was A’s story the main character from “Everyday” and I could immediately relate to it Loved this story so much it reminded me of my childhood Valentine’s Days with my parents especially my Mom Every single holiday I always woke up to a scattering of presents on the kitchen table As I got older I’d wait until she went to sleep at night and do the same for her I have no doubt that if I lived with her now she’d do the very same thing; I still get packages in the mail “We give each other gifts red scarves red mittens cards and licorice; upside down pizza We give each other gifts but really we give each other details When days are gone whether they be holidays or ordinary days when you are nowhere near where you once were the details have a way of staying” “But back then the world was far from a bloody angry embarrassing thing Red had one meaning and that meaning was love”3 The Good Girls 4 stars “Because I was happy I didn’t really uestion who I was”4 The uarterback and The Cheerleader 35 stars Note I was pleasantly surprised by this story The title lead me to believe that this was going to be about a heterosexual couple when instead the main character was transgender The name “ Infinite Darlene” was inspiring but the repetitiveness of it began to get annoying “She hates bringing up the times when her choices have hit the wall of other people’s small mindedness Because every time she has to talk or think about it it’s like hitting the wall all over again and she has to watch the reaction of the person that she’s talking to to see if it’s another wall in the making” 5 The a Mulberry Branch 1 Star“ To read It’s not enough to have a book you also need a comfortable chair an absolute uiet the feeling of other readers orbiting around you Reading is a conversation between you and an author— held inside the pages of a book”6 Your Temporary Santa 5 stars 7 Story time 2 stars8 A Better Writer 5 stars9 8 Song Memoir 3 stars Note while I understand the appeal and intention of this story and of looking back on a mixtape of your once favorite songs this is directed at a much older adult audience It discusses disc man and walk man and cassette tapes I didn’t even know any of the songs and I’m 30“ I rewound to leave a record of my mistake Some of you know exactly what I mean many of you don’t and I guess that— than anything else makes me nostalgic”10 Snow Day 4 stars11 The Woods 45 stars12 A Brief History of First Kisses 2 stars13 As The Philadelphia ueer Youth Choir Sings Katy Perry’s “Firework” 1 Star14 The Vulnerable Hours 2 stars 15 Twelve Months 4 stars16 The Hold 1 Star17 How My Parents Met 3 stars “My parent’s story is the love song that has played underneath my entire life It has been the best soundtrack my brother and I could’ve ever asked for”18 We 2 stars19 Give Them Words 4 stars54 19 284 stars rounded Down to 2 stars because I really only enjoyed a few storiesThe problem is that I couldn’t wait for this book to end I was so bored I believe that these tales have a deep meaning to the author but I feel like most of the storylines are “ you had to be there to get it” kinda thing For MOST of the time I felt like an outsider just listening to someone continually telling stories about their friends and themselves Additionally this book is marketed as YA and while some of the tracks felt they could be focused on that audience others there were songs; topics that even I don’t know or can’t appreciate as a 30 year old I believe that some topics of this book are beautiful and necessary and I appreciate its diversity While it does give a decent representation of the LGBTIA community I would’ve loved to see a bit range in the relationships These stories are heavily weighed towards male male relationships I was hoping for rep for heterosexual female female pansexual bi sexual etc

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The life of Every Day's protagonist AA return to the characters of Two Boys Kissing 19 Love Songs from New York Times bestselling author David Levithan delivers all of these stories and Born from Levithan's tradition of writing a story for his friends each Valentine's Da. LOVE Four letters that mean so much It could be the biggest little word ever As the song sayslove can suck conuer soar climb Hell it can do it all Or I like to think it can anyway Love dances and smiles and shouts and bounces around the sun and back again with joy Love wraps around us oh so uietly and keeps us warm day after day without any kind fanfare too It can be funny or sad or funny and sad And loveyes lovecan be brutal We all know it can be THIS book shares all of that and Lots and lots of LOVE is exactly what I needed right now 19 Love Songs by David Levithan is a big beautiful beating heart of a book that found me at just the right time Love lives on every page in the words music memories and loves The everlasting fleeting hard easy uiet simple complicated loves It’s love in all its glory and pain These 19 stories gather new characters familiar voices different styles old times and hopes for the future We see and feel love for a parent partner lover place and time But we also see the warmth of friendship the sense of belonging and sexual awakenings I smiled laughed remembered and felt it all as I met and listened to these characters I felt the love And that’s what I needed I needed to feel some love and hope againAh hope Another little four letter word packed with power I always find hope in a Levithan read It’s no secret I adore the man’s words Simple words new words and words coupled up to woo me They’re all infused with hope You can feel the hope and happiness in his joy of words and writing The way he places and plays with words on the page inspires me to stop and read lines out loud or jot words down for later like “fantastical” or “traumedy” This visit words like “serendipity buzz” and “the color of words” jumped out at me The color of words—I LOVE that Gah I can’t seem to express the rush his words give me You’re just going to have to read this for yourself I do have to say hearing one of my favorite writers talk about one of my favorite musicians was pretty darn close to perfect though It felt like the best of both worldsObviously music plays a significant role in this collection But it’s not just a fun title and cool way to present a short story collection Well it is that actually but so much too A song can transport you back in time A couple of stories featuring words and music holding hands together did just that for me here I was transported back to a time where mix tapes were art Levithan breaking down his un finished mix tape song by song felt personal and very familiar to me Each song brought him some place different in time and us along for the ride We even see specific artists getting into the action Like Taylor Swift’s impact in one couple’s journey And so much You’ll feel the rhythm of music from the first song to the last in earbuds loudspeakers and in the air itself I can get lost or found in a song And the same can be said for love The music in our heads always circles back aroundto itself and we search for ourselvessomewhere in the notesThis review would go on and on if I rated or discussed all 19 tales Plus I believe every reader will identify with something different in each and every voice Every story hums with perfect nights lonely moments high school halls light smiles and finding your way in the world I will say I loved a few liked a few and “meh” ed one or two But they all found a place in my heart Some will even remain there I hope you pick 19 Love Songs up and find a bit of love or even a whole lotta loveHighly recommended A must for Levithan fansA couple of extra love notesI hope every library goer and book lover reads The Mulberry Branch Pure library loveAnd one of my favorite lines“When we were done when we were reduced to two deeply satisfied heartbeats I leaned into him as he held on to me the lightness of smiles in the air in our words”

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19 Love SongsThe New York Times bestselling author of Every Day Someday and Two Boys Kissing is back with a short story collection about love perfect for Valentine's Day or year round reading A resentful member of a high school uiz Bowl team with an unreuited crushA Valentine's Day in. David Levithan is the OG gay YA author He has published dozens of ueer books and started doing so long before Simon or Ari Dante were a thing Boy Meets Boy must have been the first overtly gay book I ever read And that was about ten years ago19 Love Songs is a collection of 19 surprise short stories and poems Some revisit previous stories like Two Boys Kissing and Every Day but most are independent stories unrelated to any of Levithan's published books The main characters of these stories are mostly gay dudes but we also get the one or other trans and lesbian MC And there's lots of Jewish representation tooI thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the book but as with most collections there are always stories you like than others The second half dragged a little and I have to admit that Levithan's verse poetry doesn't do it for me Don't know why Levithan is one of those literary YA fiction writers His writing is deep and emotive and I love that But at times it can grow a bit weary and many of the short stories were easily forgotten I couldn't even tell you what they were about and I only finished this book yesterday Nevertheless a uick light and very ueer readFind of my books on Instagram