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Grenade Author Alan Gratz Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free å A New York Times bestsellerIt's 1945 and the world is in the grip of warHideki lives on the island of Okinawa near Japan When WWII crashes onto his shores Hideki is drafted into the Blood and Iron Student Corps to fight for the JapUnding ambushes and dangerous traps But when the two of them collide in the middle of the battle the choices they make in that instant will change everythingFrom the acclaimed author of Refugee comes this high octane story of how fear can tear us apart and how hope can tie us back togeth. 4

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Ns Don't come back until you've killed an American soldierRay a young American Marine has just landed on Okinawa He doesn't know what to expect or if he'll make it out alive He just knows that the enemy is everywhereHideki and Ray each fight their way across the island surviving heart po. Alan Gratz wrote on a variety of topics early in his career as a junior novelist but wartime historical fiction is where his reputation was forged Prisoner B 3087 Code of Honor Projekt 1065 and Refugee all preceded Grenade so that by the time this novel of World War II Japan arrived a generation of young readers was eager to visit the past again with Alan Gratz The story begins April 1 1945 on Okinawa a Japanese island the Allied armies must conuer before progressing to the mainland Japan is the only Axis power still fighting but fourteen year old Hideki Kaneshiro and the boys of Okinawa don't know theirs is a lost cause They've left their families to train as soldiers of the Blood and Iron Student Corps the last line of defense between the Imperial Japanese Army and American forces A boy with a reputation for cowardice inherited from an ancestor centuries ago Hideki is finally taking a stand but the cost promises to be steep Every boy in the Blood and Iron Student Corps is issued two grenades one to wipe out as many American soldiers as possible and the other to kill himself before being captured No happy ending is anticipated for the Okinawans For the Allies it's time to press the advantage and end World War II but storming Okinawa will be no less harrowing just because it may be the war's final offensive Private Ray Majors an American teenager has a complicated relationship with the military His father fought in World War I and survived but never returned to normal The slash scar on Ray's forearm testifies to that as does the bitter uarrel that ensued when Ray told his father he was enlisting to fight in World War II Now Ray and his fellow soldiers prepare to raid the Okinawa shore amid a bombardment of gunfire and grenades When they do disembark and Operation Iceberg commences the horror is worse than Ray could have imagined Death is never than a second away if a Japanese sniper gets you in his sights and close friends are slain around Ray in rapid bursts of carnage Big John a veteran only a few years older than Ray helps him cope with the shock coaxing him to keep talking and not dwell on the graphic death in every direction As they move deeper into Okinawa Ray realizes there's no reliable way to evade being killed; he has to hope his luck holds out and no bullet or grenade is destined to terminate his existence Hideki is stunned to hear that his mother and brother named Isamu were killed aboard a boat of Okinawan refugees en route to safety With no way of discerning Okinawan civilians from Japanese military the Americans shoot first and sort it out later and now half of Hideki's family is dead His father untrained in combat is no match for professional troops and also succumbs to the Allied army All Hideki has left is Kimiko his older sister said to possess the power to communicate with the deceased but Hideki doesn't know where she is Kimiko was taken away to train as a nurse for the war and Hideki determines to find his sister and evacuate her from Okinawa if he lives to do so He still has his grenades one to attack enemy soldiers and another to end his own life if he fails to save Kimiko Hideki and Ray are on a collision course and Ray is having just as hard a time as Hideki in spite of his military training Every Okinawan or American mangled by explosives or gunfire is a blood mark on Ray's soul a step down the path of madness Numerous times he's come inches from grotesuely dying but how long before the odds catch up with him When Hideki and Ray finally meet what will be the impact on these two teens who would rather be anywhere on earth than dispensing death in Okinawa Ban This Book a novel by Alan Gratz released the year before Grenade is spectacular The story crackles with intensity as Amy Anne Ollinger resists book banning at her elementary school so I was excited by what Alan Gratz might do in Grenade How much excruciating could the action be under wartime conditions Curiously Grenade isn't nearly as electric as Ban This Book The action feels distant with telling than showing Perhaps this is deliberate to sanitize war for suitable reading by preteens but surely at least the intensity level of Ban This Book could have been eualed Grenade doesn't leave the indelible impression I expected and the story feels about average but it offers historical details I wasn't aware of particularly about Okinawa I wouldn't have nominated Grenade for any major awards but it's a decent novel that reminds us how war degrades men into monsters and that healing begins as soon as the last shot is fired I'd like to read of Alan Gratz's historical fiction

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Grenade Author Alan GraA New York Times bestsellerIt's 1945 and the world is in the grip of warHideki lives on the island of Okinawa near Japan When WWII crashes onto his shores Hideki is drafted into the Blood and Iron Student Corps to fight for the Japanese army He is handed a grenade and a set of instructio. This wasn’t as good as Gratz’s other titles It was hard to connect with either protagonist and a lot of the culture was over my head Good story though and I’m sure very interesting for middle school children but I definitely didn’t feel as passionate about this one as I did with Refugee