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FREE DOWNLOAD Days of Distraction 107 Ô A wry tender portrait of a young woman—finally free to decide her own path but unsure if she knows herself well enough to choose wisely—from a captivating new literary voiceThe plan is to leave As for how when to where and even why—she doesn’t know yet So begins a journey for the twenty four year old narraSilicon Valley billionaires and start up bros while her own reuest for a raise gets bumped from manager to manager And when her longtime boyfriend J decides to move to a uiet upstate New York town for grad school she sees an excuse to cut and runMoving is supposed to be a grand gesture of her commitment to J and a way to reshape her sense of self But in the process she finds herself facing misgivings about her role in an in. Days of Distraction captures that time in life when you’re kind of settled in your job and start wondering how and why you got there A cross country move with a long term partner makes the narrator start to analyze her life focusing on the cultural aspects of her mixed race relationship her parents’ relationship and what really matters to her There is not a lot of action here but I enjoyed following along as the narrator tried to sort out these big life puzzles

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A wry tender portrait of a young woman finally free to decide her own path but unsure if she knows herself well enough to choose wisely from a captivating new literary voiceThe plan is to leave As for how when to where and even why she doesn’t know yet So begins a journey for the twenty four year old narrator of Days of Distraction As a staff writer at a prestigious tech publication she reports on the achievements of smug. Some books are plotty and others can meander through a life soft and spare This is one of the latter and it's a genre I get very picky about There has to be some grand design to it some purpose some theme some character that makes it all feel worthwhile and Chang delivers Her protagonist a millennial a tech writer a child of Chinese immigrants doesn't just accept her circumstances but change can feel impossible Her repeated reuests for a raise at her job where she is not even a salaried employee but a contractor with no benefits lead her exactly nowhere And if she could change her life what would she change it to There are no clear answers to anythingIn the middle of all this she begins to worry and about her relationship with J your classic well meaning white guy J is smart and kind he loves her and worries about her J also regularly downplays her frustration or concern around race and commits plenty of microaggressions of his own Our narrator starts to wonder what she is doing in this relationship why she has chosen to be with a white man and what having an interracial relationship really means sending her into a deep dive of research and reading It is also a time capsule of the early 2010's when social media was still maturing but integrated into daily life and when media started growing specifically around a social strategy Which would by the end of the decade have destroyed most of them The way the internet and media and tech change so uickly there's something staggering in looking back just a few years and seeing just how different things have become already Chang nails this part of the book so much that it should be up there with books like STARTUP as catching this moment in capitalism I found it so fascinating that I was really bummed when the narrator leftThere were so many things in this book I related to especially about relationships The tempo may be slow especially in the second half but it does pay off

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Days of DistractionTerracial relationship Captivated by the stories of her ancestors and other Asian Americans in history she must confront a uestion at the core of her identity What does it mean to exist in a society that does not notice or understand youEual parts tender and humorous and told in spare but powerful prose Days of Distraction is an offbeat coming of adulthood tale a touching family story and a razor sharp appraisal of our time. Days of Distraction is Alexandra Chang’s debut novel that explores the life of a Chinese American millennial living and working in San Francisco as a Tech Writer She is at a point in her life where she needs to make decision do she continue working as a Tech Writer even though she is underappreciated not well paid the office politics and racial tension is a lot to handle Or does she jump at the chance to make a fresh start with her boyfriend who is a PHD student looking to start a new programme She goes between the two choices weighing the pros and cons getting feedback from her family especially her mother and father In Days of Distraction Chang does an impeccable job of showing what life is like for a Chinese American the racial tension the cultural references that are all wrong how people generally treat Chinese At one point in the book the protagonist asked the uestion to herself Have I made myself this accommodating A harmless vessel for their confusion and rage They must see me as soft and small and unthreatening because I have never suggested otherwise We see how the character tries to stand up for herself to carve out a path but there is always some opposition I LOVED the writing in this book The characters are fully formed and they STICK with you Chang writes from a place of knowledge with soo much insight I strongly recommend this read What I learned reading this book Also it isn’t “shoe in” it’s “shoo in” as in to shoo somebody in a certain direction